• echogeo

    And the goalie was, "WTF just happened?"

    • George

      Saw this on ebaumsworld about two days ago

      • The_Dood

        I saw this on TheChive today.

        • Bill

          I saw you on the chive tomorrow.

  • Dangles

    Well played.

  • Jon

    Ehhhhh Allstar game. Prob was letting everything go by.

  • This guy

    I dont feel like i get enough credit for cleaning specks on the inside of the bowl with my stream every time I pee.

    • Tankus

      I… I don't… but this is… AW FUCK IT here's a thumbs up, you already have 40 of 'em!

  • Chippy

    God I Love Hockey

  • sfb101

    Pretty cool move.

  • Heya

    misdirection ftw! nice!

  • Chive

    Must be European hockey… Thank god the NHL is back

    • derp

      I believe it was the KHL all star game.

    • Slappy

      True hockey fan in the hizzy!

  • Donkey

    Great skill and deception. I just keep thinking about the risk of him looking like a monkey butt if it were blocked. Probably would have made the Not Top 10.

  • fucked

    Fake. Hockey doesn't have an all star game.

  • Chuck

    St. Louis Blues prospect. Cool move, when it works.

    • Mel_Gibson

      never in a game though

  • YOYO

    Anyone know who the goalie was?

  • Hockey?

    what the hell is this hockey you all speak of? it looks like some sort of sport judging by the spectators and fans, but I've certainly never heard of it.

  • Chuck Finley

    Doing his best Bryz impression

  • coolstoryhansel


  • IrishInNJ

    What sport is that?

  • Random Guy

    Hockey is stupid and boring.

  • Mel_Gibson

    pavel datsyuk's moves kick the crap out of this

  • Euroranger

    In other news, the Toronto Maples Leafs are decidedly tight lipped today after they discovered their next franchise goaltender via the intartubez.

  • Canucks_Rule

    cheeky. but datsyuk's crazy behind the back goal was better. i think bertuzzi just did the same move at the red wings scrimmage game.

  • Organ

    this doesn't mean shit. all you need to do is got the puck on net during an all-star game/skills challenge, the goalie isn't stop anything at all

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