The highlights from a year of fighting fires (Video)

A fire-fighter from Highland Park, MI strapped a camera to his helmet last year to record the heroic adventure that is his every-day life. These are some of the highlights from that amazing footage.

  • mante


    • Jon Love

      Atleast you didn't put first but you're still a douche

      • MylesofStyles

        How on God's green earth did your parents resist naming you, "Doctor"?

    • America

      go enjoy your easy simple life

    • Lolasaurus

      These men and women save lives, you sir are a waste of life.

    • TXFF

      Ur dumb.. If you had any idea what we do every day.. Blow me while u sit at ur cubicle dick

  • Cowthang

    I particularly like the bit at 44 seconds where the driver chucks his lit cigarette out the window. Great example to set dude!

    • Al Bundy

      Shows how daft some US folks can be ….. cops have the road blocked must indicate its serious, but as long as the driver gets his smoke in, the others can wait :-((

  • Brahh


  • Tiber_Septim

    tough job, good work and thank you

  • nick

    Next time you want to complain about your job. watch this vid and shut the fuck up

    • jabitt1

      He chose to do this. good for him, he is working, but so do most of us.

  • Matt

    interesting song choice…. but this definitely gives an insight into how difficult this job is. thank you for all you do.

    • tkokilroy

      highland park mi. right outside detroit….not that interesting if you think about it

    • Mike

      Gotta love these guys, PS Matt, Highland park is next to Detroit. Eminem is from Detroit. I'm guessing thats why!

    • TXFF

      I think it's a perfect song choice!!! Nice man

  • big D

    He could only come up with 8 minutes out of an entire year?

    • SnakemanDan85

      U sound a lot smarter not talking at all!

    • Gazzlo

      You want more burning buildings? srsly? And the real intense stuff, the cam won't work… too much smoke, soot, and blowback from the water. Im guessing this is the best of the footage.

  • The devil

    This is probably how the gopro black ed. was born

  • AnItalianChiver

    This is one of the jobs that deserves all the respect can get.

  • Mick Taylor

    Probbly a good video. Pity about the bullshit music. I stopped watching after about a minute.

    • Mick Taylor


    • tkokilroy

      no one cares.

    • Iceberg

      you could have just muted it you dumb fuck

  • Squirrelin

    I'm sure this will get me negative feedback but being a firefighter too I'm gonna say it. I was disappointed in seeing the lack of urgency once they arrived on the different emergency scenes and the numerous firefighting no-no's committed during the scenes (example: not breathing air when in a burning building or putting out a car fire up close, just wearing the air bottle doesn't count). A+ for making it look cool though.

    • Chris

      I agree with you on the lack of PPE especially the car fire. Honestly the lack of urgency can be understood it is Detroit and 90% of their fires are in unoccupied buildings that are going to be torn down anyway.

    • detroitFD

      lack of urgency? haha you must be from some small town that gets one structure fire a year and every call you are running around in a panic, and how do you fight a car fire? From 200 feet away! just because you have taken a class once or read an article in a magazine don't knock other peoples methods in what they do!

      • Gazzlo

        …And methodology is shown by the number of needless FF deaths/ year in the USA.

      • e56DFD

        agree with my brother above, you're either from an extremely small town or a volly. all of the clips are how fire attacks are planned and executed. busier cities all have a similar attack method, which is shown in this video. by the complaint made by you im assuming you average 5-7 fires a year if that.

      • TXFF

        From one big city to another bro .
        Much respect . . Recently went and saw Burn the movie.. Loved it man..

    • BIGmick

      Urgency? You're clearly from some bum fuck town that gets 4 fires a decade. Try running around with all your gear then see how effective you are fighting the actual fire, and with some luck maybe you'll trip and fall running around like a dumb ass and land on your halligan bar. Go back to recruit school ass clown

      • Squirrelin

        @detriotFD and @BIGmick – I may not be from a big city like pride of the nation Detriot but I assure you my home is no backwoods little town. As far as the training comments, I am nationally certified fire officer II and I probably have more national certifications in leadership and safety than you could probably even fathom let alone pass. But I will try and pose something everyone can agree on, regardless on how you attack the incident, don't venture beyond your means and ability to ensure the best possible outcome in which everyone involved can hopefully go home safe.

