Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • TheYesMan25

    #1 DERP!

  • http://twitter.com/RadioSparxxx @RadioSparxxx

    midgets RULE!!!

  • TheYesMan25

    #50 what a lovely finish ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bigyawns

      thats what your mum said

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Just glorious…

    • fob

      ugh, id love to spooge all over her pretty face. UGGGHHHH YEEEAA!!!

    • Feeder

      I'd bone that!!

    • Slam

      Lovely finish? I hope she's not finished! MOAR!!!

      • TheYesMan25

        Lovely finish as in last picture of this post duh. Obviously no one wants this to be her last.

        • duh

          Thank you so much for explaining that, I'm sure no one would've figured that out without your infinite wisdom

          • TheYesMan25

            Slam needed the further explanation.

    • ChristHump

      I just finished.

    • Gabriel

      But still, we want more!!

    • Charles III


  • AM Alycia Dominion

    DAR is early! Yay!

    • Plzzz

      Show us your tits!

      • AM Alycia Dominion

        I've already made two galleries ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 509 chiver

      Alycia your beautiful!!

    • Gandolf the DAR

      The DAR is never late nor early, it arrives precisely when it means to.

    • craigallen

      You'd make me come early too.

  • Dan

    #17 This is why I love living in Chicago



      • JimmyP06

        Must be a redwings fan. Side note: blackhawks girl, will you marry a fellow Blackhawks fan?

      • Wesley

        Dear sir,
        I understand you are upset at your team not being #1 in the nation right now; I assume you are a fan of the Capitols who are at a record setting high of 2-7-1.

        Chicago Sports fan from Utah

        And my god this picture is fantastic, loving the Patrick Kane jersey.

        • Wesley

          and the website decides to put that in my comment, just why

          • Nice boobs

            Cause you put a #1 which refers to that pic in the DAR, see below.. I'm going to add #44, just cause boobs.

      • Kevin

        You spelled Black Cocks wrong.

    • Jimmy

      Me too!

    • techno_viking

      She's so hot I'd let her eat a Nature Valley granola bar in my bed.

      • m.c.

        I can't thumb up on the mobile site so I'll just tell you I think that comment deserves a thumb up. Well done.

    • Notknowing

      Yup, she's hot…still hate the Blackhawks, though.

    • Teddy Roxspin

      She wins! My god can she be COTW yet? I want to see a whole gallery of greatness!

    • Uuhhhh huh!!!

      Would be a lot better in a 11 time Stanley cup champion red wing jerrz …. Still rockin ass bahd tho nice work chivvette nice work

    • ewdeziel

      As a Chicagoan and die hard Blackhawks fan, I have to request: FIND HER!!!

      • Bhodi

        I second the motion

    • Fuck obama

      You mean you don't like having the strictest gun laws and having the most gun related murders in america. Weird.

    • BigSchem

      I'm a Wings fan and I'd still like to hang out with her. We could play strip hockey ๐Ÿ˜‰ One goal = one article of clothing

  • Mikey

    #2 Literally story of my life

    • Carl

      Also my wife's

    • HOORAY


    • ChristophersonofGray


  • Cholley2

    Me likey the early DAR!!

  • Ste7e

    #9 for the win

    • Mike

      Leah xoxo
      Google her, you won't be disappointed

    • Fortybras

      Image search "xoxo leah" she has a lot more.

    • Leah xoxo

      Leah xoxo

    • rooster

      You guys are wizards……..

    • RocksOff

      Total smoke show. Fantastic natural body, complete and utter butter-face.

  • Wittry

    With those trimming skills, that guy could make anything out of his bush.

    • Holy Shamoly

      Hey Peter, does this look like a "Q" to you?

      How about now?

    • yoyo

      there's a dick hidden in there somewhere I know it

  • TheYesMan25

    #29 don't act like you don't like that!

    • GRyde

      Acceptable duckface I believe.

    • Samuel

      Candice Bailey motorboating SJU is one of the things I really miss from Attack Of The Show…

      • True Story

        I miss that show already, nothing else like it. Hopefully we'll see those two doing something else just as awesome.

    • bones

      R.I.P. Attack of the Show

    • Infernos33

      RIP AOTS

  • Awesome

    #50 made early DAR even better

  • Ryan


    • TheYesMan25

      lol not even close….maybe next time

    • A different Ryan

      Dude, change your name loser

  • Nick

    #45 Amusing. lol

    • Moragami

      I'm pretty sure that dog is dead. Not cool.

