Spotting a hipster is like spotting a blue sky (33 Photos)

In a nutshell, you can’t miss it or confuse it for anything else.

  • echogeo

    They got stones going out in public like that. I'll give them that much.

    • DDD

      Being a douce does not equal having cahones

      • DDD


        • Not So Cunning Lips

          "Deuce" could work here, too.

  • Mike

    If any of these didn't come out of Oregon or Washington I will be a monkey's uncle

    • Guest

      The very first one is in Corvallis, Oregon near the Oregon State University campus. Used to walk by here everyday on my way to class

      • geekengineer

        Whoa whoa whoa… I'm a Beaver, too. Where exactly was this? Gimme the intersection so I can google the shit out of it 🙂

    • Jokes_Explained

      I'm willing to bet > 50% are from Brooklyn.

    • geo

      Technically you are the cousin of a monkey.

    • 123notme

      I'm willing to bet 100% of them are gay. You know what I would offer very good odds aswell.

    • Nuclear Guru

      I live in Portland. I am pretty sure your right. and I am not proud of it.

  • Jim

    Lame post

    • bigyawns

      shutup hipster

    • godiehipsters

      I really hate the hipster's so very stupid. These people are usually elitist pretentious assholes who smell ungodly awful.

  • bignewf

    I puked in my mouth multiple times while looking at this.

    • tyler

      Can we stop calling them hipsters and go back to calling them pussies

  • crustybubblechunks

    I feel like I need to punch something now

  • Shar11

    some hipster look is a bit weird…. but hey its good to express your self, I guess…

    • bignewf

      Yeah im going to express my individuality by looking like every other hipster freak lol

      • Balls

        Stick to having nice tits hunny. Defending hipsters is not your forte.

  • UB6ILB9

    You're all doing a wonderful job.

  • sfb101

    MOM!?! #30

    • Telephone Man

      Get that kilt off, you clown. If you can't wear it right, don't wear it!
      –A real Scot


    I would actually ride #9 and #20 because they look fun. Wheeeeee!

    • MatineeKeyster

      I think I've been to that Starbucks if its in downtown Portland (Oregon, obviously)

  • Lyle

    Hipster Holocaust!

    • Where's Dildo

      #18 Adolf Hipster

      • Lyle


  • CD3

    i hate every one of them

    • le' bla!

      hipsters hated you first

  • squints

    Numero Uno!!!
    (dios soy un douch) 😦

  • GOOG

    lookatthisfuckinghipster tumblr run, don't walk

  • MarK

    #17 very gay version of Forrest Gump.

    • Ben

      his gay cousin, Forrest Hump

      • HipsterPoetNoseItch

        Faux Wrist Chump.

  • Hunter

    I scrolled through this and laughed at them, then realized I was listening to Mumford and Sons….

  • *dash*

    #13 #22 so true

  • alucard

    assholes, everyone of them.

  • Ole

    So. Much. Douche.

  • kjg

    #25 Avett Brothers?

    • NDStars

      Those are the biggest feet I've ever seen!!

    • Fish

      What the fuck is wrong with that guy's foot?Looks like it was run over by a truck.
      And if it was, I'm sure he deserved it.
      Hipster Doysh.

      • Well, no

        Hipster Hobbit….Hobbster???

      • anon

        look like diving flippers

    • Dude 2

      Those guys are Amish. Not hip

  • Yup I went there

    Idk chive #12 was pretty cool.

    • TomatoTipper

      No, absolutely not.

    • ps86

      kill yourself

    • I hate douches

      If by cool you mean incredibly gay and someone should take it and beat him with it, then yeah, it is pretty cool.

  • tv_paul

    #17 Hey where did this guy get my Easter Sunday suit from when I was 3 years old?

    • Ryan

      Your mother.

      • tv_paul

        So he broke into a cemetery and pulled it out of my mom & dads ashes? He can keep it.

  • macandcheese

    Albums like this make me happy I live in a small northern hillbilly town… Sweet jesus, It's the pussification of he world.

    • Kids These Days

      And coming soon to a small town near you…
      The virus could be there already, if you have a coffee shop.

  • KailuaChiver

    #25 The Amish can't use buttons, belts. . .or computers. Wait it's a trap, they aren't Amish!

  • SpotJohnny


  • tv_paul

    #19 I'd still take a dip in her.

    • Anonymous

      "her"…. I have some bad news for you

      • A.M.

        Dude, look more closely. There is definite cleavage. Unless this person is genderqueer or something, they qualify as a her.

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