Men’s personal ads from the ’60s are precious (13 Photos)

Desperation was strong with men way back in the 1960s. Nothing changes.



    lol where in the f*ck do you find these topics

    • Needlegun13

      I wondered the same thing – these guys are MAJOR creepsters…

    • Jen

      maybe your friend wouldnt be divorced if she wasnt such a giant whore that fucked all the neighbors. did you think about that?

  • tebow

    u know what … every homo that religiously follows this site probably has an online dating profile. with that being said, i can make fun of this then … bunch of homo virgins.

    • Tebow sucks

      Says the guy religiously following this website….

      • tebow

        says the guy who checks the site, disrespects women, and never goes around saying "yea, chive on," "bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon," and rather than worshipping the site gets motivated by it at work and goes out and does something about it that nite.

        • louistulley

          Dude, bacon is good though.

        • tebow

          god I fucking hate this site … all these stupid people on here are to dumb to have a fucking clue! I can't wait to go home, have sex with my dog, and pass out in a pool of my lonely tears.

          • _HypoLuxa_


            • Courtesy Flush

              HAHAAH N1

          • Chaosd

            I would just say "haters gonna hate" but seriously dude, you have issues. Seek help.

          • j rod esquire


          • Dre

            Hey hey hey!!!! I LOVE bacon

    • Kidicarus

      Dammit Tim you're drunk again, stop posting on here.

    • mark

      What have you heard? …i don't have an online dating profile.

    • Reality Check

      Last time I checked, many of the Chivers who "religiously follow this site" also raised thousands of dollars for people and families in need. Last time I checked, Chivers consistently performed acts of kindness ranging from free beers to buying toys for orphans. Last time I checked, you were the one bringing up all of this unfounded hate. You call us stupid, but you're the one that can't even spell. Go home and take your inconsequential life with you. May God have mercy on your intrusive, judgemental excuse for a soul.

      • blabbity bla

        i love how people give this guy a long response. you idiot.

    • jamie

      Go FUCK yourself moron!! The Chive is for cool people only , not Affliction wearing Fred Hardy promoteing Douchebags. So go get in your 98 Honda Civic with the spoiler and $1000.00 exaust system and get back to your moms basement.

    • a-nom

      Wow, I know that "trolling" is a big deal among high school (or in your case i'm going to jump to assume middle school) children, but you really should find a better avenue in life than trying to piss off people you will never meet for a personal gain that will never earn your parents love that you obviously don't have enough of. Seek help…the worst thing about trolls are they are the replacement for bullies on the interwebs…chive on wee one…Maybe one day you'll be the QB that you always wanted to be…and if you actually are an adult…that's just sad

      • Steve

        It's also sad that people insist on feeding the trolls….

    • TonyM

      Wait, are you specifically trolling gays or calling people who visit The Chive gay… or are you saying we have dating profiles which make us gay. And are you calling us virgins or specifically virgins to homosexual sex?

      So much ambiguity (pun intended).

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sur my POF profile says I'm interested in women,no need to get all crazy with the homo stuff .

  • #1paulafan

    ISO of Paula, she is the only troll for me.

    • Paula_

      – Fan testimonial: "For once, Paula, you have read my mind and actually said something that isn't horrible or troll. You ma'm are awesome."

  • Michael

    #6 and #7 are almost 20 years apart in age but look nearly identical. People aged early in the 60s…

    • @TheSterlingRod

      Must've been all the closed-window/closed-door smoking.

    • MylesofStyles

      Cigarettes, Lead, and Asbestos…Magically delicious.

  • Alan Garcia

    #12 cat williams?

    • chris

      close enough

    • John Frm Ft Wrth TX


  • charming989


  • chris

    #4 "bi-minded girl", LOL!

  • Jonny Apps

    #6 is 33?!? Man, they didn't age well back in the day…

    • chris

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Matt

      *cough*cough* cigarettes *cough*cough*

      (pun intended)

    • dan


  • Tom

    #11 He is all that is man. All 101% of him.

    • Jen

      this is just like craigslist casual encounters w/ out the dick pics.

  • Brad


  • NebraskaGuy

    #9 Wow, really??

    • Rett

      Was really hoping that one would have closed with "So call me maybe".

  • sfb101

    #4 Who knew they had hipster douche bags in the '60
    #12 Snoop dogs grand dad!

    • Joe

      I believe they were called hippies

      • Old Dude

        Not really, Joe. Hippies didn't need to place ads to get laid. That was the best time for unbridled sex with an unlimited female resource. You gotta remember that AIDS hadn't reared it's ugly head yet and the sexual revolution was in full swing. It was the most fun I had in my long life and I have no regrets and no STD's.

  • fucked

    running out of posting material guys?

  • in1ear&outurmother

    #14 Granpa … is that you ??

    • Handjob Murphy

      No shortage of horse metaphors for this gent. In his other ad he states he's on board with animal training. I think he was some kind of beast-master. I think he had a special harness and What Not to accommodate ladies with a Certain Special Fetish.

      I recall when I was a youth there were coin-operated newspaper vending machines outside the BART (SF Bay's metro) stations. Mostly used car sales and want ads, but a few were Alternative Lifestyle papers. Long before Internets, there were these newspapers. THAT was where you made your Swinger Connection.

      And the ones who look older than their stated ages? Hint: They probably ARE. People lie about such things. They did it then; they do it now.

    • Robert

      Check #2 for comparison.


    Dad???? WTF?

    • Joeybag


  • tv_paul

    #2 Why do I get the feeling that he had a bag of lime & a shovel in his trunk whenever he went out on a date.

    • lawnguyland

      "non-alcoholicc" yeah right. Now that's denial when you haven't even been asked yet.

  • TheCuddlingCreeper

    #12 need other couple to push the swings at playground because we enjoy swinging.

    very selfish….very selfish indeed

  • Tillman61

    These guys were probably the ones who complained about the hippies and their immoral ways and voted for Nixon. They all look like school principals and shop teachers from my youth in the 60's and 70's…

    • tv_paul

      Yeah the shop teacher who was missing a couple of fingers. One actually look like an old cub scout leader I had. Glad I never went camping with him.

      • Tillman61

        LOL – I was going to mention scout leaders…

  • tv_paul

    #9 The Dr. Seuss of bondage poetry.

    • Kidicarus

      Still more romantic than Twilight

  • Mr. Mackle

    #3 artifcial device or animal training ?

  • GirlsLoveCakeee

    #12 I'm certain he could kick everyones asses, because..


  • DannoTheManno88

    #4 All he had to say was "Check out my beard bitches"

  • louistulley

    Why would you care if they were college educated or not? I'm not a swinger so maybe I'm missing something, but I would think that the only 2 credentials needed would be willing and not ugly.

    • Dan


  • Guest

    #10 – Martin Scorsese?

  • Dude

    Wtf, 14 and 3 are exactly the same dude

    • Suicide0Jockey

      Who gave the "-1"? I was thinking the exact same thing. Same picture anyways.

    • passwordistaco

      When you go fishing are your chances better casting 2 lines or just the one?

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