Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Harry Balasagna

    #17 oh my goodness…

    • Vay

      Quite possibly the perfect body, ever. Would it be greedy to request MOAR?!?!!

      • @angryprof13

        I just like it everyone got so worked up no one even noticed the whole "perfect body, ever" issue with that sentence. And I agree btw.

    • Justin

      Stolen from Totalfratmove.com

      • Tdog

        Been on here several times, how do you know they did not steal it from here??

        • Dirtdog

          who cares where it came from as long as we get moar

      • Okies


        • Okies

          ^ was to Justin, not dirtdog

    • sixdeadelves

      yes, more please

    • Marco

      Just say it: E-P-I-C: Epic Piece I'd Creampie

    • @lackofabetter


    • Skieur

      Who is she?

    • Boss Martin

      Motorboat + Epic Tits = Motorboat

    • anon
    • Guest

      She looks like a total slutbag

      • CD3


    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      please do porn

      • Jack Wagon

        Mac, she is squinting because she has the sun in her eyes, not a duck face. So its ok.

        • Roc

          The photo's shadows cast leftwards. She's looking left, so sunshine isn't the cause. What a beauty tho, I love when this pic shows up here.

    • Sore foot

      God. Bless. America.

  • AB

    #3 makes up for #9-MN Chiver

    • Uncle leroy

      Greedy ninjas

    • Dirrrrrty

      #3 Moving to Minnesota now…

    • MNcold30

      I think I remember that behind, i mean her sitting behind me.

  • Mikeisfilthy

    I feel like I've drank more than 22 gallons this month alone. My mpg sucks

    • Swill

      You drank the equivalent of 234.66 cans of beer in 20 days? Roughly a twelve pack a day for nearly three weeks? You need a hobby.

      Or better beer.

      • McBeastie666

        Or you took an obvious over exaggeration as literal and wasted a bunch of time doing the math, which leaves me wondering who really needs a hobby.

      • Greg

        I would say a 12 pack a day is a pretty demanding hobby.

    • Smokey

      Someone needs to come up with the formula for how much is the maximum that someone can drink while still being able to afford to drink that much.

      • john Q

        depends on if you brew your own… If you re use your yeast and buy grains in bulk you can easily get the cost down to 20 bucks per 5 gallons of beer or about 40 cents a beer. After you buy equipment of course.

    • Brodie

      Did anyone notice the sign in the shape of Alabama? Now please try and tell me that was an exaggeration.

    • biff

      I did that for the six years I spent in college. That's right, six.

  • Big Joe

    #13 forever alone.

  • Jeff

    #17 and #29 nice

    • Dr. love

      We need MOAR of both… especially 29

    • AllanA

      Speechless….. #29 NOW KISS!!

    • Chais Goodwin

      please find all in pic #29

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #8 God damn perfect ass, body, position..Fuck it I'm spent…

    • JohnD

      Easily one of the hottest photographs I've ever seen

      • No_Filter_HOOK

        Agreed….I sure hope that couch is "Scotch Guarded'.

    • SOSteppenwolf

      #25 is my question for #8

    • DrGarnicus

      Yeah. I stopped here for a good hour or so.

    • Gnu

      I would have no problem motorboating dat ass!!

  • Chiver

    To those who are crazy upset about the shirts being sold out almost immediately, consider joining Chive Charities, you get "First Look" at merch ahead of the launch, which is a nice perk to what is already an awesome program to help out those in need, like the soldier they helped come home to see his family. Like they say, "Giving is a reward unto itself – but it doesn't hurt to get awesome stuff as well."

    • DrGarnicus

      Good point. Thanks!

    • Uncle Leroy

      But i can barely afford the shirt, much less give to charity!

    • Chug

      I'm more perplexed than anything– the shirts sell, they're not losing money to produce and sell them, but they're also not deliberately driving up the price through scarcity, so why not either order larger batches or order them more often? Why the constant shortage? Doesn't it make better business sense to produce as many as will sell?

      • Kelli

        Why are your KCCO and Bill Murray shirts always sold out?

        When we created Keep Calm and Chive On (KCCO), and Bill Murray, we intended them to be a sort of Shibboleth, an identifier. If you wear this shirt, you’re letting other Chivers around you know you’re one of them. It’s a way to literally connect Chivers outside the internet. Most importantly, it really does work. You can wear it out and get a ‘Chive on!’ or two – one guy got 36 in a day, claims he got (a lady) too. The romantic in me hopes it was a mind bending threesome.

        The second piece that drives the demand is the gamification of the the shirts. We don’t produce too many of our most popular shirts and scoring one is an adventure.

        We announce an exact time the shirts will go live and The Chivery is packed with Chivers hours before. When we fill in the stock, the race begins, getting a shirt is often a function of how fast you can type but there are other obstacles. Primarily, TheChivery.com crashing. TheChivery is housed on Shopify’s servers.

        The minute the shirts go on sale, tens of thousands of Chivers attempt to execute a sale and lately we’ve been crashing all of Shopify. During the Chive Effect, Shopify will be up and down over the next ten minutes and there’s little windows to get the shirt in that time. The server crashing aspect actually pisses me off and I wish it didn’t happen, but it does, and sort of ads to the adventure.

