Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

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  • Abchiver

    #32 Chive on, little man!

  • Anomanom

    #25 It's going up your ass.

  • Falthor

    #17, and Lea Thompson is not half bad either… definite Cougar/Milf.

  • andrew2172

    #32 We wish the best for you…..Stay strong and KCCO

  • The Chive is Racist

    How is #18 not racist?

  • zgl

    #18 – how bout "im so racist" instead. pandas are endemic to china. the chinese language does have and pronounce the "L". it is the japanese language that doesnt have the "L". japan also does not have pandas naturally. but the racist white ppl think that all asians are the same and that none of them can pronounce the "L."

  • Canucks_Rule

    #23 – and fb has ruined my memory of bdays.

  • Sue

    #34 is that a real place?? Good lord I'd love that view!!!

  • Irish-Man

    #32. Wow I can't say how sorry I am. Hope Gabe pulls through. You all KCCO and good thing will happen.

  • Michelle

    Where is #34?!! I want to go to there.

  • jim

    When my kids are sick the last thing I would be doing would be taking a picture with them and posting it on the internet. Especially wearing your shirt. Pretty tacky if you ask me. Just saying. Get better though kid

  • anmy

    where is #31 located at my inner child says i need to visit it lol

  • Brandon

    #32 my heart and prayers go out to you young chiver

  • melmackian

    Chive on 32, Chive on.

  • MUpde

    #4 Smoking kills! It's bad for you, you stupid bitch!

  • Jrod

    #32 prayers for you lil guy! Fight the good fight!

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