Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • forrester


    I laughed way harder than I should

  • Womb_Raider

    #17, well heeelllloooooo kitty.

  • kaaaBLAAAM!

    see new thread come up for once, comment fast so you get on first page.

    • Ccard


    • MikeOverHere

      Act like you've been here before.

  • bigpapi

    #43 What the F in the Gods green earth????

    • Trig

      Thats not the father.

    • brian

      Not sure if pregnant or just fat

  • Jim

    #48 mother of god moar please, and live in Cali please lol

    • JMAKK

      My Lanta…

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Dear lord! Dat asssss!

    • Londborg

      And now this smile will not leave my face for the rest of the day. Moar of this and other doe eyed beauties, Please.

    • guest

      ….praying she lives in central ohio….

      • guest

        Southwest missouri

    • Frosty

      The word "MOAR" does not even express how I feel. I want ALL.

    • Johnny

      Live in Edmonton please

    • Shade

      She won't stay single for long…

      • djstout17

        Seriously, she has her pick of guys right now, won't stay single for long at all. Add my name to the list if you live in Cali!!

      • Mike

        You can for sure count on the hot/crazy scale to know for sure. We're just missing that other variable for the equation.

    • its_BACON


    • Badger

      Come on so cal come on

    • Texas


    • Katherine Thompson

      Gotta love my girl & Missouri girls! 🙂

    • Kristen

      Have any of you fucking twat waffles ever seen a vagins?

    • Chris

      false, southwest MO

    • Scape41

      😉 I finally know a chivette!

      • chyea123

        heh? you do? elaborate….

    • thatwasez

      come to Toronto!

    • Eric

      my god!! i love you!!! lol. be close to WV or Georgia!

    • Jack

      please be near Orlando

    • Dan

      Am I the only one that thinks she's not that great? Just average…. meh.

  • Joshua

    The point is boobs!

    • PoooBaaah

      Alright, I hate to be this person, but have I imagined that the guys at The Chive offices haven't even mentioned the Newtown tragedy? I haven't noticed a single "thoughts and prayers" or "our hearts are with the families of…" from these guys and they're usually on top of this stuff. I'm surprised they haven't started a Chiver fund for the families (I'd happily donate). Seems very odd, to say the least. I also understand that we must all move on and get back to what is normal, but an acknowledgement is expected. Again, if I've missed it and am being an idiot at the moment, I apologize. Just felt that I needed to get this off my chest. KCCO, Newtown. I'm praying for you

      • Mike

        Indeed I concur, but John also has mentioned in the past about not becoming a tax on Chivers. On another note, sometimes an empathetic comment can go without being said. It would be harsh to assume anyone that does not feel sorrow or remorse for what happened didn't have the best intentions.

  • Kodos

    May we see MOAR of your work?

    I like red…

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      #50 always gets me going.. god bless supergirl

    • Boomer Sooner

      "Work" eh. If not smiling and looking like a bitch is work then I want in. I say get over yourself #6

      • Wisti

        The model picture is good enough. Would be better if she were smiling but still decent. The bottom one is not even close to memorable.

    • goatpunch

      #6 Looks like an olson twin to me

      • Kristen

        Olson twin…latin for, "cheap whore."

        • Lesya

          I'm assuming you never took Latin. Or English.

      • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

        I thought the same thing, if the Olsens were actually attractive

  • Where's Dildo

    #7 Not the first time a white cheerleader ran away from a football player, afraid for her life

    • Runner

      She's a cunning runt!

      • goatpunch

        Why downvotes? thought that was clever

        • john

          omit the word 'white' …can see that being offensive…although true

    • Kodos

      The Cards should give that cheerleader a job on the offensive line… pretty good slide pattern.

  • Bearjew

    #7 Brandon Lloyd – forever alone

    • Hunter

      yeah, alone in coverage = Touchdown Pats!

      • Hunter

        haters gonna hate

    • Sup

      That's not Brandon Lloyd genius

      • Vegeta

        except, you know, it kinda is Brandon Lloyd. This gif is from 2010-2011. Back when he wore #84 before he played for the Pats. dipshit.

  • Nick

    #50 Super doesn't even do it justice…

    • Blah blah blah

      Its time for this chick to show her face. Enough of this "I need attention but won't show my face" crap.

      Show the face or you're just another nice body. (which at this point = "meh")

      • goatpunch

        I've seen this routine before. "hmmm the perfect girl only hears compliments so if I insult her maybe it will get her attention!" Good luck bud I'm sure she reads the comments and is now going to respond to you directly

    • Hunter

      no words could do this Justice. she's way out of our League.

