• Seth


  • kenny

    I've fallen down one of those once I slid all the way to the bottom of the ramp from the top of the jump

  • Tiber_Septim

    I realize that you are never really that far off the ground but holy crap I would never attempt it

  • damo

    Now I understand how Eddie the eagle felt, that is just nuts

  • gordon

    the last 30 seconds of this is a complete waste of time. come on!

    • Blake

      Two seconds longer and we could have seen the headshot.

    • Kaars

      Until…. SNIPER!

  • Anonymous

    Mmaaaaaannnnnn. How is he going to just walk off like he didn't just do that. I'd be walkin around sayin "did you just see that?! I was up THERE and now I'm right HERE!"

  • MonkeyMadness

    There's no way I could do that now but when I was younger I definitely would have screamed like a bitch all the way down!

  • Chivette11

    How do they not blow out their knees? Is it one of those things where you're forced to retire young because your joints are bombed?
    Still impressive. Scary as all hell but impressive. =]

    • Joe

      They don't land hard at all.

  • maboze1x

    Vikersund, Norway. Jumper: Jurij Tepes, Slovenia.

    These guys have balls of steel!

  • Adam J.

    I don't think I could ever do this. I'm terrified of just jumping off my roof!

  • limerick3411

    Sounds like a damn fighter jet taking off… what a rush, I'd do it

  • Flux

    You should see them on the large jump we have in Slovenia. They "fly" for over 200m.

  • santauz

    please sit down and keep your seat belt…

  • Stinky Dog

    And then he gets assassinated by a sniper… or a cat pounces on his face…

  • HappyJack3

    Come on, my commute to work is more terrifying than that….

  • Blue Steel

    I jumed down my stairs once…

  • IrishInNJ

    Remarkably soft landing when done right though.

  • Static


  • Jashon


  • FL_Chivette

    For an adrenaline junkie, this must be great. You could not pay me enough to do this though… yikes.

  • vtchive

    All those years of hard work and preparation are well rewarded by the adoration of fans, competitors, and a screaming child at the bottom.

  • Canucks_Rule

    balls the size of my head.

  • B. Troll N.

    Ur mom is nauseatingly terrifying.

  • Bud

    How does one "try" this for the first time?

    • Schnizz56

      Drunk probably

    • PnB

      You don't just go off the large hill the first time you ever do it. The world class jumpers start when they are little going off something like a 10 meter hill and they work their way up as they get better. It's supposedly not that hard – it is hard to do it well, but normal people can do it too.

  • amber t.

    I would love to skydive!! Oh the adrenaline rush world be epic!!

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