This girl knows how to put up a great Facebook cover photo (16 Photos)

Via Somaliks

  • FoamToaster


  • matt

    World Juniors!!! Go Canada Go!!!!!

    • Seth Jones

      USA! USA!

    • baff

      RNH couldn't win you this one pal

      • Whale

        Haaa…Canada Fail.

  • slimjim

    if only she was pretty

    • Bud

      Then what?

      • Herp da Derp

        She wouldn't have the time to do this because she would be out socializing.

    • KeepinCalm

      she's clearly creative, cool, and fun – that trumps a 'hottie' who's a complete bitch any day of the week.

      • MylesofStyles

        I don't know. Periodically, a totally wacko hot chick who'll whip you, beat you, and treat you like the bus driver, is absolutely necessary. It cleanses the soul.

    • cyclop

      admit it, you would still hit it.


    slimjim I concur. I would marry her if she looked a lot more like Emma Watson

    • Drew

      The chive has gotten worse since I started visiting their site. I used to be able to upvote/downvote from the mobile site on my iPhone but I haven't been able to for months now. Otherwise I'd thumb you up cause I think Emma Watson is one fine lady and I too, am a TEXAS MAN oooo what what's up world

    • dub

      And she'd marry you if you weren't a fucking retard.

      • TX Pride

        says the man named dub. Im assuming your name refers to dubstep… If so you are "fucking retarded". If it is dub as in hubcaps the you are "fucking stupid".

        • dub

          Assumptions make an ass of you, sir.

  • DutchDrunk

    Somebody give this girl some Photoshop lessons. Nice idea, bad execution.

    • Eric

      Worst photoshop I have ever seen… hello, adjustment layers.

    • Mike

      maybe….just maybe…thats part of the joke…..

    • duh

      This isn't Photoshop. Its uploading two separate pictures that are placed on top of each other.

  • devin

    if she was pretty she wouldnt have the time to do that

    • heywood jablowme

      I bet you do the duckface in your photos… don'tcha.

  • savagecabbage

    If she had real friends she wouldn't have time to do that

    • Rifix

      Even people with real friends have facebook pages, hobbies, and free time.

  • Pepper

    Pff harsh. These are hilarious! And awesome.

  • Fah Cough

    #15 Wow someone knows how to copy and paste. Humans are so amazing, let's put her in charge, what a genius. Oh God wow. Such incredibleness, someone can copy and paste, amazing. I am making another Facebook account just for this. Amazing. Wow.

    • Frylock

      Wow, the loser that falsely thinks he's clever for his username is having a bad day. You have to be careful when you go to beaches, there are tons of germs in the sand that's in your vagina. Your Facebook account must be super amazing and compelling. I bet you make sure everyone knows just how much you fucking love science, and how much more informed and educated you are. I feel sorry for anyone that comes into contact with you because you must be incredibly badass, sitting in your masturbation chair, waiting for your mom to bring you a sandwich with the crust cut off.

  • Bud

    Step 1: Become international singing sensation
    Step 2: Hit Rihanna
    Step 3: Sell pyramid schemes in Chive posting section

  • crustybubblechunks

    I have to say, her facial expressions are hysterical

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #1 For the douchebags complaining about the photoshop skills, IT IS INTENTIONALLY BAD. You really think she posts ridiculous picture after ridiculous picture of her shopped into movies and tv scenes…pictures that look like they were faked by a 4 year old…and it never occurred to her that the photos wouldn't stand up to the forensic analysis of a blind rhesus monkey on crack? If you want somebody to get a life, maybe start with yourselves.

    • John

      you are an idiot

    • Tjgolds

      I thumbed you down but I meant to thumb you up.

    • mattythegooch

      Dr. Phil???

  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 – well done.

  • utila raised

    Made me chuckle

  • Nala

    Tough crowd here! KCCO! These were clever.

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Facebook is gay.


      Because "gay" means "bad," right guys?

  • david

    i like what she did here. but i wonder how it would look if she tried to place herself of the right side of the photo

  • spotts

    For all of the detractors. I don't see any of your creative wisdom post here.
    Just KCCO. that’s what its all about; and BooBs

    • Geoff

      Where are my promoters

  • Joe

    #13 Would You?

  • michael

    nailed it! girls with a sense of humor rule

  • rsjem1979

    Relationship Status: Single

  • TheNewGuy

    I'd bang her

  • Annoyed

    i saw this same post on gizmodo. Why is this girl getting so much press? Is her dad some rich guy that is paying major sites to feature to semi-tarded daughter and get her friends?

  • duh

    Obviously there are a lot of idiots in here. This is tough to do since its the default overlay Facebook gives. It would take a lot of time playing with two separate pictures to get them to match up correctly when the location is set by Facebook. I give her definite props for creativity. For those saying its a bad Photoshop, then you are clueless, go try it on Facebook and see how well you do.

  • austen

    I've tried to do this with a scene from Jurassic Park, lining up the two photo's is pretty hard the first time.


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