        • Web2992

          No disrespect "Squirrelin", but there is a difference between a guy having 10-20 full blown cookers every shift for years, and some guy in the suburbs with certifications coming out the ass… there is no way in Hell that you can say with conviction that you know what its like to work on a dept. where the chances of even getting PPE that works HALF the time, is a positive thing… and as far as the urgency thing is concerned, more and more departments around the country are falling into similar situations as Detroit FD, where the main priority isn't even putting the fire out anymore, its trying to keep the rest of the fucking block from burning down with it, sometimes you have to "venture beyond your means and ability" to get the job done… On a side note- don't be that douche on your department that brags about the stack of papers he has, no one ever likes that guy, and don't forget what I assume you signed up for in the first place, it wasn't to get a stack of certificates and awards, it was to preserve life and property at whatever means necessary… KCCO

          • TXFF

            WEB 2992…..
            I 100% agree.. And to the hater talking about 50k a year.. U obviously have no clue about our pension and that 50k is starting pay .. We do just fine.. And mainly we didnt get into this job for the money.. If u had balls u would know .. But u don't.. Ur just an idiot doing some 9-5 Job. .douche

        • detroitFD

          @Squirrelin don't ever compare your stack of certs you got in a class room to my real life experience! I would run circles around you and your certs any day!

      • FireSlayer

        Yeah this guy is probably some kid that just came out the academy working for a volunteer department!! This is real life firefighting and how it gets done. Don't like it, quit and work on an ambulance!!

    • TXFF

      Hey man.. Ur also prob a small city conservative FF, can't hate on balls and aggressiveness

  • Hella_Aloha

    after the paralympics clip that you put up this summer, this is probably one of the best videos you guys have posted.

  • FF

    As a fellow IAFF member strong work on the aggressive fire attack, but your fellow brothers are a true disappointment when it comes to wearing a BA. Hope you guys are still that tight when cancer catches up, thanks for adding to the statistics. This isn't the 1970/80's try to put a more professional edit of this out. FF work hard and know that certain things happen that should stay off the camera.

  • Statan


    • Statan

      It's better muted.

  • IrishInNJ

    For 50K a year (if you're lucky)…I think I'd be wearing the BA a lot more often.

  • ChiverMedic

    Good look at the job; as always, put the wet stuff on the red stuff

  • JackDiesel

    Anyone else notice how half the houses were decrepit and abandoned? This might as well been another post about how terrible Detroit is.

  • Bill lebowski

    I honestly just shake my head when I see dumb videos like this. Seems to me that ever since 9/11
    People want to become police or fire fighters just to get the ego boost. I doubt this rookie fire fighter chose this career because he has a overwhelming erge to put out fires or save cats from trees.

    – just sayin'

    Ps. Ghrammer police can fuck off too.

    • PCFD

      You got a good point bill

    • e56DFD

      I'm 21 and work for a company in Detroit. Regardless of my reason on why i became a firefighter, we all still go out and do it. Whether it be for the money, fame, girls, whatever. We're the ones doing it, not you. We ALL still risk our lives daily to save your shit. So while you're sitting behind your computer talking shit, tomorrow you can wake up and pour yourself a bowl of dicks n chow down.

  • Paramedic_Jamie

    As a paramedic/fire fighter in the UK it's interesting to see the differences in the job across the pond. Nice video.

    • detroitFD

      interested what are some of the big differences you notice just curious?

  • TheGoodJake

    When I need new gear I go to our quartermaster, not repair it with duct tape. When we get a job, we get a full alarm…not one or two engine companies. When our pumpers go down, they get fixed. It's easy to sit here online and cast stones. This is 8 minutes out of a years' worth of vacant dwelling fires fought with inadequate personnel and sub-par equipment. If I saw the amount of fires these guys do, I don't know how much "sense of urgency" I'd have left. Instead of getting on here and "brotherfucking" these guys, get in contact with them and see if there's anything you can do to help.

    Cool video…bad music (personal thing).

  • Fireguy343

    As a firefighter myself, I'm actually saddened by this video. So many no no's. They give us SCBA's for a reason…and if i used a wooden ax to hold up a car hood on a vehicle fire, my chief would rip me a new one after I paid to replace it…

    • Moody Ulph


  • Moody Ulph

    Whats the song?

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