• open minded

    Fucking amazing…awesome way to start Monday.

  • harborcity13

    Homeboy's bringing back the "Kid n' Play" 🙂

  • Canucks_Rule

    it's a stat (civic) holiday up here in vancouver, canada. this is EXACTLY how i feel!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    easily my fav one just b/c the dude on the trike NAILS IT.

  • Joseph

    Should have known! Lol

  • mitchmoore12

    does anybody know the name of this song??

  • kmu0913

    still not sure why West Point hasn't got some love from the chive!

  • Matt Rundle

    haha I know one of the girls in this squad she sent me this link after they made it.

  • Brian

    this is literally my brain activity in a nutshell. thank you chive, i finally feel understood.

  • SkidaPark

    I'll take one of those Norway KCCO's…. make it so! 🙂

  • two_thumbs

    lol the flag guy totally fell out of the window

  • @Sedfra

    Cold cold cold…………..and a little crazy!

  • @LouElHumano

    Harlem Shake will be the new Gangam style

  • maky

    freakin' hilarious! the guy that fell out the window is the funniest

  • melissa

    What…what just happened?

  • Fyrdraca

    The former vikings. This is like watching a badass grow up to be a lame dad in a Hawaiian shirt.

  • Uglymofo

    Stopped as soon as I heard the song… Holy hell this got old REAL quick.

  • Shawn Soder

    need to check out this one. less popy and more rock

  • paul

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