      • Truth Hurts

        You are pathetic. Speak for yourself, man. First, you assume she's got a model grade face. Second, her body is great but I've dated girls with much bigger tits and nice juicy, athletic asses. So it's bad enough to presuppose she's the gold standard, much less that all Chivers have to dream about 8s and 9s as if we haven't banged 10s. Res ipsa loquitur.

    • Firefighter23

      See here it is again. I sent a picture of my ass to people, I get the cops called on me. She sends a picture of her ass to people, gets on theChive.

    • socalmarti

      Even as a straight female I must admit that outfit and body are BANGIN'!!!!

  • Craigery

    #18 Courtesy of Team America: World Police.

    • D-Lux

      Or the Russians.

      • wantomas

        Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!

        • Anonymous

          how did a perfect team america quote get down voted here and a "dirka dirka" comment on a different post get a ton of thumbs up? well played wantomas, well played indeed.

      • vlad

        or the afghans themselves.

    • Star

      yeah you can actually blame this on the 1978 revolution, the 10 year Soviet occupation in the 80's the Afghan civil war of the early 90s and the oppressive Taliban occupation of the mid 90s. But sure, the Americans did it.

      • Ryan

        So which decade was responsible for which portion of the picture? I bet the Soviets destroyed the ledge, I'm not sure about the others though.

      • http://twitter.com/juliarod89 @juliarod89

        wow guys does it really matter? twas but a joke

      • Will

        Don't forget that the Americans backed bin-Laden against the Soviets

      • Hrdwood

        Thanks for clarifying this… you're dead on. Read The Kite Runner… good novel about just what you described.

      • ignorancebliss

        Or you might blame the lack of support rebuilding the Afghan infrastructure post Russia war after the U.S pulled its support. You know, the same divide and conquor tactics the U.S is known for. But who would ever want revenge on the U.S for that?

        • Question

          What exactly does conquor mean?

    • asdf

      Actually, the Russians fucked Afghanistan up long before we got there…

      • Kodos

        it's always been a shithole

    • Duane

      Actually more likely the Russians followed by the Afgans themselves.

    • Craigery

      I wasn't implying that American troops were responsible for this particular park being destroyed. Just making reference to the movie, and the idea in general.

    • Guibombe

      FUCK YEAH!

      • Firefighter23


    • TheVanityScore

      hey remember the twin towers? yeah we used to have those. so why do we give a flying fuck what happens to those assholes lol

      • Josh

        Ahh…. Maybe because it wasn't the entire Afghan population that caused the destruction of your towers but a crazy group of people?

        • Alliednationcitizen

          Ironic that you sound just as ignorant and hate filled as the members that Alqueda enlists from different rural areas of Afghanistan. I doubt you would ever attempt to understand the cause and effect that followed the attack on Sept. 11 and the United States influence on that region for the last 50 or more years. All you are breeding is hate, not truth.

          But hey whatev's, the majority electorate of the U.S has forgiven itself for any implication of negative effects by chastising the scapegoats like Bush/Cheney and moving forward. And politically that's what the U.S, its diplomacy and its propaganda are all about. Citizens sadly are the ones who suffer.

          • Alliednationcitizen

            Perhaps you should learn how to read and think rather than talk and you wont be so butt-hurt by others opinions, comrade.

      • Bob

        9/11terrorists were all Saudi, Egyptian, Lebonese and from the UAE, not Afghanistan.

        • Anonymous

          a very true fact, but all from the same organisation of extremists. gotta cut the snake off at the head.

    • Kodos

      you must be French

    • Brain hole

      Because Afghanistan was full of blonde, skirt wearing college honeys in the 70's.

    • Ted

      Russians, Taliban, us….who cares. Afghanistan is Fuct up, and we are trying to make it better. Speaking as someone who has had boots on ground, and coincidentally enough cleaned up Soviet leftovers from their occupation, The Afghans are are a beautiful people. Mixed up, but a beautifully complex culture. For a laugh google "jingle trucks"

      • Berty

        Who'd you serve with Ted

    • Slim Jim

      well that escalated quickly

  • Verbal_Kint

    #3 I can shoooow you the wooooorld…..

    • Dave

      Lmao good sir… Lmao…

    • Hrdwood

      Bravo… although I don't know if that fish is going to see a happy ending…

      • Tiber_Septim

        it's all perspective

    • Trig

      Newly single and just realised shes going to be a xmas present short this year. Or am I a cynic?

