Pun intended (25 Photos)


  • babaganush

    Funny shit

  • Rusty Shackleford

    This post sure is PUNderful… I am so sorry about that

    • Dr_StrangePants

      {to the tune of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"}
      PUNDER!…nananana-nana-Na-na PUNDER!…nananana-nana-Na-na PUNDER!…nananana-nana-Na-na

      You've been……Punderstruck

  • Bob

    Oh look my one fan left me a letter

    • Hrdwood

      Relax Bob. I'm your number 2… wait, that didn't sound right.

      • MylesofStyles

        I heard that Bob has an older brother named Neil, making them Neil and Bob…or is that what he does for a living…I always get confused.

        • Hrdwood

          I think you're confusing them with that circus act duo Ben Dover and C. Howett Fields…

          • MylesofStyles

            I think you're confusing them with the investment bankers group Ass-Master-Cocker-Blaster Monkey-Cum-Junkies Incorporated.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #23 the drivers virginity is well protected in that van

  • pedro

    i need #11 where can i get it?

  • halfsmoke00

    #11 Wins the internet today.

  • Loki

    #20 awesome.

    • DickFister

      Two immigrants are crawling through desert, dying of hunger and thirst, when they spot a bush that smells like bacon.
      One decides to go in for a closer look when someone opens fire on him.
      With his dying breath, he yells back to the other "Es not bacon. Es a ham bush!"

  • Tim

    Great REO Speedwagon album!
    Yes, I said album. I'm that old….

    • mopmonkey

      My favourite album title of all time,although Zappa had some classics. And because we know that,it doesn't suck to be old.

    • PianoFingers

      I like this too:
      When you're down by the sea,
      And an eel bites your knee,
      – That's a moray!

    • DickFister

      I like the lyrics from Spooky Tooth: "You broke my heart so I busted your jaw"

  • Alex

    #11 Could not control my laughter, need this on a shirt!!

    • Cap'n Ob

      isnt it on a shirt? That very shirt?????

  • doublepedaldylan

    #17 I live less than a mile from, awesome! I've lived in this area my whole life and I didn't understand the kind of pun for longer than I'd like to admit…

    In case you don't see it, just say it quickly and slur the words together.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Still not getting it.

      • Jen

        gee willickers, batman!

      • Underbaker

        Gee Wilikers Mr Diggler it aint that hard.

    • hotashnerd


      • Hcsopiggy

        Champlin, MN definitely

  • Ride

    #6 Shouldn't it be "You can tune a bass but you can't tuna fish!"?

  • Anonymous

    #12 grew up to be honey booboo's father..

    • The Truth

      You mean honey boo boo's mother.

  • DDD

    #16 The woman's a stone-faced liar. Let's not talk about that. l pulled out of her really early on that one.

    • Trey

      Classic BFM!!

  • DickFister

    Think I'll stick a camera down my pants, take a photo and call it Junk Mail

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    Maybe it's me before coffee this morning but #10 made me laugh in an out loud fashion.

    • Canucks_Rule


  • mikeymike75

    #21 I'd like to get high as giraffe p*ssy just to see if I could possibly LOL harder than I did after reading this one!

  • FunKiller

    Seriously, did tv_paul come up with this whole post?

  • Mojomatrix

    #4 This is the end. My only friend the end.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #10 – damn slutty ditches.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #8 That's going to take a while to bake at 120 degrees!

  • http://prestigechirovirginia.com Sweet_Lew

    Logan Circle in DC FTW – #15

  • are you stupid

    #8 *BAKE….you BAKE cakes

  • ckret

    #21 Who else heard Scoobie's stupid laugh in the last frame?

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