The rich kid of Instagram (35 Photos)

Rich Lavish says: “Lavish Calling myself poor is just an insult to you. — Bitch I’m rich, rude, cocky and arrogant. — 17yrs. San Francisco Livin Hoe.”

I have no idea how this kid makes his money. His overall message is kind of sad.

  • C__G

    I wonder what mommy and daddy do for a living…

  • jhiller14

    #23 i don't even see a tip.

  • John Chiver

    How many gas stations must his dad own?

  • DetroitBurbanite

    He seem generous. FIND HIM and ask him to donate to Chive Charities®

  • John

    How he makes his money? Simple, take a look at his fingers its obvious hes not human, but some kind of extraterrestrial from another planet. Clearly he lacks social skills and thinks that his monetary status means he can shit on people who are not as financially wealthy as him. I pity his existence.

  • @DarthSodomizer

    All the money in the world can't buy two eyebrows. I really feel for this dude.

  • Garrett

    I'd bet my bank account his daddy made all that money for him. Real money makers don't take pictures of their shit and post it for the world to see. Looks to me like a kid who has no friends, never gets laid and tries his best to post stupid pictures of himself looking like a "baller." Never seen such an embarrassing group of photos.

  • shwag

    His name is Param Sharma, goes to some high school in Albany, Ca. Besides the fact he flaunts daddy's money in all his pics, show's pics of him dining out (by himself lol!), and crushing up Tylenol's so it looks like he's a bad-ass, I almost feel sorry for this loser… The only reason any girl is gonna sleep with this guy is if he pays for it..

  • johnr982

    White trash with cash. You can have money, you can have education, you can have fine cars, houses, clothes, etc.. But some people can't have what these people need and that is a touch of class. There is no point in hating, or being jealous of these people, the stupidity they display in just taking the pictures alone, is beyond belief. Hatred would be a waste of energy, pity is more appropriate, but there are better causes than this to apply pity to. Chivers should be above these people, this site is dedicated to having fun, so do what is needed and laugh at these boys.

  • J@hh

    It's cool to floss but why doesn't he have any girls (or guys) depending on what he's into.

  • J187

    No pics with girls… I'd at least get escorts…. With that $$$$$$$sad and lonely…. Lol


    What iis the name ?

  • derek

    nobody noticed that 2000 is only 20 actual bills, so why is it so thick? 2000 is the wrapper for $5 bills , 10,000 is the wrapper for $20 bills

  • anon

    his name is param sharma, goes to albany high school… his mom is shikha sharma and is the ceo of axis bank

    • asdfghjk

      he has a youtube too: itslavishbitch

  • Tim Hamilton

    #1 never before today have I prayed for the zombie apocalypse.

  • Ghvnnkk

    His parents dont own oil.. Hes indian, arabs own oil.

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