Hows About No (27 Photos)

  • Jay


    Fuck that!

    • Julio_Fungoolio

      close the top and run straight for the garbage disposal

    • Décio Soares Fernandes

      Remember Toy Story's Woody saying? Yup that's pretty much it

  • smileatme

    Shrinkage coming on sppn!

    • Drtychez

      or post workout shit and an accidental scrote stick to the bowl. Or a hot turd burning a hole in the bottom. think about it.

  • smileatme

    *soon, even….

  • Huell

    #8 Courtney Love's snatch? I thought this was a PG-13 site.

    • Jawbone

      How topical and timely.

  • tralfaz

    #19 Nothing ever bad happens when alcohol is involved.

    • savagecabbage

      **Nothing bad ever happens when alcohol is involved.

    • Anon

      I see no reason he couldn't lean over the edge instead of sitting on the edge like a dumbass to take that picture.

    • Fozz

      Is that Newcastle England?

      • Seemeegs

        Thats Sydney, Australia – the Habour Bridge is in the background…

  • SEA253

    #1 #7 #17 #19 #22 Always remember, Safety first !!

  • George

    #24 yeah, till that Rhino shoves his horn up your ass.

    • Stretch

      Looks like you were pretty close!

      • mikeymike75

        Penetrated her chest from behind seconds later?!! Yeah, nope.

    • Julio_Fungoolio

      come one man we have all used the "just the tip" line
      get my point ah ah ah

      • George

        waaahahaha just the tip to see how it feels.

  • smileatme

    I'd throw in the towel….

    • _DoC_

      You cant kill yourself, but you can gouge your own eyes out.

      • Obvy_Troll_Is_Obvy

        You can't kill yourself, but couldn't you just kill one of them? Probably the one that made you eat your vegetables and what not.

        Fact of the matter is, everyone is suffering with this scenario so somebody could just take one for the team.

    • JESSE

      how long is "the rest of my life?"

    • Tornpantz

      parents are dead, this would be entertaining. for curiosities sake.

    • NikkeD

      I would choose to move to a different city where my parents won't have the location knowledge

  • Huell

    #18 Join once with the gun ready to shoot at any second. Eyes closed. No insertion.

  • Jcore3

    #4 and you would still let it run…shut off your monitor and check every hour to see if it sped up.

    • Undo75

      What about using something like Premiere Pro instead of a 32bit 5years old program like final Cut?

  • Marko

    #24 female was actually attacked few seconds later…

  • Sm1thy37
  • Ettienne

    #24 Dumb@sses. The chic was mauled by the Rhino shortly after the photo was taken. South Africa. The ranger insisted they get closer the Rhino's are "tame". Yes, we've got so many tame Rhino's walking around in the wild no one said ever! Happened about a month ago.

  • Steph

    #8 There's a snake in my boot!

  • Hanx


    Probably smart glass. Don't forget to take the remote in with you though.

    • TheBAMFinater

      I hope so, don't want my wife watching me masterbate.

  • Kristi Dawn

    a whole lotta hell no

  • @morosz3

    I can spare 30 seconds a day to watch the old couple go at it

  • jasonB

    Always have your beer in hand when your friends life is in your other.

    • Craigery

      Bros before hos, but beers before bros, I guess.

    • JP13

      It isn't the other hand of the guy with beer holding him up. There is someone else

  • Craigery

    #10 made me chuckle.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #9 He was just a big ol' pussy cat once you pulled the splinter out of his paw.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – ya, i gonna say no!!

  • Ponderous

    #24, I can easily imagine that horn getting shoved up the dudes ass a few seconds later.

    • Holmespump

      Actually, into the woman's lung.

  • Forsak3n90

    #12 just looks potentially painful

  • MissChris

    #10 For some reason this really made me laugh! (oh who am I kidding, marijuana is the reason)

    • Jawbone

      God, you're so fucking edgy and rebellious! Thanks for telling us!

  • JustTrollin

    #18 Depends — is my mom hot?

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