• WannaBeNAVYbutMechE

    Oh, for the want of money to be able to do this..

  • MeE

    Great vid.

  • http://GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQ trippin

    Holy cow. How cool is it to be featured on this site?!

    • ray

      so what kind of work do you do? whatever it is, i want! great video!!!

      • Ride

        Now that's living! Great video! KCCO

      • Chris

        Or lack of work? How does one take a year off if they have real responsibilities?

        • mtbdude

          It's all about prioritizing. If this experience is important to you, then you save. Kind of like the guys at http://www.drivenachodrive.com/ (they are traveling the world in a Volkswagen Vanagon). They talk about their savings plan that has allowed them to take a year off of their responsibilities and travel the world.

  • charming

    this is my absolute dream to do this

  • Wet_tosti

    I didn't talk with my girlfriend for a year. I didn't want to interrupt her!

  • yermon

    Rich ass asian kids – fck u for showing off, we know ur parents been washing dishes n giving u their life saving for ur frigging 300+ days trip just so u can post a vid n be famous. Everyone know u DID NOT earn that money for the trip.

    • ednaz

      They definitely earned it all, if you read their site. Took them two years(!) of sacrificing and saving to make it happen — and their parents actually thought they were crazy for doing it.

      • obvious

        yes, but if they were white, they'd be abducted already…

    • Aidey

      maybe you should put some money away and see how easy it is to do this!!! me and my wife used to do this every six months until we had our baby! and even that isnt stopping us we are just saving slower and waiting for baby to be a bit older! get out of your house theres a big world waiting!

    • Keenan

      It really pisses me off that a person as hateful as you is a chiver.

      • catmoustache

        That person is no Chiver.

  • Shayne808

    Wow they only spend 45k for both of them to do a years worth of travel. If you look at there site that's what it says. Some people spend their money on hobbies such as cars i guess they blow it on a years worth of memories.

    • David

      Or a years worth of travel and a LIFETIME of memories.

  • maboze1x

    She's cute! 😉

  • Toxo

    Not around the world….. FAKE

  • Mojomatrix

    Well it's good to see the trust fund kicking in.

  • Beentheretoo

    People should stop hating them. A lot of those countries can be cheap to live and get around in and if you did your research you will see that you don't need a trust fund to do those places. Get off your arse and do something other than hate because those type of comments just make you look like a sore loser!

  • Sexual

    Yermon….—> a poor kid who wasn't loved enough or didn't respect his parents or anyone on that level to appreciate receiving things as a gift or earning money to make a years worth of memories with a loved one.. Summed up with jealousy..hey only you can make it happen

  • Dhoji

    Man that's looks incredible, congrats on the years worth of epicness… and you know haters gonna hate.

  • Bob Épine

    I wish I had the balls to save and travel like they did, instead of whining like a broke chump.

    Psh, I'm pathetic.

  • Hailey

    Great video.. super jealous!
    But no proposal at the end? Eh?! 😉

    • Hailey

      I retract my last statement,
      visited your site and saw you were newly engaged.
      Congrats you guys!

      • http://GQtrippin.com Gerard ~ GQ trippin

        Yup! Ended it with a bang. 🙂

  • Magi More

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  • Canucks_Rule

    she's hot.

  • suhu_den

    This is awesome. The quotes give deeper meaning to the video. The pictures are amazing. Please don't break your relationship lol

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