Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Yup


    • Guess what

      (o•_•)╛(//☼_○) <<< bitch slap

    • Danny

      People still do this?

    • inothernews

      we all should advocate for a cottton dress day.

    • Peter

      I don't understand why you got so many thumbs down. You were first, in America that means something. We are a country of bigger, stronger, faster. I applaud you sir (madam) for being first and taking your victory with pride!!!!

  • Skinny

    #1 That is some air!

    • El Pato

      Did you just comment on the first photo so that you'd be close to the top??? You did, didn't ya.

      • Skinny

        Well that made no sense.

    • MattKL

      They look pretty high.

    • bigyawns

      also, water

  • acupofjoe

    I'll have what they're having. #3

    • Sasha grey

      Oh yeah talk dirty to me.

      • Carl

        I'll do more than talk dirty to you.

        • grumpy

          Yeah, you'll write stupid crudities on your laptop while Doritos crumbs cover your giant belly because you don't have anything else going on in your life.

          • Jen

            dammit! I hate when they delete comments.

    • Tramp F. Artesian

      Her heart was in the right place.

    • truth

      the one on the right has crazy cankles

    • Canda!

      Forget what they are having give them a double then we go back to my place!

    • Lloyd_Xmas

      Why does the one on the right even have bottoms on? Seriously, she may as well be naked as they barely cover her up!!! Take 'em off!

  • bryanfitz

    #6 Happy Hump Day

    • FC888

      Beautiful ass in a great position. Waiting for me to slowly fill her hot pussy with my cock. Mmmmm…

    • Marco

      #6 – A sweet ass hump and a smile! Life is good….

    • Cody

      Am I the only one that sees a face behind her?

      • tralfaz

        Did you take your medication today?

  • FrankieTheWop

    #3 Thank you god.

  • ChestRockwellz

    Titties!!!! I love me some titties!

    With a side if muff!

    • Troy

      #14 be careful what you wish for

    • Big Joe

      #14 you mean like those titties?

  • larry

    #3 #6 #24 #44. Yes please to all of them.

    • zach

      #44 is my girlfriend. i am soo happy she made it on.. i took those pictures 🙂

      • creepin'

        Impressive lady you've got there and kudos to the work she's put in to achieve that body. KCCO, guys and MOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!

      • larry

        Sweet. Does she have a twin I can meet?

        • zach

          haha no just an older sister

          • larry

            Works for me. Instead of flowers and a box of chocolates i'll give her a kcco shirt. Lol

  • blue_bronco

    Kill it with fire!! Now!

    • North

      I was hoping we were done with these posts.

    • Smitty

      The wax statues at Madame Tussauds are more realistic looking than these creepy freaks.

    • techno_viking

      Would they burn, or melt?

      • sasquach

        Pop, like a balloon. Plastic + heat = problem solved.

    • chiver425

      Critical hit, it was super effective

    • bigtommy2k1

      you have to sever the head first. they're like zombies with makeup.

  • El Pato

    #34 FTW

    • Skinny

      Commenting early huh dumb shit? A little contradictory huh?

  • i8paula

    #3 "ah waiter – ill take three of those"

  • I like boobs


    • I'm confused

      First what?

  • dawg13



    • zach

      thats honestly my girlfriend.. not even kidding

      • mattyb

        I remember when my girlfriend made the hump dar, I thought about commenting much the way you have sir. But then I realized that literally NOT ONE of the people who saw the picture and my comment would care (or probably believe) that that was my girlfriend…..

        • zach

          surprising a lot of people are replying to me saying that im lucky and they want moar lol. which is true

          • Just sayin'

            We'd like more zach, you know what to do…

          • Jen

            if she bends all the way over it says KCoCO

    • truth

      i can tell she does anal

    • bentwilly

      I would suck a fart out of that ass and hold it in like a BONGHIT!!!!

      • Champ

        I just imagine you throwing up through your nostrils

  • Carl

    #39 Such a tight ass! I'd love to slide those panties off and taste her.

    • FunKiller

      Wow, let's not get too creepy here, Carl..

    • CaptainInsano

      wow Carl.. go back to your romance novels

      • Kassie

        haha someone's read 50 shades….and I'm not talking about carl. but he is gross.

    • #387

      Fantasy: And Mighty Carl thrust his purple helmeted warrior into her heaving love mound…..
      Reality: Carl just jizzed into a dirty bath towel

      • Daddyjax

        Hahahaha……purple helmet….hahaha

    • Funny talking parrot

      Brock Carl's a creeper.

    • Sparrow

      No one else thinks she looks a little under age? Creepy dude.

      • Erich

        All red heads look younger than they are. My wife will be 28 soon but people still guess her age as being 18.

  • FunKiller

    #9 you lucky sod.

    • Beev

      Quite the fortunate square of grass indeed…

      • FunKiller

        Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well.

    • Kyle429

      Sod? Son of a dick? Lol xD

    • SPZander

      Jessica never fails to impress… nicely done

    • Dan

      well done for resisting the hover hand.

  • http://theChive.com YEMX

    #1 nope, no way, no thank you.

  • architectmosby

    #8 damn girl!!!

  • mike

    there are so many hot ladies on here but 48 wow beautiful eyes

    • Mr. Helpington


    • lawnguyland


  • moses

    Its 2013 and we still get a lot of 2012 pics. I send pics all the time and all we get is old reposted pics. How do you get a pic on theChive? Come on guys

    • FunKiller

      You quit being a little bitch and keep sending in pics, or you stfu and leave……quite simple really.

    • chaps_boomer


    • VedHead77

      Try parting the Red Sea again. If you can get a picture of it, it might make the DMA.

      • Mikey D

        I'm sure a burning bush would make it onto the Redheads gallery.

  • Mike Hunt

    #3 Oh mama mia mama mia mama mia let me poke!

  • Hrdwood

    #9 But I'm betting he wishes it did…

  • JAG

    #50 All day long

    • dirtysanchez

      What is her name, she was in the Carl's jr commercial with SJU

      • dirtysanchez

        Found it Emily Ratajkowski

    • Lucas_Schmidt

      Good Lord, she's amazing.

      • Sonny8

        NSFW – http://vimeo.com/40363349. You're welcome.

        • linkx

          You deserve a prize!!

        • The Removable Foot

          Watched the video… What's up with the creepy pedophile music?

        • Canucks_Rule

          dios mio. u rule!!

        • Iso

          Good god – that is better than most of my dreams!

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      Emily Ratajkowski

    • Brian

      I don't say "Oh My Fucking Gawd" often, but when I do, it's cause of this.

  • FunKiller

    #13 And that's how you behave?…….well done, I like you!!

  • Gmoney

    #8 Nice, thanks for sharing.

  • StarboardEngine

    Ask and ye shall receive! Amen!

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Damn… Where the fuck are the hot CA chivettes?

    • dub

      omg omg omg Marry me. i'm so awe-struck. #15

      • Colorado

        Hippie moves to Colorado in search of spiritual enlightenment and ski pass, starts another forest fire that destroys 10,000 acres.

    • Marco

      #15 #16 – I think I speak for most by saying crown her Chivette of the month…

      • oughtno

        She has blue eyes on the mountain but brown eyes in the pink underwear …. I don't think it's the same girl.

    • Joe

      This is a former chivette of the week

  • FL_Chivette

    #4 is too darn cute!
    #9 she is a darn good cosplayer
    #18 shit…they're breeding….
    #39 darn cute too!

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