Work happens (26 Photos)

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  • Blow me

    Blow hard

    • sfb101

      I'd rather be sucked than blown.

    • beerich


  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 no, nope, no way in hell

    • Matt

      It's a good thing they're wearing hard hats just in case the line breaks.

      • Robzombie

        They should be wearing parachutes not hard hats

    • Crazy_Jake

      I wonder how many extra wrenches they have with them. I also hope CANT BELIEVE THAT 1 BOLT IS HOLDING THAT WIRE!

    • Alumni72

      I just hope he knows which way to turn the bolt!

    • Noreaster

      His co-worker can feel safe, there are a lot of insulators between him and the lead guy's 500kv balls ! BTW, no way in Hell..

      • coss

        the line is dead, they're not barehanding and that's why us lineman are a special breed

  • Jb Van Camp

    #22 Ted needs to quit jerking of on my keyboard.

  • Dick trickle

    #5 but they really were fat

    • aww shit

      as evidence i submit 3 tritips for 2 people

      • Tyler

        There are 3 people. (2 Cokes, 1 Sprite)

        • genius

          He probably charged for refill genius

  • bones

    I love grumpy cat…that is all

  • Dominic Matteo


    I may have made a very big mistake

  • tv_paul

    #10 Well it is a bear market right now.

    • Austin

      Sounds like a load of Bull to me

  • jim kelly

    Going to throw out a random #…. #9

  • heyathur

    #18 MOAR of that smile! KCCO from Ontario

  • Dibo

    #8 has serious power between his legs

  • WTF

    are we seriously going to keep putting up your stupid ass audio ads on your site or are we going to finally take them down? Ads don't bother me…ones that you can't turn the sound off do.

    • Donny

      Google Chrome with Adblock Plus is your friend.

    • mdubs

      Are we seriously still talking about ads on the internet? Use a decent browser and get a damn ad blocker extension installed. It sounds like this would make your life a lot less stressful.

      • Craig K.

        And for those of us who work in an office at a big boy job, where you can't choose your web browser because of corporate policy, the removal of the stupid noise ads would be great.

        • 5280Blazin

          Send an email to the companies paying for the audio ads and explain to them that everybody on Chive either uses mute or adblock and something to avoid hearing them. I personally haven't listened to one in months yet the companies still pay for them. They will figure it out and watch how fast they disappear.

          • r00s7a

            Yes, I bet this works! Your vote counts!!!! Do you send emails to spammers requesting to be taken off their list too?

          • sarcastic jackass

            companies always base their policies on that of a single email from their customers. I support this

    • Mac

      We don't allow audio ads on our site. Ever. If you hear them, those companies are doing it without our knowledge and are immediately banned.

      • holyshit

        Mac, I can't help but think you are lying to us. I have been hearing the same stupid add about "what sound does a dog make" for well over a month. It's absolutely annoying. Like Craig K. said above, there are some of us who at work can't download an add-blocker or better web browser. So I don't go on the chive.

        • KAFman

          "So I don't go on the chive"

          Posted on TheChive

  • sfb101

    #5 Saw this yesterday. The guy lost his job over this, and the girls might try to sue the restaurant.

    • firstbeach

      ..on the grounds the restaurant made them fat?

      • 5280Blazin

        No, that they made them feel bad. A million dollars please.

        Fat girl has just been upgraded to Fat bitch

        • Super Vag

          They might settle out of court for a super size taco… True story

    • Fatty McFattington

      While that was tasteless on his part, they are really fat.

    • goatpunch

      Fire the guy? yep. Sue the restaurant? Better be able to prove the management endorsed it. Even emotional distress is difficult. Being hurt is understandable, but at the same time it's not these gals can really have any illusions about their size. They've lived with it for quite a while, and if they really wanted to, it could be changed

      • Uncle Dirty

        Maybe they're stupid, as well and didn't know they were (are) fat until they read it on their bill

  • misschris

    #8 *gulp* Yea, that made my stomach do somersaults just lookin at it

    • Wipe twice

      To me it just sounds like you may have a rampant case of diarrhea coming on.

  • ItsNotMeItsYou

    #1 – "Kazaam!"

  • Tyler Durden

    #24 more proof that people kill people, not the guns

  • Jim

    #19 Rudolph that guy not to play along.

  • vlackattack

    #14 is in Ohio

  • jamiesrf

    #11 You don't SAY !!!!!!

  • ChaseTheWalker

    #8 You want me to do what? No thanks, go fuck yourself!

  • MattKL

    #20 Not really.

  • Zachary

    #3 is my pick woo

  • Gallus

    #23 – Hey, at least the kid parked between the lines. That is a lot more than you can say for a lot of adults.

  • @TimmyBeebs

    #26 So Many

  • Dale

    What sound does a dog make? Woof woof

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – aww, i want a mariachi office.

    • Jezza67

      Yep. Where do I get one? I googled it but it came back with (seriously) weird Mexican porn. BTW F$%k the Canucks, go Oilers.

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