Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • ChestRockwellz


    • ChestRockwellz

      #18 heaven

      • Appreciative Bum Fan

        That pic never gets old.

    • CDNchiver

      SIIICK D.A.R!!!!! MOAR of #47

  • LairdS

    #24 Good dog!!!!! KCCO.

    • mfish5

      Best part: They Scotch taped the note right on the dog!

      • davo

        it's pretty lame.

        • ...

          Your mom's pretty lame.

  • Arrrrrrrrrrg

    oh #21…and cheese #36 HA!

    • Ben

      my mind is blown. She is beautiful

    • Want300



      • Mike

        Mandy Michaels? (NSFW)

        • Toni

          and circle gets the square…

          • Arrrrrrrrrrg

            You should google her shower scene.

            • Jen

              what happens in the shower scene???

        • Dapper_Dave

          God I was so hoping there was a NSFW part of the internet for her

      • oftenagentleman

        She wins the DAR with #44

        • Kiki

          She wins!! No spread em, you have the right to scream like you're enjoying it

      • theRoll

        Natasha Tagai aka Mandy Michaels. Was on stern at 18.

    • Canucks_Rule

      #21 – raven riley?

  • bigVINNY

    #18 Check Pleaseeeee……

    • El_Hefe

      but…. that's not bacon…

    • L A

      #18 please find so I can propose!!

    • NIC_noK

      This one and #21 are just mind blowingly hot.

  • BSmike

    The DAR is late, but worth it!! #18 #35

    • ass lover

      is photoshopped her ass is not that thick and neither are her thighs in the original one

  • Teddy Roxspin

    #21 #35 WOW, let's see MOAR!

    • I'm Awesome

      100% agree

  • OhioChiver

    #30 One of these is not like the other. 😉

    • Curious Blonde Fan

      What is that anyway, a ray?

      • Man Bear Pig


  • whyme1973

    #15 #18 #21 #26 #51 So. Much. Hotness. Thank you so much, ladies!

    • Ruff

      #15 Such a pretty face. Those lips wrapped around my dick would feel like heaven. I'd like her to suck my cock until I exploded on her soft tits.

    • P3king

      Megan's cleavage wins the DAR today.

      • Mikey D

        I enjoy checking out her rack…I mean RAK

    • Kaden

      I wonder why she always has her head turned in every picture she takes though..

  • kokuryuha

    #21 #41 sweet mother mercy I want moar of both of you…

  • Ponderous

    #39 good god.

    • Prettyswellguy

      I watched that for a good 10mins!

    • halfsmoke00

      This made my shitty day a lot better. Thanks. 🙂

    • nvi

      We need a things that bounce post.

    • Ace

      One of my favorite gifs of ALL time

    • timbo

      Range time with cory and erika?

    • tbo

      Dear dear god….. Yesssss

    • Anonymous

      She needs something that fires really quickly, now!

    • Alex

      I can watch this all day!

      • craig

        So. Much. Recoil…..

  • Beev

    #18 The perfect woman

    • hutchmx92

      Sooo nice want to touch the hinny.

    • StuOwen

      Would love to see this in my kitchen…The only thing that would make it better is if she was cooking bacon…

      • clarkWgriswold

        Or blowing me.

  • otto


    WTF? What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Amber

      Wtf is that thing?

  • acupofjoe

    Charlie, I love ya. #4

  • bones

    #40 YES!

    • Ben

      someone find her. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

      • Jduce

        Jordan Sparks. You're welcome.

        • IU Chivette

          I swear i thought it was her too, but it's not… At least she has a twin! 🙂

    • Trey

      HELL sexy as hell .. have some respect ruff . go elsewhere with your bullshit

    • AnItalianChiver

      Don't forget your kleenex dude…

      • raaaage

        sqater dem sausages look gud

    • Ghost

      Holy fuck i agree MOARRRR…them thighs are so fucking sexy and lets not even start with the smile

    • Jerk

      why the Novel of a tattoo? picture says a 1000 words is not a phrase she knows I guess… at least I would have something to read while pokin her booty…

  • Ponderous

    #19, but the crazy ones are the most fun!

    • rennie

      If you stick your dick in crazy you're gonna have a great time, followed by a really bad time.

    • VoodooWillie

      I REALLY wish someone would have told me this in my younger days…….would have saved me so much trouble. But yeah, the crazy ones are fun.

    • Erock801

      ding ding ding!! you are correct sir

    • Jen

      its hard to find someone crazier than myself….who am i supposed to sleep with!?

  • wantomas

    Alright stop collaborate and listen

    • Chocolate Fire

      Ice is back with a brand new invention

      • Freddie&David Bowie

        "Pressure pushing down on me, pushing down on you" …. oh wait are we only using the stolen lyrics for this?

        • combo breakers suck

          Stolen lyrics? I knew Freddie waxed chumps' candles but I didn't know he cooked MCs like a pound of bacon. I think you meant '5 stolen bass notes' and 'John Deacon'

          • Visitohr

            Ice was way cooler! But then again, I was 13 when he was showing off his 'merica jumpsuit

    • mitter78

      Everybody was kung fu fighting…

      • MissVega84

        word to ya motha'

  • Fred Flintstone

    #25 As am I

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #18 heart shaped

  • doublemeat


    Google image searched for high res.

    Was not disappointed.

  • moses

    #21, quiero mas y mas

    • Courtesy Flush

      Ya, what he said. Absolutely stunning.

  • Abcd

    #35 Holy fuck

    • Steve

      I want to bend her over that bed and grab those firm tits while I fuck her from behind. That tanned ass would look great bouncing back onto my cock.

      • Rahm Emanuel

        Dude you are a retard, now clean up and get back to making the fries…those little bastard's ain't goin' to make themselves.

  • Ty!

    #21 Wowsers

    • E-Z E

      Didn't think I can cum without using my hand…

      • Turrebo

        I do that regularly. The trick is to let someone else use their hand (to begin with).

  • Harry Balasagna

    #18 wow…

  • TCOW



  • Tillman61

    #18 #21 Are really, really magnificent… As is Megan as always #15

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