Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

  • The Village Idiot


    • Robzombie

      At least you know that you are an idiot

    • Underbaker

      You totally missed your chance to say how awesome #9 is and get like a bajillion thumbs up. Personally I don't care about the thumbs, but that is an awesome achievement. God Bless and KCCO kid!!!

  • Jake

    Denied first

    • Robzombie

      Exclaiming your disappointment at not being first is just as bad as exclaiming first validly. Either way you are still a loser

  • Pete

    #14 where do I git me one o' them?

    • Robzombie

      I'm pretty sure you could get a dog and some duct tape at walmart. Then you just have to go next door for a machinegun. Easy really

    • Kp1000

      You have to ask, you can't afford it.

    • JohnD

      Promethean Crawler

    • thom

      I am guessing somewhere in Texas.

  • MattyDeuce

    #9 Hell yes, girl…awesome!

    • Danno

      I wanna friggin yell and scream all day about how awesome that is! WAY TO GO LIL CHIVER!!! Love the tree too. This just spews Christmas awesomeness all over the place! WAHOOO!!!!!

  • MattyDeuce

    #34 Now ki…ahhh, you girls already know what to do 🙂

    • IamAwesome

      someone please find this video

    • boob_cuddler

      Ah yes thanks to pornhub I know what happens next.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #15 They told me I'd never shoot down a German plane, but last year I proved them wrong

  • AverageJohnnie

    #34 I wanna know what happens next…

    • Surf's up

      A pizza man comes…and he's got an one large sausage coming up.

    • ThisDoes
    • DirtBag

      They take a cup, shit in it, lick it like an ice cream cone, and puke all over each other.

    • Firefighter23

      Car crashes though the front door and Velicoraptors attack

  • LeO

    #12 #34
    The breakfast of champs 🙂

  • 650

    #28 must be the FOREman

    • Garret

      I see what you did there.

    • ttyl hef

      rough form – he is going to slice the shit out of that thing!

    • JohnD

      Well played

    • Kodos

      Is this guy at the new WTC?

      Very cool.

      • Miller0700

        Indeed he is.

  • Manny

    #14 Thats one step closer to making my lazer shark

  • Sarah

    #29 you are awesome sir

    • Kzo

      Christophe Hamel

      • Jen

        they do that shit at one of the Cirque de Soleil shows with like 10 people at a time. its pretty awesome.

        cool story, i know. you're welcome.

  • AstroMikeDexter

    I watched #29 for way too long.

    • Kt_leigh

      As did I

      • Chivette

        I'm impressed. #29

  • EggSauceTed

    #15 Dude's balls are sitting on Granny's shoulder.

  • Arcona

    #26 'Murika

    • Firefighter23

      Hey Arcona is that the chick from Cowboy Bebop?

      • Arcona

        Yes, Radical Ed

        • Firefighter23

          Sweet. Love Cowboy Bebop. Great anime

          • Arcona

            Certainly one of the best

  • EMT Phenom

    #9 Thats all I needed to see

    • addicted to sex

      Brightened my whole month!

  • SarahJ

    The DMA just keeps getting better and better. Nice work, Bob!
    ie, #9 #17 #29 and especially #34

  • Jack

    #12 #34 …..yes please

  • Z_b

    #36 Epic.

    • JWoeBMoneY

      That's one way to get a chivette's panties wet. If ya know what I mean……….wink, wink!!!

    • Deep Dish

      Wish I had this one in my arsenal back in college to pull during parties.

    • DavidZH

      Her reaction says to me she'll get even. In a painful way. Good luck dude. You'll be needing it.

    • Claude

      I can't believe anyone falls for that. I guess its so old that people have forgotten about it.

  • NorCalChiver

    #12 can sit on my face right meowwww!!

    • IamAwesome

      kelly carlson

      • Chivette

        oh yes, Kimber from Nip Tuck. I miss that show.

      • Jen

        i read kelly clarkson, at first…

    • Darkling

      Good use of 'meow', Paula would be proud of you.

  • Katie

    #9 Awesome news little one! You're amazing!!! My boyfriend gets his results today KCCO!!!

    • Dan

      Good Luck to your Bf! KCCO

    • Bill

      fingers crossed for you BF

    • http://twitter.com/ofwiv @ofwiv

      GOOD LUCK!!!!

    • Mike

      Best luck to your BF

  • Nat3dawg

    #34 Turned me on. Need moar

  • chitotoad

    way to go #9 i honestly stood and had a one man slow clap

  • B Dub

    #12 is unbelievable…..Perfection I dare say…. They've posted it before, but can continue to do so….

    • George Zip

      Kind of a Marilyn vibe, eh?

    • whd

      Kelly Carlson

  • anon

    #34 moar please

  • sneaky

    Hell yeah #9 kcco kiddo and f*#@ cancer!!!!

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