Boy, that escalated quickly (63 Photos)

  • Dan The Man

    MOAR!!!! Of the redhead in pic 9.

    • Janus

      you made me scroll all the way to the top for that?!

      • Excellcior

        Hahaha!! You scrolled all the way up for that!!

        • DannoTheManno88

          #9 Please let me help you. It's ok…Mondays are like that.

  • teslawasrobbed

    #5 Forbidden love…

    • Yep

      #44 forbidden love…

  • Chavezey18

    Your mom is going to be out late.

  • Rusty Shackleford


    • MScottD

      Pretty sure I know where this is, I'll send it to hell. KCCO?

      • Nicole

        This is in Appleton, right?? I don't remember the clown, they must be renovating…

        • MScottD

          Indeed it is… Unless there are more. I see it in the mornings when I go to work out. It's even worse in the dark.

    • Sore foot

      I, for one, welcome our new Christian slug clowns of death overlords.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #37 a very lucky young woman

    • FarmBoy

      Unless she was using a self-timer, the camera man is a douche for not warning her. Also, who doesn't hear an oncoming train?

      • Jen

        and maybe she shouldnt be posing on a fucking train track.

      • LloydXmas

        Yeah . . I call BS

    • herp de derp

      a very stupid young woman

    • don piano

      Oh rong Johnson!

      • Yuppp


    • Reality

      Why is the last picture of someone donating blood? Did she decide to do that afterward? I call bullshit.

      • truth

        I would give you two thumbs up if I could. This story is total B.S.

    • Telephone Man

      Just another Darwin Award Honorable Mention.

    • KD Mack

      Yeah, I call bullshit on this one too.

    • Dale

      Sneaky train is sneaky

    • Big Al

      Yeah, and what's wrong with her eyes?

  • RealZoo

    #5 "So you do lift. Now put me down, bro!"

  • David_Lyons

    #37 Shouldn't laugh really, but that is comical.

    • janco

      who the hell took those pictures?

    • Fatwood

      2nd picture train is not moving. Third picture she is giving blood. Try again.

  • htym

    you really don't understand the meaning of "escaleted quickly" …

    • UhHuh

      So you're gonna be 'that guy' huh? There's always one.

  • Tim

    Say cheese….

    • Yuppp

      This makes me miss the Duck Hunt game. I feel old..

  • napo

    # 32 Giovanni Ribisi for his upcoming role in Battlefield Earth 2

    • Turf

      That dude does have Ribisi's creepy eyes

  • Scott

    Don't know what it's hunting, but whatever it is had better start running!

    • Alex_5280

      Am I the only one who is a little unnerved by these? It's just how they move…..and now they are armed….

      • mittens

        No, they are terrifying, which I suppose would make them that much more effective.

      • thedude325

        Yea it's a bit fucked up. Like a drone on land that cannot fall down.

  • el niño

    #30 #33 gotta get me one of those… King size suckas!

    • HickoryHeel01

      30's gonna need some longer arms. Or matches.

    • socalmarti


  • katastrophe89

    #50 yeah that's a whole lotta nope.

    • Novalee531


    • Meander

      WTF nope

    • Long Duk Dong

      Yeah. I could actually feel my nuts rise up into my body.

    • Alex

      It's a delicacy in Japan, the squid / octopus is already dead but the hot sauce jolts its tentacles enough for it to flail around like that. Then they eat it.

      • Shira


      • kill it first

        No, it is alive. I hunt some of my food and love eating sushi, but this is just cruel.

    • Canada!

      I'll have the beef.
      Cooked please!

  • Jose_Ariel

    #31 Now that I added Adblock Plus, I am missing the majesty of these hilarious ads.
    #59 With emojis and the cat-worshiping, the ancient Egyptians would just LOVE the internet.

  • billyboy

    #10 I can't stop laughing

  • Schnizz56

    #22 anybody know the number to a good orthodontist?

    • Jester

      OM NOM NOM

  • Loki

    #30 "hay, anyone got a longer lighter?"

  • whyme1973

    #42 Hahahahaha
    #61 Hot body….DIE DUCK FACE! DIE!!!

  • Anonymous

    #39 dude probably still spent 20k on that rock and her sausages just make it pointless.

    • urajeerk

      20k?!??? lmao maybe 700. tops.

    • tim

      Poor guy

    • HUH?

      i think she got stung by a bee or something to make her hand swell up.

    • JAFitC

      Apparently an engagement ring really does limit a girl's circulation.

  • Chico Fernandez

    #51 This is how mexicans are made. White girls stop fucking mexicans. You're only going to end up working at taco bell at 3 am in the moring with 5 kids, 40 years and lung cancer will be your only exit in 4 years from this terrible terrible mistake you made as a child.

    • Chico NotFernandez

      And you're an idiot.

    • Ghettoblaster

      I take it someone has never seen "sexy sax man" on youtube

    • hmmm

      gah taco bell sounds soo good right now. And are you telling us your life story chico? we are not your therapist.

    • electric boogalo

      True story for my niece.

  • @PeruvianWhite

    #5 thats what I'm talking about!

    • @PeruvianWhite

      oh nooo I meant #4

      • Stick

        Shhh, broski. We'll keep your secret

  • haaaabaglash

    #51 Kids, this is how I met your mother…

    • Deke

      Ted is the biggest pussy whipped whiny existence of a man

  • OneClownShoe

    Seriously, how do you not see a train coming?

    • Fatwood

      Interesting how she is blurred in the picture–yet the train is not.
      And that they take her blood after she is injured…

    • ISNBH

      Probably trying to stand right next to it. And she probably was clear of the train… by an inch or two… at first.

      Large moving objects tend to suck things towards them as they move by. Bernoulli. Pulled her right into the side of the train.

      The Titanic pulled a ship called the New York off its moorings on its way out of Southampton harbour. That delayed its leaving for hours as they argued over insurance. If it wasn't for that, they might have missed that iceberg.

  • David

    #29 is smoking hot! And it's also the funniest thing I've seen for months lmao I love goofy girls

    • OhMy !

      I wonder if that's her O face !!

  • hara

    Get that Innsmouth look fast!

    • Craig

      H.P. Lovecraft reference for the win! You sir, kick ass.

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