Hot Right Now: ‘I haven’t heard that name in years’ memes are an odd delight (21 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

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  • aaa

    hey if i show you all my butt will that make me feel better about my abusive father?

  • Keith_D

    #19- Sorry, Celine, but you still blow

  • @cybsearchjoe

    #35 thanks for sharing!

  • AmericoPolk

    #29 I am thrilled by this

  • deadindenver05

    #10 just made my day
    #18 had a weird effect on me… made me both hungry and horny at the same time
    #35 Thanks for sharing!
    #50 You're wives are awesome. I'm interested to know what happened next though🙂

  • Ducking4Cover

    #50 THE…. BEST… WIVES….EVER!!!!!🙂

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