      • Nick

        If he is, he died laughing.

    • Guest

      Not really, although the face is somewhat funny. The people who let that happen are idiots. Anyone who has kids or dogs knows better than to leave the keys inside, even for a small amount of time.

  • Classy

    I could say it. But I've got class…

    • Classy

      I am retarded.

      • Really?

        Another product of the American public school system, eh?

    • ChristophersonofGray

      Stay Classy

  • Adam

    #17 #34 and #50. Yes please. Thank you for making my day complete.

    • Jack Wagon

      Thank you #34 for being a first time chivette, please please please don't let this be your last! You are beautiful and have a glorious set of tits! Let's see dat ass too!

  • txchiver

    #9 #17 #34 Beauty at its finest!!

  • http://twitter.com/Richteriano @Richteriano

    #17 MOAR

    • For real

      Easily the hottest chivette, ever.

  • bob_the_cook

    #29- I love you SJU, #50- I love you too gorgeous brunette

    • majorfathead

      I actually like her counterpart (Candace Bailey) better, Attack of the Show FTW

      • I don't know

        Too bad sju will continue to be hot and famous after aots while Candice bailey will fade into obscurity. Aots sucked after kevin left anyway.

        • Jason

          It sucked after Olivia left.

  • DDD

    #47 self high five, like a boss

  • Adam

    #25 hombre viejo sabe a KCCO

    • Firefighter23

      Translate Spanish man! Translate!

      • anditisLiz

        Old man knows to KCCO ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Liz's Ex

          Yo I dated a Liz but she was a bitch and had blonde hair? Did you used to be a bitch and have blonde hair? Because maybe you're the same Liz.

          • anditisLiz

            Lol no sorry, I've never had blonde hair and I'm actually really nice. Sorry the bitch Liz ruined things for the nice Liz's haha

        • Nishtai

          Not really… Literal translation: 'Old man tastes like KCCO'
          It should be 'El viejo sabe cómo MCSC'
          And that's Argentina for you right there

        • Firefighter23

          Thank you Liz.

    • Welcome to america


      • A BiPolar Guy

        Did you know the web is world wide? Shocking, but true.

    • http://twitter.com/javier_algarra @javier_algarra

      OK that was 6 blocks away from my house.

  • Liam

    #34 Hopefully not the last … have I told you I'm single ???

    • WalterSobchak_

      First of many, right?

    • mrbiggs

      send us more!

    • HoustonChiver

      Your rack is Amazing!

    • Idiot

      Wearing heart shaped jewelry, dude. She's taken.

    • Kansas

      Actually that heart says "Big Sister" and I got it as a gift from my baby sister when I graduated boot camp. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Idiot

        Then I lived up to my username. Do you date strangers from the Internet? Im super hot and cool, pinky promise. And I'll buy you heart shaped jewelry.

    • bones

      MOAR #34 definitely the best part of today's DAR

    • Zane

      Thanks for your first and hope to see you next burns day.

    • Colorado

      Hey Kansas, is Colorado too far for you?

  • BruceBruce

    #46. The one with the dark hair. yes.

    • thom

      Is that a mother-daughter thing? The blond looks 13.

    • Beard_of_Zeus

      They both look to be about 13. BruceBruce is going to end up in SingSing…

  • Ryan

    #24 " Well there's your problem"

    • entryENGR

      Honestly, that's my job (or close enough). Basically get called over, look "yup, that's pretty fucked up" make notes, pass notes on, ?????, Profit.

    • clay

      "That'll buff out."

  • TheBAMFinater

    #14 High Five for Boobies

    • FatJasonSegal

      I thought only Fat dudes and rednecks wore there t shirts in the water

      • Gloryhound421

        Well, Jonah Hill is fat. Logic should dictate Tanning Chatum is a redneck.

        • anon

          Leo DiCaprio, twat waffle

          • Billy

            Thanks for paying attention.

          • Chico

            hahaha twat waffle…well done sir

            • mikeymike75

              This entire conversation is borderline amazing.

              • Amiright

                Apple pie B)

                • tralfaz

                  titty sprinkles

          • Benzo

            TWAT WAFFLE…..OMG I fucking laughed harder at that then any of the posts on chive today!!! Thank you !

    • ilm

      Is this real? In what situation are DiCaprio and Jonah Hill checking out boobs in the ocean? During Django Unchained filming maybe?

  • http://jasonreiss.wordpress.com jasonreiss

    #34, thanks for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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