Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • daryablo


  • Rusty Shackleford

    #30 I feel pretty, oh so pretty

    • Hrdwood

      and not a hare out of place…

    • testudo321

      and vacant!

  • daryablo

    #17 dems some good ab muscles

    • Tex

      people still plank?

    • Inspector Gadget

      I was initially blown away by the abdominal strength they must possess…… then I saw the chairs under their legs 😦

    • Tdog

      Only acceptable planking I have ever seen

    • Bruce

      You do realize that it's their back muscles that extend your torso right? It would be impressive abs if they were one their backs.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #3 #4 Thank you for your service looks like 4 is Keeping calm #31 love that jiggle

  • Scott Fitzgerald


    • http://thechive.com/ PagingDrDickey

      She should watch out for Zelda. Bitch is crazy

    • Justin Cider

      what does it mean?

    • Zane

      Changing my name to Scott Fitzgerald

  • boob_cuddler

    Wow. At what time do these guys get to work? Currently 3 am and I should be asleep.

    • Fellow

      Ever heard of time zones?

    • just so you know

      It's called scheduled publishing

  • UhHuh

    #5 Jesus' face appeared once when I sat down on the seat. It was after Taco Bell. Is that bad??

    • Wizard

      That shall not be Jesus…

    • Jesus Christ

      I remember that. It's fun messing with people like that. You were stoned too right? Maybe that was someone else. I do that all the time to stoners. Showing up in bong hits, Cheetos, inserting lyrics into songs, all kinds of fun stuff.

      • Jen

        Jesus, you so crazy! Were you there when Sweet Brown called upon you during that fire?

        • Jesus Christ

          Nope I didn't have time for that, I was messing with the Pope. He's not really into my brand of humor.

          • Jen

            but she ran, Jesus! And she caught bronchitis!

            • Jesus Christ

              Sorry, but if you drink RC cola you're on my shit list.

              • mittens

                I wish I could give this more than one thumbs-up.

    • Brian

      This is Gandolf The Grey

  • AnItalianChiver

    #29 I'm going to use this pic as a torchlight on my phone..

    • Epitomizer

      Are their satellites other than the space variety?

      • MylesofStyles

        Whose satellites?

        • MissVega84

          Its my dream to go to Vegas…ahh someday

  • benny b


    In other news, Mac has spent his entire 401K on doughnuts.

  • Yuppp

    #8 oh lord! Gooooooood morning. Sweet.

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    #1 – Low-lying leep frog, only fun when a chick's involved.

  • MattKL

    #8 I would lose a game of pool with her every time.

    • Mr. Q

      there is no losing a game of pool with her. even if you lose, you still win

    • Ponderous

      I bet I can sink the 1 ball in the back pocket.

  • Knotty

    #8 hawwwwt daaaammm!!

  • Yeahhh

    #23 Dunkin coming to California very soon, can't wait!

    • randomperson32

      You can't wait for a sub-par donut shop to come to Cali? Local shops with donuts are always better, everyone knows that.

    • CDNchiver

      Tim Hortans 🙂 KCCO

  • paleontinjin ross

    #31 for the love of god bring back things that bounce thursday

    • Larry

      probably one of the best jiggles I've ever sen

    • KyleGamgee

      Scarlett Johansson is the ultimate thing that bounces.

      Was, anyway. Lost some weight, lost some boobs.

  • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

    #31, that just pisses me off because i know that if you watch the whole scene she doesn't let those puppies breath… and Bradley Copper got a giant handful of those amazing FLBP

    • uhm.

      who is she?

      • knoster

        scarlett johansson in "he's just not that into you".

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      that lucky bastard

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    #2 – Luke, I am your father, that won't be there for most of your life…..

    • Stew

      True story…really

    • Jen

      racism is funny because its true.

      • dutch

        yep. insert comment on #16

    • Canucks_Rule


  • Mardi Gras Time!

    Well, I'm off to touch myself. Thanks Chive.

  • CTM

    #26 MOAR!

    • Dave

      Tayrn Southern… you're welcome

    • curly

      Might be Dani from The Block (Australian show), could easily be wrong too.

      • curly

        Dave above me got it, I was in fact wrong.

    • Patrick B

      You may be interested in the youtube song, "Wrong Hole" with DJ Lubel and Scott Baio

  • mammoth

    #25 Your left arm looks significantly bigger… I wonder why…

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    #33 – Get off your lazy ass. Lunch meat, cheese, mustard, mayo, bread…..Stat Bitch.

    • SephirothUK


      What is 'joke'?

      I don't understand


    • Tony

      I see a sandwich to be made here, she lies….

    • Frank

      Fat chicks. If it's not cake or Doritos, it's not food.

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    #15 – It's good to see the ladies giving back. Strippers are incredibly charitable.

  • Dion

    What movie is #31 from?

    • Simplesam

      He's Just Not That Into You i believe

  • Chris

    # 34 !!! Way to go Sari El Kahlil. That guy would love to know he hit the chive.

    • Chris

      *El Kalil

  • kokuryuha

    #35 I know hump day was yesterday… but I'll forgive this one…

    • Epitomizer

      check out the shitter on that critter!

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