Video game logic plays by its own rules (44 Photos)

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #21 Less is more ladies.

    • I be naggin

      Same can be said about your comments

      • Skinny

        I always see "Comment deleted by administrator" next to your name. Just pointing that out man.

        • AnItalianChiver

          Blacklisted keywords..

          • Skinny

            Ah, gotcha!

          • TommyD


    • MoJo

      What game please?

      • Meriik

        Lineage 2

      • Duckter


      • Llort

        That'd be Tera !

        • Skill

          Yup Tera great combat, no one plays…

  • Yuppp

    In Vegas, already saw 5 Chive shirts. I'm proud of this site, that is all.

    • jabrone

      I'm rockin the bfm in españa for the next couple of months. we'll see the attention it gets

  • Skinny

    #19 Don't think that was around in the N64 era on consoles…correct me if I'm wrong.

    • I don't know

      Someone never played golden eye or perfect dark

      • Wrong correcters

        Was that a team game tho?!

        • I don't know

          Perfect dark had "co-operative and counter operative" modes yes. ?!?!?!!

        • Tomx569


    • ATL Chiver

      Golden Eye had multiplayer. I yelled that at my friends all the time.

    • BWaecker

      I hated the AI's on your team in the games. They shot the bad guy like 30 times and never killed them and then you shot them once and they died.

  • Danno

    Gets a care package….lands on the roof.

    • MissVega84

      Thats why you throw grenades at it until it falls 😀

      • :)

        Never tried that before!

        • I don't know

          Doesn't actually work.

      • TheVanityScore

        halo 4 ordnance drops sometimes will just get stuck in the sky for no apparent reason. i get sad when that happens lol all that work for nothing

    • beep

      black hat… nuff said

  • Crazy_Jake

    Never really notice that stuff when you about to die in the game…

    Dead island is loaded with stupid shit like this..

  • DirtBag

    You suck Beibers butthole you pussy.

    • DirtBag

      Well that was lame.

      • Skinny

        Don't feed them man, then they stop posting.

        • blake

          well now i really wanna go out and call someone a biotch

  • isaac

    #40 challenge accepted!

  • Dubya

    Lovin this article.

  • jimctu

    #16 lol and my childhood comes back to my mind.<img src="; width="1"/>

    • Tomx569

      Ah yes, so many wasted hours trying to get around those fucking trees without cut.

  • Mojomatrix

    #20 So Flippin True !!

  • Reckligence

    anyone know what game #39 is?

    • Gusto


    • boris

      looks like Skyrim

      • janus

        know your elder scrolls before you post.

    • Anaphylaxis

      Oblivion I believe.

    • your welcome

      oblivion… i think its the elder scrolls…. the one before skyrim..

    • Kate


    • Yep

      Elder Scrolls 4

    • Connor

      Goddamn… where's user TiberSeptim when you need him?

      It's only the best game ever made, TES IV: Oblivion

      • Tiber_Septim

        It is Oblivion

        • ImpressMe

          Fashionably late….. lol

    • DeathPony

      It's oblivion lV in the elder scrolls series

      • Josy

        No, it's The Elder Scrolls IV, titled Oblivion.

  • FartBubble

    Crabs always look like they are walking away from an awkward conversation.

  • Chivetastic

    What was game #37, please and thanks 🙂

    • Guest

      Tera Online! going free to play 14th next month (feb)

      • Sanchez

        happy valentines day nerds…

    • josephmorrone

      That game is Rift not Tera

  • I don't know

    #1 with the suit he's supposed to weigh a couple tons so it makes sense he would sink.

    The rest of these are pretty meh. Obviously shit doesn't work the same way in video games as they do in real life. If they did, why the hell would we play them?

    Cue the virginity and mothers basement cracks.

    • alucard

      Your mother is a virgin and lives in your basement. Someone had to .

      • happy day

        Your basement is a virgin and lives in your mother.

        • Bob

          Your mother is a basement and lives in your virginity.

          • Chris

            Your virginity is a mother and your basement is alive.

      • I don't know

        It would be pretty hard to be a virgin and have a kid unless your name is Mary and even then that was probably bullshit.

        • YourMom

          Shut up!!!!! you said to cue them so sit there and take it

        • David

          Don't really see why it would be hard.
          A Turkey baster can do all kinds of things. 🙂

          I have said for many years that I wanted to get a simple t-shirt done. Black with white letters.
          With the following……….

          MARY LIED!

          Just to see the reaction of various people.

    • JjJjJ

      A virgin, a mother and a basement walk into a bar…

      • Andy Valentine

        Barman looks up and says "Is this some kind of joke?"

        • Mattaio

          BAHAHAHA! AWESOME!!!

    • Tomx569

      Er, dude, spartan's suits use jetpacks, which means they are light enough to fly. Not to mention how high they can jump and how hard they can hit. It stands to reason that he would be strong enough to at least tread water against the weight dragging him down, even without an outboard motor or something else to propell him.

