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  • Eric Hastings


    • dipshit

      1 – take a screenshot of this highlight of your life
      2 – print it out
      3 – frame it
      4 – hang it on the wall of your parent's basement
      5 – log off and stare at it for the rest of your life while jacking off

    • Earl

      THIS is AWFUL…

      Bill Murray NOT in GB3!

      FU BFM!!!

    • Lolasaurus

      You're an idiot or an attention whore, probably both. Stop right there you won't get laid anytime soon.

    • Mother Teresa

      All we are is dust in the wind, make way for the living!

  • Chris


    • tyler

      you spelled 'loser' wrong

    • Eder


      • aryzewic

        Real mature

  • James

    Holy Shit… Glad I don't live in China

    • tflo

      more like glad you didn't die in china

    • thom

      A billion times over!

    • true story

      Or the US, where if the govt. wants to build a freeway through your house, they have the power to do so.

      • Courtesy of Wiki

        Eminent domain laws exist in a lot of countries including the UK, Canada and Australia. It definitely wouldn't be applied to a grave site though that's fucked up.

    • r00s7a

      Not sure why you would say that. China is being respectful enough to leave the grave as is and just build around it. As much as I love good ol 'Merica, I doubt we would do the same. Eminent domain would move your bones to a new location regardless of what your family thought. I am more surprised China didn't just cut the heads off the remaining relatives that are throwing a fit and include their bones in the new grave.

      • James

        I think I'd rather my bones be forcefully moved than have a sky scraper built around them… unless they'd go to the extreme of building an entrance to my tomb for friends and family to pay their respects whenever they wish.

        Respectful in this situation is left up to interpretation. Either government will build what they want. They both go to different lengths to do it though.

    • Cin

      This bullshit happens right here in US too!!!

    • Earl

      THIS is AWFUL…

      Bill Murray NOT in GB3!

      FU BFM!!!

    • quiscustodiet

      whats the difference between living in china and living in a world made in china… ?

  • CamO

    faith in humanity dwindling :/

    • TheBAMFinater

      Communism. Not exactly humane.

    • herp de derp

      it's only a box filled with bones. the person using them has departed long ago

  • MClacks

    there absolutely killing it on the foundation

    • Hank


      • Pokes

        Don't you say it! Don't you dare say it, grammar Nazi! Damn!

      • hanks gay


        • Henry

          *(correction) implies you're correcting someone else, (correction)* implies you're correcting yourself.

    • Rusty Trombone

      I see whatcha did there.

      • Yuppp

        Hahaha, nice name dude.

  • voltrade

    guess there's no eminent domain in china

    • JESSE

      eminent domain is government bullshit. The building is being constructed by a private company.

      • Mr. Ngyen

        Not much difference between government and private industry in China

      • IrishWolfhound

        Doesn't stop the U.S Government enacting eminent domain on behalf of private businesses.

  • fucked

    At least he'll be indoors?

    • MylesofStyles

      Good point. He just got upgraded from a grave to a pimp mausoleum.

  • Static

    wow… so, if the family wont agree… then this will be in the lobby? awesome. good for them. Thats a GRAVE. wtf people. leave it alone.

    • DaddyD

      The guy is dead. Who cares. My parents are both dead and cremated with their ashes scattered. They live in my heart. The location of their bodies is pretty much irrelevant.

      • dutch

        exactly. move along. the dead guy would probably be pissed they didn't take the $160,000

  • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

    Current and future family members: If you are EVER offered $160,000 to move my bones (that would mean absolutely nothing to me the second I'm dead) TAKE THE MONEY!!

    • boob_cuddler

      That's what I'd want them to do.

    • zackgonick

      My cremated remains will sadly never see an offer of $160k to kick rocks.

    • Hara

      I would haunt the fuck out of family.

      "Whaaaaat are you dooooing, you mooooroooons! Take the moooooneeeeey!"

    • MylesofStyles

      I've specified in my will that I want to be stuffed with fireworks and shot out of a cannon when I die. Kind of like an exploding dead clown. Fucking clowns.

    • aryzewic

      What if the family owns a competing corporation? Great business strategy if you ask me.

  • @RickvdS

    I'm actually surprised that they don't "remove it by accident"

    • SolitaryOne

      that would be the case in western culture. however in china treating the remains of their dead with the utmost respect is still deeply embedded in their culture.

      • Visitohr

        No, it's the public disgrace (and fines) that keeps them from it.

  • LeO

    That's awesome. They're gonna build him a big home 🙂

  • Not Kent Brockman

    I, for one, DO NOT welcome our new Chinese overlords…

    • Wut?

      Your government shouldn't have spent trillions of dollars it didn't have then…

      • GirlsJustWannaHavFun

        Your statement's fun factor: Negative sixteen trillion and counting…

    • aryzewic

      China will not be our overlords. They have yet to face all the issues the US has I.e. a housing bubble, and growing cost of labor.

      • GirlsJustWannaHavFun

        See above response to Wutzhisnuts…

  • epic ass is epic

    Needs more T&A



  • Ben B

    Haven't they ever seen Poltergeist?

  • hater

    Fuk you Mongorians!!!!!!

  • NOOO

    Apparently they have never seen poltergeist

    • Tiger

      haha that is what I was thinking!

    • Capt. Obvious

      Apparently, this has already been said.

  • TubularTom

    They're erecting a real life Tower of Terror. The Haunted Erection.

    • IKnowFunny

      Not sure if making asian joke or actually meant erection.

  • Falthor

    Poltregeist 3 would be more accurate…

    • Information is Power

      Wow, I didn't even know there was a Poltergeist 3 movie!

      • Falthor

        truthfully it wasn't that bad of a movie… it was the last one Heather O'rourke did before she died.

        • Information is Power

          I'll check it out. Thanks!

  • AK907

    this guy is going to haunt the shit out of this building

    • boob_cuddler

      So many people to scare!

  • G1880

    i hope the family don't want to put flowers on the grave anytime soon.

  • Travioso

    I don't think the dead guy will care if you move his grave

  • dawgbone98

    What's our fascination with keeping corpses in sacred spots anyways? Shit, I'd come back from the dead and haunt the fuck out of my family if they turned down that kind of money just so my rotting corpse could stay buried in a certain patch of ground.

  • Tiger

    Its silly to waste ground burying people anyway. Cremate.

    • dawgbone98

      Side bonus: leaves fewer potential enemies for us to face in the pending zombie apocalypse.

    • Deep Dish

      Completely agree. Getting buried is pretty much the most selfish thing a person can do. Complete waste of land.

      • deep dish is gay

        You're such a faggot.

  • Chris Hughes

    6 feet under?? More like 20 feet in the air.

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