• bigyawns

    Scaream Abdul Jabar

  • Stu

    that must drive the cops nuts.
    "are you getting murdered?"
    "No, just yell cuz I'm Swedish n' shit."
    "Oh, carry on then."

  • ZiggityZ

    That. Is. Awesome.

  • r00s7a

    I must admit, that was pretty cool. Too bad the cattle won't scream back to me if I did that where I live.

  • Svensk Ronnie

    Whole Chef Ton!

  • ljhh

    What in the living name of holy hell

  • ljhh

    Picture a girl reaching climax… Does everyone start imitating that?!??

  • MPC

    how long before they all drive themselves mad?

  • Vet

    At first I thought it was funny, then I thought it was pretty creepy quickly.

  • Horny Panda

    It's actually the world's biggest orgy

  • John

    yep, i like to drink and smoke pot too

  • kentholio


    • Loopan

      Ricola is swiss !! not swedish and yess they are two different countries! 😉
      KCCO from a swiss chiver!

      • Amrcn

        I think he was referring to the commercial with the deep voiced man 🙂 "RIIIIIIIIIICOLA!"

  • Durk D

    Its my money and I want it now!

    • Josh

      Dude I don't know if anyone else got that but you almost got me to shoot coffee out my nose

    • Anshin

      ^ This is my favourite comment right here. ^

  • DannoTheManno88

    I'm moving to Sweden. I totally want to be a part of this community full of hardcore awesomeness.

  • ron

    It would be fun and funny for maybe 30 minutes, then I'd be bored and annoyed.

    Silly Swedish.

  • Ron Kenan

    You have to be dumber than a friggin post to think that is neat. If someone is getting raped they may be screaming for help. Don't bother in Sweden. Every dumb shit in the neighborhood will start screaming too rather than coming to your aid or calling the cops.

    • Paul

      Well I live in America so Im not too worried about it.

    • snap

      Yes, because every neighbourhood here in Sweden does that. Or wait.. Nope!

      there's just one neighbourhood in one town that started doing it for some weird reason; seems to be some college/campus area..
      I don't really find it funny or creepy – just really annoying. Don't see the appeal in it.

    • Simon

      There are places on earth where crime just isn't an issue. I'm not saying this place is as I don't know, but there's places that are so cool that it's really not an issue.

      You must be a ball at sports games. Or a Springsteen concert.

  • Iggy Catalpa

    Uh, that's probably a college campus, full of crazy-drunk kids partying. It don't take much.

    • chucklesclown

      You are correct. Those are student dorms at a university. Apparently it's a tradition.

  • Bob

    That shit is unsettling.

  • Mr. B

    In Flogsta, Uppsala (sweden), this is standard procedure before a big exam – it's called student anguish!

  • airmaxx23


    • I hear ya


      • leeroy jenkins


        • Skermitt


        • Skermitt


      • Mike Wazowski


    • Joe


    • Teala


      • Jerkinstein


  • KnowsIt

    A nation of werewolves.

  • True Story

    ohhhhhhh you guys would never see a zombie apocalypse coming you Sweeds would just laugh and scream along with the dead and dieing lol

  • Nishtai

    i don't know whether this is funny, or scary. Great starting point for a dumb horror movie, don't you think? "Past 10 PM, in Sweden, if you scream off the top of your lungs, the screams of the brutally murdered answer you back". Shit, I gotta put this on Kickstarter and let the cash roll in!

  • jjj

    the one guy getting rammed by a hobo during this is not laughing

  • Yroc

    That escalated quickly…..

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