A robot restaurant in China? They took our jobs! (10 Photos)

Via Dailymail.co.uk

  • herp de derp

    dey turk aar jobsss!!

    • Djonny

      terk er jerbS!!

      • Visitohr

        tuk jubbb

        • JfromKY

          turrka durrrbs

        • Ouboet

          Tuk urr durrrr

          • Canucks_Rule


            • Zia

              cock a doodle doo

      • 2Dogs

        ferkin rurberts!

        • Big Will

          derk'a'deeeer XD

          • happy day

            Cocka derda duurr!

            • hah

              everyone, back to the pile!

              • sure

                THis was way gayer than the pile

      • jerbs

        der turk er DERRRR

    • nuccabay

      gerddamn goobacks!

  • http://fuckyou.com Bryan

    It's gunna happen.

  • ThigWife

    this is dumb

    • SeeWhatIDidThere

      You're dumb.

    • warmwoolenmittens

      But in all seriousness. This is dumb. Time for a new thread.

  • majorfathead

    I read the title as a restaurant whose clientele is robots, Wonder if robots are good tippers?

  • GeorgiaRosa

    This is a disgraceful way to treat midgets..:)

  • Kent

    I for one welcome our robotic hostesses.

    • guest

      Strong words. Strong Bewildering words.

    • tralfaz


    • Cheap Panda

      No tip necessary 🙂

  • RobTalk

    they turker jerrrbs!

    • jimbo

      Everybody back to the pile!

  • MonkeyMadness

    Because there's not enough people in China to fill these jobs.

  • gclark

    Looks like SkyNet will start in China not America like Terminator predicted. This is disturbing news.

  • tehbox

    Derk our derbs

  • happy day

    I have good sex moves sex moves, that I learned in China. I'm a sexual tiger and I feed on vagina…

  • http://smashingmagazine.us/ Sunny

    nice collection

  • ickeymickey

    Maybe everyone should get in a pile and get gay with each other cuz then there will be no children to learn how to make robots and they can't TAKE ER JBS!!!

  • Dexter

    Robot ??? SRSLY ???? are you kidding us? looks more like an hair dryer than the chinese Asimo … they've been designed in the 50 's and built in the 80's by looking at their abilities .Glad to see that this " top futuristic " chinese restaurant looks as shitty as the one on the corner of my street . Anyway, robot yes maybe, but they still serve cats to their clients ( as seen on the dailymail .. )…

    • warmwoolenmittens

      Fuck you Dexter!

  • dead odb

    I wonder if the food is still ready in 10 minute or ifthey can say pork fried rice correctly?

  • Jesus Christ

    And thus Skynet was born.

  • Busternut

    They sure cook a mean dog.

    • saltygary

      Koreans eat dog willingly. Chinese like to sneak cats into their food to save money.

      • Jen

        i saw some empty cat food cans by the dumpster at the local china buffet here. poor kitties.

      • Fuman Zybar

        A dog makes a fine meal…

  • Alumni72

    Running on tracks built into the floor? Just a little bit like the mail-bots that were running at AT&T headquarters back in the 1970s. They used specially designed carpet tiles with magnetic tracks in them to establish a path for the robot to follow (he was called Herbie). Every once in a while a prankster would be working late and switch a couple tiles around, and the next day Herbie would be running into walls and desks.
    So yeah, progress – not so much.

    • Larry

      I think you guys are failing to realize this isn't "top notch science", it's merely a gimmick to make money.

  • Kyle

    Deeeyyy tuuuuk uuurrrr juaabss

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – this thread was basically made so we could quote south park. lol. turka-derrrrr!!

  • Zrock76

    Yes, i would like the "Shiny Metal Ass" so that I might take a bite out of it.

  • tv_paul

    #8 Exterminate..Exterminate…I mean please enjoy your non poisoned meal.

  • saltygary

    Well robots won't feel guilty about cooking cats.

  • Trez

    Dey duuuur dure da deeeer derrrrrk

  • justin


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