The DAR Is Late (49 Photos)

  • SgtLuke

    I'm not even concerned that the DAR was late, what you guys did for SSgt Mark Barrett is remarkable. As a soldier and a huge Chiver, I am very proud that I am a part of this community. Thanks for being awesome, Chive.

    • SgtTom

      I agree 100%. KCCO!

    • Chivette 24

      So true!

    • GrantyAC

      Incredibly well put. Being a Canadian citizen I still extremely appreciate what you guys do, thank you!

    • Bob

      best "first!!!" ever

  • Charlie

    Flip, flip, flipadelphia.

    • Firefighter23

      And the it falls off.

    • martin

      can't stop watchingggg

    • Dan

      I scrolled back to that at least twice, that girl is getting the full college experience.

    • Fonz

      Imagine what she can do with a cock!

      • duh

        wow, i never thought of that. thanks for pointing that out captain extra obvious

    • Bud

      Hey Dad! Look what I just figured out I could do………… "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" -dad

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      Sluts, they're easy to spot.

  • Wordup!

    #35 Like a Boss.

    • Jethro

      My wife took this and I sent it in yesterday. After a million pics sent it, finally!

      • Jen

        he's adorable!

    • bruynes

      Kid drinks shitty beer.

      • Steve

        He's got bad parents, giving him light beer. He's gonna need something a bit stronger.

  • Tom

    #11 Godspeed and KCCO!

  • JGQ


    • Luke0027

      annnnnd you're a douchebag

    • lucid_eye

      not by a long shot asshat

  • otto



    • DDR

      Awesome tits! Begging to be fucked and cummed on. She made my dick so hard.

      • tralfaz

        Thank you for that DDR, now go to your room until you learn to behave.

        • Get over it

          Does nobody else absolutely crack the fuck up every time they read this guy's stuff? It starts off so innocent and then BAM turns into xhamster immediately.

          I mean you have to appreciate his perverted genius, it's better than reading MOAR or TV_Paul comments.

          • Where's Dildo

            Exactly. It escalates quickly into full porn mode. Hilarious.

    • Jaro

      I concur. Great way to end my Thursday.

    • JSJ

      My word exactly!

  • I'm Awesome

    #51 was worth the wait

    • Brando


  • cas

    #22 #51 hell yes!

  • AverageJohnnie


  • gmen

    #13 o shit

    • FarmBoy

      So…uhm..find her?

  • bones

    #51 bingo

  • im-p00ping

    #43 healthy as a calm : D

  • Epitomizer

    John, you know we can't stay mad at you after you helped us help that family out!

  • savagecabbage

    #51 Capital knockers

  • Wantomas

    #2 Die doing what you love!!!

    • bert

      had no idea who this was until i google it couple minutes ago

    • ajr

      One of my favorite xgames winter memories was when his little brother jumped on the back of his sled, and with both of them on he did a backflip while his brother hanging on to him performed a trick also.

      Truly amazing guys, who pushed the limits of human athletes. Colten had an awesome big bro to look up too, and I hope he goes on to win the gold medal for big brother!

    • Jeff Ross- Too Soon?

      The insensitive part of me wants to point out that he died face planting, and that he probably didn't love doing that.

      but I'm going to take the high road as say RIP and I got to watch that on live TV

      • eh hem, excuse me?

        He died having more balls than you will probably ever have in your whole lifetime. Face plant or not.

        A. you're not Jeff Ross.
        B. you cannot take the high road by saying R.I.P. after bashing someone who is dead. no matter how much time has passed.
        C. slap yourself.
        D. reevaluate what it means to KKCO.
        E. slap yourself.

      • NovaCity

        Oh jeeze that made me LOL

        • Poop Stain


          • Just sayin'

            He rode a snowmobile; he was not an athlete.

            • lol sports is fun

              naw man its on ESPN. just like Phil Helmuth is a "truly amazing" poker player. cant forget your classic Kobayashi hot dog eating contests. now thats "pushing the limits of human athletes."

            • ImpressMe

              Spoken like someone who has never ridden a snowmobile….you are an asshat…in your entire miserable, pathetic life you will never be the athlete, awesome person, and amazing friend that he was… hows about you go fuck yourself.

  • Joe

    #13 i like the way you move

  • @ItIsDanTheMan

    #1 #47 You are not Koala-fied to be posting the DAR… haha.. eh.

    • CrossCamel

      #1 That's the Australian TaBearnacle Choir.

  • josh

    KCCO from Australia 🙂

  • whyme1973

    #51 God bless you! What a great ending the the Chive day.

    • Roland

      Yeah…this Niki needs to be found.

  • FunKiller

    #13 Wow, seriously? This is just……wow.

  • Joe

    Ill date you instead Miley #19

    • Philippe Gaston

      dude, sarah jessica parker is married.

  • EZEE

    Late, but forgiven due to #49 and #51

    • Hampsterstand

      Are they the same girl? Well, whether they are or not. FIND. MOAR. PLZ. KTHX.

    • Melons

      Glad you saved #49 from having to be on pg 2!! She is more than worthy of being recognized on pg 1!! I'd like more visuals!

      • zackgonick

        Agreed! My first thought after seeing the top half of the picture was that she had a messy room and needed to clean up. I then scrolled down and was willing to overlook the messy room. Wow. What is the tensile strength of that sports bra?

        • peosh

          Then you realize how filthy her mirror is…

        • what?

          then you realized you were gay…. i didnt even see the room

    • BacardiFiend

      It's like magic….only real

    • Notknowing

      It's squishy motorboatin' time!

  • tralfaz

    Late DAR!!! Oh Chive I can't stay mad at you. #24

    • Fonz

      I want to slide my hand down that sexy stomach and into her pants to slowly slip my fingers into her warm pussy…

      • Courtesy Flush

        And we know why that will never happen.

      • ...

        Go jump a shark Fonzie.

    • Rod Farva

      This works on so many levels; burned bra, FLBP, hip bones, fit girl, chivette….

      • Jack Wagon

        Hey fonz, go die now. Thanks

    • nanard

      Useless Canadian thermometer on the left… Her 2 French thermometers attest of the Canadian winter temperatures

  • SATXChiver

    A late DAR is better than no DAR.

  • Joe

    Omg. All of it!

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