Don’t worry, that’ll buff out… (29 Photos)

  • boob_cuddler

    #5 damn it. I left my ice scaper inside the car.

    • sixdeadelves

      we had a little of this in Utah today, raining and freezing, raining and freezing.

    • NIC_noK

      I don't miss that kinda snow.

  • Texas

    #4 Now the wall knows not to get in the way of Rhonda when it's feeding time.

    • alejandro

      photoshop fall… near the child seats on the right and floor don't match up

      • Amber

        You're right.. but why? The main part of the picture is on the left side of the crease, none important mumbo jumbo is on the right. What could someone have wanted to cover up?

    • Alumni72

      Yeah, but it's just the floor – following that seam, everything beyond the floor seems to look normal. Maybe the guys who put down the floor did an extremely poor job.

      • DeepestBlue2

        No, there are other signs of poor photoshop blending farther up as well. Who knows why someone would photoshop it like that.

        • In Camera Delicto

          It's all just perspective from the camera lens. No shopping here, folks. Move along…

  • baddbuzz

    That one hell of a snow drift . .#1

    • Jay

      Called a frozen body of water…

    • SomeGuy

      Baddbuzz Is right. It's not a snow drift. It's a body of water!
      More specific, Lake Winnipeg. They showed it on Rick Mercer during Tuesday's Episode.

      • bomberblue

        Father and daughter broke through over Christmas. Old man had to go back in to get this daughter. Out for a day of ice-fishing. All's well that ends well! Have you driven a Ford lately?

  • crustybubblechunks

    #17 More fun than a pillow fight

    • echogeo

      Speaking of pillows, find that referee.

  • LeO

    Don't worry it'll buff out haha

    • Amber

      And the unoriginal post of the day award goes too…!

  • Machew

    #3 hey you guys come look at this rock!

  • sfb101

    #3 That gonna hurt!
    #7 For that special moment, Hallmark.
    #16 Glassmn doesn't deserve that ride.

    • Amber

      I doubt Glassmn did this. I had my money on SUV slamming reverse at the wrong time.

    • Jaybels

      Is that KG from Tenacious D…?

    • Guest

      I feel #3's pain – did that yesterday myself. Just gotta keep telling myself, "the RIGHT brake lever is the rear one." When you slam on the left one, bad things (face plants) happen.

      Not to mention you end up looking like an idiot with the bike sticking straight up in the air on top of you while people in cars go by and laugh.

  • xuocram

    this fucking audio that keeps playing is driving me insane, about fermented heiring? what the fuck, put an end t this shit, theres no video, keep ruing my damn music

    • somechick

      lol wut?

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #13 Well there's your problem, it's a Cheve.

    • Jay

      Why couldn't you have been driving, and not here?

    • it was dry

      He was just trying to drive it to the levi

      • hmm

        but the levy was dry…

  • Huell

    #15 Ya see, officer? The damn truck too ma'fuckin' tall!

    • bitcheslovepoems

      Flatten the tires and drag it out. Problem solved

      • Bojo

        Or make sure you have a full tank next time you deliver a bridge

    • underhill

      The street the truck is on goes uphill. Not sure how correct the clearance sign is either.

    • Teddy Turbo

      Ain't no one got time for dat!!!

  • DannoTheManno88

    #11 Go home bus….you're drunk

  • CowboyChiver

    #5 & #18 I've seen better ice sculptures befo… Wait…

  • Dan

    #15 You see what had happened was

    • Tdub

      Let the air out of the tires 😉

    • Dydy

      At first… you know, *tsk* but then… he had called. – Fresh Prince

    • DirtyChar

      I was delivering this overpass and ran out of gas.

  • TheFrontier

    #7 Get well soon

  • Abusement_Park

    #21. In Soviet Russia, there's no such thing as a parking ticket……

  • midget smasher

    Quick, throw it in reverse!

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Shine on, #16 , shine on..

    • mynameis

      All money no brains!

  • Jesus Christ

    #4 At least they didn't spill any fries. #9 Of course that would happen, they're Asian. Probably a woman too. Stereotypes are fun.

    • Ginger Christ


      • Jesus Christ

        So are you just gonna follow me around and make pointless replies to everything I post?

        • Ginger Christ

          As long as you are lame. Yes.

  • 1_inthechamber

    #19, Hook to the frame, you IDIOT.

    • Dinkus

      wouldn't make any difference. The tow hook on the bumper is specifically for towing. Its a Trican truck so I am sure it was human error. I bet you he had left his trailer brakes on.

      • 1_inthechamber

        Trailer brakes are a strong possibility, since it took the front axle with.. but still, wtf.

      • Hahahah

        Yeah that has Trican written all over it

      • Kenworther

        Kenworth logo center top of radiator

    • Teddy Turbo

      You guys are huge nerds.

      • 1_inthechamber

        Haha, calling someone a nerd in an internet comment section. Really? It's just that where I'm from these are things you learn quick, or you're any number of the people in this gallery.

  • Elle

    #17 Foxy Boxing at the The Elmira Cabin

  • Conrad

    #22 Sly knocking some cents into a dude. I'll show myself out.

    • Yuppp

      That was alright, you can stay..

    • Epitomizer

      Kegan Micheal Key from Key & Peele?

  • Will

    #29 Having been the guy chasing that idiot… I can say with authority that in situations like that… there's ALWAYS somebody!

    • lim

      *Throws hands up* "It's Good!!"

  • War

    #16 Lic should say AASMN

  • kennnnneth

    Is 12 the backyard from breaking bad?

  • @z0lle

    #2 is definitely from the TV series Covert Affairs S03 EP01.

    • @pezatsea

      Good catch. Pretty dang sure you're right. Must be a behind the scenes sort of thing.

    • Revenenat

      I drive by that place otw to work, its in Brampton, ON and I remember seeing them filming this when I was driving by that day. The crew had completely cleaned and repaired everything by the next day, would never be able to tell anything happened there.

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