The rich kid of Instagram (35 Photos)

Rich Lavish says: “Lavish Calling myself poor is just an insult to you. — Bitch I’m rich, rude, cocky and arrogant. — 17yrs. San Francisco Livin Hoe.”

I have no idea how this kid makes his money. His overall message is kind of sad.

  • @brueapilsner

    I bet he still never gets laid..

    • the fashion police

      All that money and absolutely no taste… He should hire an interior decorator for starters.

      • saltygary

        Exactly, all of that is tacky as hell. The only good picture was the food that someone else made.

      • Bane

        Umm, have you been living on Mars for the past 3,000 years? If history tells us anything, it's that girls have sex with guys for their money EVERYDAY. The first profession ever created was prostitution, which is a way to siphon money from rich men by preforming sexual favors. This guys gets mad middle eastern-poon. Now, if you really have your head in the sand, this isn't really that much money for middle eastern dudes. In LA you see these brown kids all over Rodeo buying everything.

        • Shelby

          Prostitution was probably the second ever profession. The first being whatever the guy used to trade for sex (fish, meat, maybe a nicely weaved basket).

          • Cam

            Kaboom! You've been lawyered.

        • Mullane

          How did the guys have money to pay for the prostitution if they didn't have jobs to begin with? Unless they were prostitutes too? And what did the women want the money for? What are they buying? Who are they buying it from? D:


    • Sex is sex...

      Prostitutes still count as getting laid, he's probably never satisfied a woman though.

    • Skatetyb

      This guy sucks balls

    • Pimp

      Who are you kidding? You know there are scores women out there who would sleep with him just becauae he has the money.

    • ThisGuy

      He looks middle eastern. My money says he's the kid of the prince of wherever, sent here for college. If you went to schooll in nyc or dc you probably met one of these d-bags. It's ok, when the world gets off of oil in 20 to 30 years, these guys can get back to their economy based on..

      • auto

        I'm an arab girl myself. I'm marrying a white guy bc arab guys like him turn me off from the whole fuckin race.

        • white guy

          luv u sweetie 😉

    • anon

      To all,
      Name: Param Sharma AKA chumorocks
      Location: Albany, CA
      Father: Krishna Gopal Parashar
      Birth: 1996
      Occupation: Albany High School

      Don't beat up underage kids… but feel free to troll

    • rsjem1979

      You underestimate the number of idiot girls out there who would fuck any dude with tons of cash.

    • Loud@theClouds

      #16 OK "6 cell phones I might just call myself" man fuck this kid I'd beat him up and take his lunch money

      • gnocco

        he writes reviews apple products and develops apps (parent funded I believe).

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Fuck you. Just… fuck you. I have nothing else to say.

    • bmoney

      Dude aint actin any different than all the rappers on MTV. Why should he be any different? Everyone praises them rich rappers who act like they are the Shit just cuz they have TONS of money, and then this guy (a nobody) gets dissed hard? This country is confounding at times..

      • D-Jod

        You're in the wrong place if you seriously think anyone here is 'praising' rich rappers. Are you new to theChive or something, boy?

    • @cynical_0ne

      We, on the other hand, support people who need it through the Chive Charities. Who do you think has a better life?

    • Matt

      It's OK as an avid watch collector I can tell you his Rolex in pic 2 is completely fake. I hope he paid full price.

    • @morosz3

      How is this page Chive worthy?

  • the dude

    idiot.. parents must be super proud

    • @JassNL

      I hope next time he instagrams he tag's his location with it. Bet people would love to rob a little kid with couple of thousands dollar cash in there gay LV purse..

    • Jon

      He wasn't born that way. I feel sorry for him…he must be incredibly lonely.

    • hugh

      His parents don't love him so they fund his "live fast die young" mantra. Between the cars, guns, and cocaine death before 30 is inevitable

    • Really?