    • AdamAlberta

      someone has been on imgur

    • JAFitC

      Hitch a ride, they said. It'll be fun, they said. . . .

    • TheFalconer

      It's an Osprey!

      this fact brought to you by:

      The Falconer!!!!!!!

    • Bodie


  • dom

    Early DAR! I can drive home satisfied

  • Diesel5288

    Early DAR!!!! Making mondays better

  • beasty

    Yes, yes you do and thanks for sharing.

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    #50 i approve of your creativity.


  • saltygary

    Early DAR WaHooo!

    #43 way scarier than #42

  • AlbertaFTW

    #1 Love it!

    • Tiber_Septim

      I laughed so hard at this, I don't think it gets any funnier

  • n_odie

    #17 Well hello!…. Kitty?

    • HatBomb


    • AZFan

      Bad kitty, must spank.

  • rAs

    #10 confuses my penis…

    • Hrdwood

      I'd raid her chest and plunder her booty…

    • tkc

      Johnny Depp, turn in your man card.

    • bankrobert

      Why is this site obsessed with this very obvious lesbian?

      • rAs

        It's kinda sad that someone has to explain to you why men are interested in goofy, large-breasted lesbians… Just sayin'.

  • IUhooiser

    #50 I would invite you to be a present underneath my tree…

  • Wrench

    #25 Parents of the year. #37 I hope is true

    • Deep Dish

      #37 and then sends in a picture of it to let everyone know how generous you are.

      • Gord

        Children in need????? I don't see any food or shelter in that pile.

      • aubrey

        I don't see anything wrong with letting people know that he did this. Maybe it will inspire other people to do the same thing. The guy bought $600 worth of gifts for kids that probably wouldn't get much of anything this year. Give him a freaking break. Same for you Gord, many children get food from homeless shelters and soup kitchens during the holidays but I bet very few of them will get toys. This will bring them joy. This guy was following the Chive attitude of paying it forward and you both have to cut him down. KCCO guy, faith in humanity restored!

    • Carry_On_

      I predict very soon John will tell us all how to feel about the Newtown massacre, or more accurately, the "Chivers" will get caught up in bandwagon ideology inspired by John's forthcoming post and call to action, relying on him to define their thoughts and how to proceed.

      • JoeJob

        Notice how everyone is sick of how the Media is constantly taking about it, glorifying the event and setting the table for someone to "top it". That's why John hasn't posted anything about it. Jackass.

        • Carry_On_

          Just wait and watch the bandwagon response when John does post. That's all I'm saying. Just wait. This is no comment on the murder of innocent children or heroic adults who should all be praised and honored. People, you don't need a man named John Resig to tell you how to help or how to feel. Do something now. Write to your congressman now. Open your checkbook now. Support your NRA chapter now or melt all your guns now. Do something, anything, now. I am certainly a jackass, as you say, for many, many reasons. But I implore all of you to not get overly caught up in the Cult of the Chive, a humorous and sometimes inspiring website run by a group of cool nerds.

      • Buntcake72

        I can tell you how I feel since I live twelve miles from the school, that dipshits like you are exactly what's wrong with this world. No one gives a crap about each other. I fucking dare you to go up to Newtown with me and tell me you're not moved. John doesn't have to tell you how to feel, if you're not feeling sorrow and sadness and anger right now, you need to jump off a fucking cliff.

        I'm as Republican as they come but I stand firmly in President Obama's corner to ban assault rifles. No asshole needs a 30 clip semi-automatic to go hunting. NO ONE. Indefensible, PERIOD. And spare me the "armed civilian populace to stave off government control"….it's not 1860 where you could match the power of the government military. Cops and Soldiers should be the ONLY people allowed to have these types of military-grade weaponry. If all Adam's mother had was a bolt-action hunting rifle, things would be much different today.

        Paul in Stratford, CT

        • Tom

          Well said sir.

  • beasty

    Hell, I love em. Ho Ho Ho

    • Miyagi

      Santa is Gay?

  • Heisanidiot

    #10 Odd…sure looks like a park in central Kiev to me.

    So do the two closest subjects, more than Afgani.

    • MikeyMate

      Looks like a female human to me…

    • savagecabbage


  • Brent

    Mtn Biker Chivers THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Chiver_4_Life

      Wonderful perspective! Gorgeous looking backside. Hope she rides…in more ways than one…

    • ratedgg13

      She needs a better bike. Seriously – RST suspension on a trek? I am dissapoint…

      • Chive_Doctor

        I'll be honest. Wasn't paying much attention to the bike…

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