• @DukeofChartres

    this must be what makes them one of the happiest and most developed countries in the world.

  • matt g

    this would be a terribly in convenient place to get raped

  • Matticus

    we have that sort of things here in the states.. except, it's usually our dogs that play that game

  • arTee

    Not cool when watching The Grey.

  • Logan

    That's at the dorms at the University of Stockholm, Lappis dorms. Its tradition there.

  • Blacke

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  • Eder

    Imagine the hot sexy ass blonde bitches screaming back? God-damned Swedish models.

  • chad

    Um those screams sound north american

  • richardlehmann

    that settles it, i'm moving to sweden

  • ElementalWindX

    This is why I do all my raping in Sweden at 10pm.

  • CD3

    thats freakin hilarious

  • Richard_Nixon


  • Gman

    When that happens in my neighborhood their owners go outside and hit them with a newspaper.

  • Canucks_Rule

    it's sweden, so i just assume those are all sex sounds.

  • MonkeyMadness


  • AAA

    I used to live in Lappls (the student community in Stockholm where this video was shot) and it brings back memories! The idea is to stick your head out your window and scream to voice your frustration out every week ….. And then head to the bar! Awesomeness

  • Steve Grenier

    This wouldn't work in Canada. You’d hear. “Hey buddy! Shut the fuck up eh?”

  • Euroranger

    WTF Sweden, you used to be cøøl. Now you're just crëëpy.

  • lfgd1978

    That's why they have so many suicides…….. people go crazy for all the screaming and lack of sleep (due to the screaming of course)

  • JP1

    Violence must be almost nil there if this is there reaction to a yawp! It's like a foreign country or something!!

    • JP1

      geez *THEIR reaction…dummy!

  • Crazy_Jake


  • bonerjamz

    calllllll the locksmith

  • MementoMiri

    Every evening at 10 p.m. the “Flogsta Scream” may be heard, when students scream collectively from windows, balconies and roof tops. There is controversy over how the tradition started. Some locals say it was simply a stress reliever, which started during exam times and then became a daily occurrence. Others say it started in remembrance of a student who committed suicide in the 1970s.

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