      Odds are they're rich absentee parents. He didn't make his money dealing drugs, he wouldn't have the black card, that's passed down because Daddy has one. Given he penchant for showing off, one day he'll be a tragic story and a stain on a sidewalk.

    • TrueStory

      You would think this d-bag could at least afford a haircut. Looks like a fuckin nerd.

  • aussie aussie aussie


    • bhs


    • Chuck Schick

      That's how he made his money.

  • mike cox

    ill bet his dick is the size of my pinkie

    • WTF

      The first knuckle of your pinkie maybe…

    • Marc

      That's an insult to your pinkie.

    • Canuck

      Dude, sorry you lost you pinky.

  • downfall616

    wow, nothing says douche like this guy

    • Sonny8

      And the innside of his house looks like a whore house.

    • holyshit

      Wow, nothing says rob me, like being 17 and flashing tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Never mind the pics of the gun.

  • Tiber_Septim

    rich parents, drug money, pimping? however he does it, he is sloppy with it, He'll fuck up and they will nail him

    • hater#1

      he looks middle eastern….thats oil money……hes an asshole and i hate him.

      • Shame

        or maybe he got it from a magical lamp

        • gnocco

          best comment so far. 1+ internets for you

  • Gerritt Michael

    If ever their was someone asking to be robbed this would be it.

    • hara

      You walk up and start talking to him, I'll grab that 1911. Then we go for a ride in that fuckin car.

    • Spelling Police

      *there – stay in school.

    • 5eagles

      Or at least a good ass beating for flaunting it and showing off. That's what bothers me and what I find absolutely pathetic…I'm sure he can afford the hospital bill.

  • 11 th

    Dadys money anyway. Everything except brains. And they looks like jeddi

    • James

      Money apparently still can't buy class…. Just some classy shit. Remember that. It's something ill instill in my kids.

  • Capo Amaya

    i have to say im not mad at the kid hes 17, and him acting like this really isnt his fault… parents might have something to do with it. OR maybe this kid invented something at an early age and its getting him paid… what makes him an asshole? why do u have to attack the size of his genitalia? MAYBE, just maybe…. ah fuck it I'd rob him if i saw him on the street….

    • really???

      What makes him a douche is the way he shows it off. The way he is posting gun pictures. I'm, sorry how fucking old is he? This is the fucking reason we are letting our government take the guns away from the people who can actually own and purchase a gun. I can guarantee this money isn't taxed and those guns most likely don't have serial numbers. And hell yes i will rob this guy if i ever see him.

      • Chocotaco

        Why bring politics into the convo?? Kid's just a douche, maybe its just the way he is or due to his upbringing, but the govt doesn't have anything to do with him being a douche.

      • Bane

        Ahhhh, come on man. You are as ignorant as him. I think hes a d-bag, but you obviously know nothing about why are they are trying to take our guns. Read some things, do some research.

        • Batman

          …..nothing about why ARE they are trying….???

      • Capo Amaya

        i agree, which is why i say "ah fuck it"…. nevermind go ahead and prove how u disagree with me but agree with me with ur last sentence

  • Guest

    #32 could be a big giveaway

    • ratedarrrrrr

      That was my guess after I saw it – probably one of his parents too.

    • Skrewed

      BC Powder! He gives himself a headache!

    • anon

      It was a start… I'm not sure he's not a troll.

      Name: Param Sharma AKA chumorocks
      Location: Albany, CA
      Birth: 1996
      Occupation: Albany High School
      Also See:

      Don't beat up underage kids… but feel free to troll

      • Brendan

        thank you…consider him trolled

        • Boston Chiver

          He is an apple designer, has an alias PrinceApple.

          • caleb

            he designed the snow leopard default background

    • I'm Awesome

      Parah, Inc?

