Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food (21 Photos)


  • DannoTheManno88

    I want my minute back

    • jshiver15

      What exactly were you expecting when you clicked on this?

      • Jawbone

        It's pretty obvious from the title AND THE TEASER PICTURE what this was about, you fucking dipshit.

  • Hipster

    Stupid Hipsters….

  • john


  • Jean K. Jean

    This has nothing to do with boobs.

  • twd22285
    • chivette

      Thank you… this cracked me up. Forwarding like it's hot.

  • Dude here

    Nobody cares what you're eating

  • adg


  • TheBAMFinater

    And almost all are using iPhones.

    • simon

      Not just iPhones, but white iPhones

  • Braj

    Shit Mac. Get it together.

  • chiver

    I'm going to start taking pics of my food and then my bowel movements for Before & After

  • Maximus


  • Sethiroth

    #18 prob paid 24$ for that plate of bird shit

    • Ole

      You mean tax dollars probably paid $24 for that plate of bird shit

    • Just Me

      He's taking a picture so he can enlarge it to see if there is any food on his plate.

    • HipstersRGross

      Idk how he got into a place that serves food like that. He looks like he's infested with beg bugs or fleas or scabies. Dirty fucking hipster.

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    ahhh what happened to the good ol' days when people actually conversed and just ate the damn food..

  • tv_paul

    In the words of Patrick Bateman "Don't just stare at it eat it!"

  • Russkie Chick

    The worst part of these pictures is that none of this food is impressive. It's all insanely common or overly pretentious to the point of being ridiculous… 😛

  • bob

    Most of those people look nothing like hipsters… just sayin'

  • David

    When do we stop calling them 'hipsters' and start referring to them by their true name "DOUCHEBAGS"? Calling them hipster, somehow, empowers them.

    • yoselahonda

      We used to call them beatniks but they decided that hipster was the "new" cool way to say it.

  • Tomofei

    Apple I phone bandwagon freaks!!!!!

  • tv_paul

    #11 "This will make a great Christmas postcard… my level of irony will skyrocket"

  • labdogsnharleys

    Hipsters??? who's making this stupid shit up??

  • FunKiller

    Now if we could just see the pics that the hipsters took, while seeing them take it……..I think I might be more satisfied.

  • greg985

    Only a hipster will use a $650 camera to take a picture of a $5 hamburger.

  • blue_bronco

    Hipsters "anger up my fists"

  • @IAM_splashnasty

    Find #13 and the one on the left in #14 tho


      No! No excuses.

  • yermon

    Fuck Instagram.

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