• Beth Bigtitties

    Can anyone say "OUCH"???? Why guys do that stuff, I'll never understand…

    • blue_bronco

      It's a guy thing

    • Please!

      Show us your titties Beth.

      • Zane

        Tits or GTFO

  • Turbo

    That was pretty funny

  • blue_bronco

    Still makes me laugh.

  • Kyle

    It's pretty clear that the Armed Forces need to contract Knoxville… His aim is unreal.

  • kenny

    Even though I know the pain of getting hit in the nuts, I still laugh my ass off anytime I see it happen to anyone.

    • Tim

      Well otherwise what's the point?

  • ChiTownChiver

    Yeah, I'd take a few nut shots for a Lamborghini and a shitty movie career.

    • Ben Bizzle

      And yet you're just another useless bitch complaining on the internet.

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Relax Ben it ain't that kind of party, everyone would take a shot in the nuts for a lambo and "shitty" movie career.

        • old school

          the guy is alongside Arnold in his new movie. Arnold. the second greatest and best human being to walk earth subsequent only to Jesus Christ. no hyperbole. Arnold is awesome. to call that a shitty career is not only foolish, but flat-out blasphemy. public flogging for whoever says otherwise.

          • Julio_Fungoolio

            Geez yet another misguided fellow, it was in quotations for a reason any movie career is awesome man. So relax go back to watching "pumping iron" and let grown-ups talk.

  • thatJuanGuy

    Good. They're probably now incapable of reproducing.

  • mattythegooch

    homo-erotisism at it's finest.

    • Lunch_Box

      If that's what you want to read into it, then you enjoy your homo-eroticism all you want. No judging here.

    • Lugh

      You misspelled homoeroticism you idiot. Don't use words you don't understand.

      I am curious to see how hitting other men in the balls with basketballs from across the room is homoerotic since the video did not engage in the sexualized (and often feminized) portrayal of the male subject. You should brush up on your Foucault.

  • Holden McGroin

    That's nucking futs.

  • Dingbat

    Inside every man, is a little Johnny Knoxville trying to get out

    • Regal Eagle

      ^ Jackass intern

    • reaperMEDIC

      Has a little Johnny Knoxville been inside you?

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    Yeah it's all shits and giggles, til' someone giggles and shits.

  • DannoTheManno88


  • Hrdwood

    Still a better love story than Twilight… sorry, but I had to say it.

  • SUPer4Life

    Will it be a surprise in a few years when some of them get testicular cancer??

    • Doctor

      Yes it would be very surprising

  • whodat

    Impressive creativity and accuracy no doubt. Do they wear cups or do you really build up a resistance? I've only been hit like that a couple times and I could never stand there watching that ball headed for me.

    • Janus

      well in jackass they didn't usually wear cups, so probably not. I don't know for all of them though.

  • Zak

    I needed a good laugh.

  • CallMeMaybe

    R.I.P. Ryan Dunn…

  • TeeJay

    Knoxville actually has to use a catheter to pee, as his urethra was crushed by years of nut shots. Thank Johnny, for your great sacrifice. An American hero.

    • @cougar78

      Thought he only had to have that for 2 years. At least last time he was on Howard Stern, he said that wasn't for life. Just a few years to fix his issues.

  • David

    The funniest ones were the ones that hit him in the chest or leg. The one that hit the post below his knees and bounced up, hitting him in the chest was funny also. Completely missed his nuts.

    Funny because he still rolled up in a ball "in pain". Meh, whatever.

    • Chaz

      Glad someone was paying attention to the details, besides me of course

  • @LosSaysSwag

    God I miss these guys.

  • Someone

    So does this make them more manly…or more feminine

  • ourhero

    How is jackass not still a thing?

  • 11 th

    One of the greatest scenes eva.

  • Canucks_Rule

    completely mindless humour…. and i love it!! jackass boys pull it off again. is this from the new jackass movie or something?

  • Roscoe Ellis

    This is art and if you don't think so fuck you!

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