Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food (21 Photos)


  • Drchiver

    Humans can be such idiots sometimes :/

  • Hipster

    All Hipsters are pussies anyway! Its funny now that everyone is a "foodie".

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – easiest way to spot a douche(tte). at least she's cute.

  • Aaron

    Look at this Instragram! Pancakes and side of ham. This Nickelback territory. Even worse!

  • Chris

    Mac's becoming like Bob with lame posts.
    If you didn't have anything to post than this, you were better off not posting anything.

  • Everybody

    It's time to fire mac

  • chivette

    I went to the MET once and it was seriously loaded with hipsters taking pictures of the art instead of actually looking at it and appreciating it. What is the point of going to a museum if you're just going to take pictures of it??? Just google it, it'll be the same!

  • olgreybush

    #1-20 kill them all hipsters are faggots

  • McBeastie666

    Doesn't this website have food posts almost every week?

  • @martellog

    Those god damn hipsters! Good thing there're never pictures/posts about delicious looking food on the chive,..
    wait…what? nevemind…damn the devil to hell with those hipsters and their food photos!

  • adrian

    you guys call them hipsters i call them scenesters. annoying as fuck

  • clenis

    What about the twat that is taking a picture of the hipster taking a picture of his food. Btw, this post sucks.

  • waltgator

    these are not hipsters, they are douchebaguettes

  • Zach

    #12 Boy that camera must be awkward to make phone calls from.

  • Kelly 11B


  • Alison

    why cant this just be pictures of fatties taking pictures of food??

  • Ethan

    We must go deeper.

  • omar

    I actually take a lot of pics of my food when I'm traveling. It's part of the experience to try out the local cuisine, and taking pictures it's a great way to remember the experience.

    That being said, I don't own an Instagram nor Twitter account, and don't understand how people find the time to post every single bit about their lives online.

  • Jawbone

    #14 #17 #19 I think these particular doofuses are just taking pictures of either things they've baked or gift cakes. Not really hipsters, though.

  • Snarky Snarkerson

    Further proof that I can no longer identify with anyone under the age of 30 (I'm 42). Put your damn phones down and actually talk to each other! And throw that shit you call food in the trash and get a nice juicy steak ya dumbasses. (somehow I've turned into Red Forman in the last 5 years).

  • cjay


  • Ben

    What if I told you that most of the people in these pics weren't even hipsters

  • Sir Ben Kingsley

    90% of them are using an iPhone … coincidence?

  • babaganush

    #21 someone has to preach to these mofos

  • joe dirt

    Are we missing the bigger picture here people! What kind of idiot takes a picture of another idiot taking a picture of NOTHING! And I thought adults who play video games have to much free time!

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