        I’m well aware we could probably make a couple hundred thousand shirts, sell them all in a day, and sail off into the sunset. But there’s no fun in that, Leo and I have very little interest in money or seeing the shirts on everyone, everywhere, that would really devalue the product and our site. For example I see Shepard Fairey’s (expletive) OBEY shirts everywhere. I’m a fan of Shepard Fairey and I’m also a capitalist, so good for Shepard, but I’m not sure the OBEY shirt inundation has been good for his brand.

        Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborho
        Follow us: @wtcommunities on Twitter

  • Arnold Rossinbagger

    Chicken wings! Beer! Bill Murray! Sex!

    • sfb101

      Just not in that order…

    • Chris

      You forgot boobs

      • JoeJob

        sex and boobs go together

  • http://twitter.com/therealtoot @therealtoot

    #17 God Bless 'Merica

  • Big Joe

    #52 wish that was a gif

    • Huell

      Wish that was my gf

    • Jeremy

      I kept waiting and waiting for it to load…

    • goon

      No fart jokes?

    • halfsmoke00

      My wife is laughing because she caught me tilting the computer monitor back. 🙂

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #3 this is how you HUMP DAR

    • Uncle Leroy

      Agreed. Beautiful pooper!

    • larry


  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 incredible #19 never give up, never say die

    • Marco

      #19 – Making Fight and Flight look Epic!!!

    • Barry Manilow

      Fuck off, Stan.

    • blue_bronco


      Run, Forrest, run!

    • PaddyMiles

      photograph by Mark Hogancamp

    • lame

      thanks for your service

  • mugoo

    Why cant the DAR just keep going…

  • AssClown

    #2 You mean "The fucking Chivery breaking"?

  • T bone

    The humps in DAR looked better than the hump day post!!

    • jake

      Always do save the best for the dar every day

    • Julio_Fungoolio

      It's supposed to man, cause it's like the movie directors FINAL CUT

  • Porkins

    I think I just cried a little this is so beautiful #17

    • RSTLN E

      You cried through your penis, didn't you?

  • FuturePhD

    I'm about to take my first cumulative exam in chemical physics grad school. Trying to keep calm and chive on!!!!

    • TheBAMFinater

      Good luck, kick its a$$

    • fng

      Dont know what that is, sounds like a reason to get all fucked up though!

    • oscar

      I didn't get a chive shirt. So lick my butthole

      • Imzkid

        I hear that's good for shoulder pain.

  • sfb101

    #3, #8 & #40 Damn!
    #5 According to my math I should get about 8 MPG

    • Volcolocos

      Bitch please, up here in Canada we get gallons per mile.

      • Riley Freeman

        Yeah, but then again, you're in Canada.

  • TheBAMFinater

    #8 Looks like she is praying. AMEN!!

  • aaa

    Don't even wanna comment bout #9 till I know its true. He couldn't have been serious, right?

    • Dude

      Wikipedia never lies…

      • Justlikemypoop

        And Chive never reposts content

    • Bhodi

      Whats even better was he turned down that contract and never got anything close to $21M again! Couldn't happen to a better douche!

    • Uncle Leroy

      Greedy ninjas!!! Strictly for my ninjas

      • Hmm

        Funny its the ones that say they deserve all these millions, go out and buy multi-million dollar homes, buy shit up left and right, then forget to manage their money and all of those homes go into foreclosure. Next thing you know, they pop up and want your sympathy.

        • DEL

          75% of NFL and NBA players are FLAT BROKE within 3 years of being done in the league…

          And yes he said that, but still not as good as the Great PATRICK EWING who was quoted as saying
          "We make a lot of money, BUT we SPEND a lot of money"

          • Craig

            The best part is he owed over $3.5 million in back taxes to the state of Wisconsin a few years ago. He was named the states most delinquent taxpayer. He had a $1.5 million yacht seized because he stopped paying and a home foreclosed on to pay his taxes. To sum it up, the $21 million would have delayed his bankruptcy for a few years.

    • ...

      maybe he has a ton of kids

  • Okies

    #8 ok just do it, but don't forget the lube

  • Thud

    #8 Oh mama!
    #42 Been there
    #31 Poor Sarah Jessica Parker – She looks jealous

  • Tylerredbeard

    #43 Victoria BC represent!

    • Notknowing

      Yup. Another beautiful day at the inner harbor.

    • RCN Sailor

      This is a memorial to sailors that sail out of Victoria. A military memorial, not to be made fun of. This is an indecent act, no matter how funny it looks.

      • The Denver Chiver

      • Fuu

        I'm from Vic BC, Fuck off

  • SOSteppenwolf

    #38 must have. And I'm not even a hockey fan.

    • HUH?

      i thought it looked like jim carey. i could see jim carey grabbing gary colemans a**, but mark messier?

    • albertakohut

      I live in Jasper too…. and ive never seen this! Im now on the hunt!

    • Mouchettepas

      Daniel Tosh

    • Oil Fan

      This is a painting of a picture. Gary went into the oilers dressing room after they won the cup I believe and this pic was taken. Classic photo if you're an oiler fan. If you're not, get a fuckin life

      • TheDude

        Loyal to the Oil baby! Back when Moose and the boys were rock stars, although most of the US had no idea where Edmonton was!

  • ThatJoshGuy

    #52 Well the view is great but the smell is horrible!

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