It’s almost the weekend and I just DGAF (38 Photos)

  • CanadaChivette

    #6 hahah never gets old #16 Love Betty ❤

    • epic ass is epic

      i love you


      Do you power refresh to be on the first page of every comments section?

      • CanadaChivette

        Nope, Its friday. and I DGAF. Chivin all day kind sir.

        p.s. pretty sure this has been one of two comments that I have ever been first 🙂 but thanks for noticing sweetie

  • DannoTheManno88

    #9 This

    • benbobbins

      …is unhealthy.

  • johnny

    #7 your feet are gonna hurt! and #38 MOAR PLZ!!!!!!

  • Tommy

    Fuck Yeah Friday!! Way better than those other days

    • Timmy

      Saturday is pretty swell too. I mean its no Friday but its still up there.

  • jmonster

    #38 has it right-on.. who needs a top!? Right girls?

    • sean

      why is she smelling her bra…

      • Skermitt

        Why would she not smell her bra?

  • That Guy

    #8 *Marinate

  • Derek

    #27 its hard out here for a pikachu… wait, what?

    • NikkeD

      pimpachu… pimpdaddychu

  • 473

    I would just like to point out that "Hakuna some vodka" actually means there is no vodka.. this is why you must GOOGLE before you make SHIRT!

    • A BiPolar Guy

      well not after you drink it there isn't

  • ChristHump


    • guest


    • ps86

      wow, did you even try?

  • crustybubblechunks

    #17 Hi ho silver, away!

    • EriktheRed

      You spelled Green Lanterns Light! wrong. lol

  • sfb101

    #28 WANT!
    #16 Happy Birthday Betty, you rock! "There hasn't been a cherry in my muffin since 1941"


    No way #14 ended good…

    • ddd

      Neither did your sentence – "well"

    • TheVanityScore

      i see a couple broken legs in their future

  • savagecabbage

    #14 Not gonna end well
    #19 Mount KKK

    • P. Parker

      #14 Oh I dunno. I think they probably stuck the landing. I haven't seen form like that except from a Spider Man comic.

    • Nathan S.

      White Powder!

      No, really; I've never seen snow that white…

  • TomatoTipper

    Who want's to go skydiving this weekend??

    • letsss


  • Frosty

    #37 how I look after seeing #38

    • Cory form PA


  • Tap This

    #38 who the heck is THAT!

    • AnyoneForCoffee
    • Stef

      Helen Flanagan….

      • Turnleft

        She was a "Find Her" girl sometime ago…pic of her in a bikini with a whale behind her…

        Used to be Rosie on Coronation Street, jiggling her way across the screen..

    • penguin slayer

      helen flanagan. she is dumb as hell ! but makes up for it with big boobs.

      • Stinky Dog

        something something…. boobs. Agreed.

  • Pablo3520

    Chick chick…Burned!

  • Dawn

    #14 WTF!!! HOLLY BROKEN LEGS…TO SAY THE LEAST!!! Any know what happen to them?? crazy girls?

    • savagecabbage

      Yes let me just go inside the picture and ask them what happened and are they ok. I'll be right back!

      • Nbree

        While you're trying to do that, I'll just hit up Google Image search. Seems it's a photo by a guy named Thobias Faldt, a photographer in Stockholm. It was taken in 2008 for a fashion magazine. So, photoshopped.

        • namey name name

          you're my internet hero

    • Imzkid

      They were both impregnated moments later.

      • Jennymeow

        These are friends of mine! They are fine and dandy

        • Dawn

          BULL SHIT!…U gona tell us they didnt get hurt?….ya ok.

  • Hunter

    #21 ahhh this makes me so uncomfortable.

    • TheVanityScore

      ya when i saw this i cringed a little

    • Mac

      You think that's scary. Watch this video. I'm not really scared of heights, but this made me uncomfortable.

      • Fuman Zybar

        Wow, those two guys have stones. You couldn't pay me enough to do that for a living. I got dizzy just watching it from my recliner…

      • Hunter

        those guys are nuts! Great video!

      • majorfathead

        umm just no

  • Hunter

    #14 I count two fucks given at the emergency room.

  • 908s

    #48 and who might you be?!

    • 908s


  • dom

    is #18 wearing a spiderman suit?

  • BigPup

    #38 I wanna not give a fuck all over those sweater kittens!

  • Endo

    Submitter of #4, does your dad happen to teach Video Production at Ohio University?

    • windowlicker

      Bobcats. Fuck yeah.

    • Shakey The Moyle

      I'm guessing the submitter has two dads and one is more flamboyant or Dad really likes the Cosby show o.0

  • Mr_liqour_liver

    #8 more like dipping his spagetti noodle in her marinara sauce with side of bitch slap

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