It’s called fashion, you might of heard of it (51 Photos)

“Fashion” is a word these people use loosely.

  • blue_bronco

    Law should be passed that yoga pants can't be made past size 0

    • chiver

      girl on the right is not a 0 but still looks good. I'd say until size 6.

    • Julio Fungoolio

      Size zero may be extreme but rhino should not be made either.

    • LuvsHorror

      People would still try to squeeze into them.

    • Prettyswellguy

      I know lots of girls that would rock them better then a size 0 who are not even close.

      then I know some Sz 0 girls who I'd rather see them put clothes on then take them off….all bone is not cool

      • blue_bronco

        Good point. Maybe some sort of yoga pant inspector.

  • chiver

    Lord, take me now

  • Brother Maynard

    Top to bottom, this is just vile.

    • BloodyTrauma

      indeed sir, I wish I could unsee this entire post

  • Derpin

    Vomited, more than just a little.

    • No you didn't

      I really find it hard to believe that you vomited.

  • dumpster

    enjoy a nice steaming pile…like this post

  • tbjacobs

    #31 Backtits?

    • chiver

      those are a delicacy where I come from

      • UhHuh

        The Congo?

    • Pretty Smile

      FLBP IRL

    • ric

      Someone should tell her, her heads on backwards

    • Loki

      Boobies in your face during reverse cowgirl. Ha.

  • Sde3

    Does she do this alot? #38 #39

  • MacTheWrite


    One of these things is not like the others, one of these things is not the same….

  • revdannyb

    #49 kinda reminds me of joe dirt's meteorite

  • Pat_Bateman1

    I am very confused

  • MKM

    fffffuuuuucccckkk!!! Yuck!

  • Hrdwood

    One word: Kung Fu Monkey Kicks right to the nutsack. #28 #29

  • Guest

    #50 Yum

    • Shawn

      ya, I'm pretty OK with this one.

  • HickoryHeel01

    There are some things you just can't un-see.

  • JPPO

    #50 that one can be approved; nice tush girl…

    • maaan baby

      Here in the Thailand we call them trannies… yes, you just “liked” a dude’s arse…!

      • Guest

        Hey, a sweet ass is a sweet ass…

  • the390


    • Mike


  • Wittry

    Wtf. . . To all of them.

  • Sal Paradise

    What sort of might is this 'heard of it'? It sounds like a very strange super-power. Certainly stranger than the power to abbreviate 'Might have' by shortening it to 'Might've'.

    • Jimmy D

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I was just going to post the same thing. I HATE when people use OF instead of 'VE.

      • Alan

        Bob needs a remedial English class before he posts any more photos.

  • pedant

    might HAVE

    • @therealtoot

      Thank you

    • Anon.

      Thank you #2. Stop making us look dumb Chive.

  • nick

    I blame the Japs. Everybody is just trying to one up them

  • cadet25

    Might have* Yeesh.

  • Thomas138

    #6 When fabric is stretched that thin its not fashion, it's public nudity…

  • Amber

    Yeah, I'm not really sure what they're tryin' to prove either lol

  • AnItalianChiver

    I'm pretty sure we all said fuck no! 51 times

  • Tyellock


    I do not see a problem, I like to see humpday everyday and all day

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