      • Hannah

        Or an oxygen tank to breath under water you know like the one he uses for space…

      • TheVanityScore

        not to mention there are no water levels on halo so there is no need to swim. if there is a water level in halo 5 they will equip him with the ability im sure. but i dont see that happening.

  • hara

    Isn't he like 900 pounds? Of course he can't swim!

  • hara


    • MissVega84

      Fallout 3 logic

      • peanut3603

        You're a hottie.

    • Joe

      The door in that game is located in the Bethesda headquarters.

  • Just Sayin'


    Gives a 10 year old boy a fire-breathing dragon as a 'pet'.

    Lectures him on when he tries to ride a bike.

    • Snape II

      Forgets grandson's own name, asks you to name him.

      • advent12

        I loled hard on this one cuz it totally reminded me off childhood days and how i didnt realize it before

    • Tomx569

      Came when he heard you beat the elite four.

  • jakotas

    #38 Left out the part when he says he does not know how to swim

    • Turrebo

      He knows how to float and stay alive, though. Why not jump back in?

  • curmudgeon

    #17 Not humorous. #27 Is humorous. Why? The foul language is suggested not spelled out. There is a difference Moron.

    Also, in #31, with those two cards in the hand the game is Blackjack/21, not Poker. Get it right at least.

    • I don't know

      You don't hide your cards in blackjack. They are always dealt for everyone to see. It is Texas holdem or another variation of poker that you only are dealt two cards in. Get it right at least.

      • Ummm

        You haven't played much black jack have you

      • David

        Never played single deck black jack in Vegas?

        Yes it is Texas Hold 'Em from Farcry 3.

        At least you got half of it right. >_<

    • Ay Jay

      "because it adds to 21 it has to be black jack." stop breathing plz

      • David


        That is all I have to say to this one.

    • retard

      your a dumb ass

      • dumb ass

        *you're a retard

    • JGD

      what a dick, he has 2 cards so it must be blackjack? Its Poker and its from Far Cry 3.

    • Tomx569

      Here's a quarter, go buy yourself a sense of humor.

    • Me.

      It's poker.. Far Cry 3…!

  • ScruffyNerfherder227

    I remember a time when multiplayer meant you had to have friends and not just an Internet connection…

    • MissVega84

      I remember when clans had members and battled other clans on Sonic Army. I also remember knowing nearly every member in certain clans and even running into the same person over and over game:P that never happens anymore…also, I dont remember playing with quit so many 8 year olds :/

      Pepperidge Farm Remembers…

      • mt138

        remember when at the end of games people said "GG"

        • F3n1x187

          I feel old now! I got o undust UT2004

      • Flux

        I'm never quite sure whether large communities broke gaming or every 2nd person that got into it after 2000 just had horrible rage issues. But I'm pretty sure that I liked it way better when there was a recognizable cast of friendly people on game servers.

        • Tomx569

          I think part of it is that so few games actually require teamwork, and that the only headsets that are compatible with consoles and actually work right are too expensive for most people to afford. Can't remember the last time i heard someone talking in the game or lobby that spoke english. No communication, no community, simple as that.

          • them bones

            Took the thought right out of my brain. Good deductive reasoning there.

    • them bones

      Wow I love you guys and girls!!! I miss the good ol' days before gaming was "cool"

  • Spencer

    Anyone know what game #6 is?

    • xray

      civilization IV, I believe

    • Deathbyawesome

      Rome: Total War… Good times.

    • Chris

      Rome Total War I believe.

    • Spencer

      excellent. thanks

      • hurr durr

        TOTAL WAR ROME 2. Its going to be epic. You should see the gameplay trailer, its like a movie like Troy

  • Pants

    #1 He weighs half a ton

    #14 The hood is to hide the fact that she is a vampire. The sun doesn't kill vampires in Skyrim, it only makes them weaker.

    • I don't know

      Shh people don't like it when you actually know what you're talking about.

    • It floats

      So does a boat.

    • them bones

      And he can jump like 3 stories high? Hmmm…

      • poopy

        um nope. he can jump like 5 feet. and thats cause he's super strong and the suit, like iron mans suit is powered armour that makes you stronger.

  • crazydog

    #33 I used to be a noobstick WHORE!!!!

    • Dave

      *$200 FFS
      Stay in school kids

      • I don't know

        Certain foreign countries put the dollar sign after the number. Learn about the world around you and don't just think its only America out there kids.

  • Luke_Vader

    I don't get #10… Stupid question, yes, but my need to know is overcoming my ego self preservation.

    • personal jesus

      Nazi zombies will break down the boards but not climb over the fence.

      • Krymania

        Was debating this one myself for a while, but great call

    • Filthnasty

      Why is there a window on a very open fence??!!

  • Alex_5280

    #32 That's why the haircut costs $250
    #24 What the hell would you do? Say no to the man?

    • Alex_5280

      Or, you know, the other way around works too since apparently I'm too stupid to put the write comment with the right pictures….brilliant.

      • I don't know

        "Too stupid to put the wrote comment with the right comment" irony or did you do it on purpose?

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