    • Zach

      Kids way too much of an egocentric coward to be around people who deal drugs. Probably took some of the baking soda out of his parents fridge. It's a sad state of affairs when a complete lack of self worth and horrific insecurities drive a person to define themselves this way :/

      • NonSexual Tendencies

        it looks a lot like sugar. but it could be baking soda, talc powder, or any number of white granular things. fortunately the law doesnt care, and trying to pass of any substance as a drug carries the same penalty as passing off the real drug.

  • beginner

    that things are very sensitive…it makes people turn into hate, hatred also jealousy..we had to work 12 hours a day / day by day to get $200 – 500 …

    • Hugh

      not sure I understand your post, but hate and jealousy are infectious. This kid is pathetic and insecure….and poor by any definition.

      • StevieB

        Except in terms of money. Looks like he's pretty rich money-wise.

    • Yoda

      fear turns to anger…

  • Andyrew711

    #32 knew he was a douchebag

    • 213432434

      little cocame never hurt anyone

      • Nick

        Cocaine's a helluva drug…

    • mike

      yeah i don't get whats douchebag about this?.. some blow (probably fire), a black card to chop it with, and a $100 bill to snort it with.. sounds pretty fucking cool to me

      • Jen

        just say no, mike.

  • W.B.M

    Money can buy a lot, but brains and class it can not.

    • Steel Jaguar

      100% agree.

  • pedro

    he's alone in #23 and #25 proves money can't buy you everything

    • JCC

      #23 Not shocking that tip is blank!!!

    • Adam

      I think he's alone in most of them.

    • 29er

      The more I looked at this post, the more I was happy with the life I have. Sure, I'm in debt and am probably the lower half of middle class, but I don't need attention and money to make my life seem awesome.

  • Doug

    #33 But can't afford to buy a nail clipper…

    • golfn9

      I don't want to hate on the kid. To each his own, but I agree if your gonna' floss yo' money then be classy and clean up them nasty hands.

    • JTrain06

      I was about to post the same thing, grose…

    • justinbwoodard

      That's for the coke.

    • Hannah

      Or a decent hair cut or more stylish glasses.

    • dustin

      coke nails

    • ashlee

      Looks like a dirty females hands to me.

  • schwag

    Guy looks ugly as f**k.. #1, Is that a rat tail?? Nice haircut you fag.. #22, Do you lift bro?? My 4 yr-old niece has bigger arms..

    • Donkey

      Look closer, think there's a couple girls looking at a computer screen in the back. No rat tail.

      • Yuppp

        I'm gonna go with rat tail because its more hilarious.

    • Idontnormallycomment

      "Do you lift bro??"
      That question just put you in the same category as this douche

      • Obvy_Troll_Is_Obvy

        Pretty sure it was sarcasm linked to a recent 'viral' video in which a relatively scrawny guy walks up to larger guys near a gym, asks them "Do you lift bro?" and then proceeds to tell them it isn't working or that he couldn't tell because their arms were small, etc. Nearly gets murdered a couple times. Rather funny.

    • Justin

      He pays your 4 yr-old niece to lift for him.

    • Loud@theClouds

      Hahaha man you a fool bro

  • enw

    He's still ugly , so f*ck you

  • Laughin at you

    Your forehead is one inch mother fucker

    • Courtesy Flush

      I call bullshit.
      Nothing in any of these pic's makes it look like he own's anything. Probably works at a casino or something to get pic's of the cash wads.
      You never see him in the car's or wearing the watches.
      OUUU look I'm leaning on an Audi R8. #31

  • Laughin at you

    #1 Look at that shit son you have no brain in your head

    • alex

      Look at that fucking rat tail

  • Pete

    I think it's funny that this kid's life will probably never get any better. He's already experiencing everything because he's rich. All he has to look forward to now is getting older, and probably arrested, then losing everything.

  • Brad

    This is a fine example of when parents should beat their child……or maybe society should beat the parents and the child? Public flogging????

    • wow....

      agreed. This kid is the definition of a rich asshole. I know plenty of rich people, but this kid need to have an ass whooping. I wouldn't mind giving it to him myself. I make a good bit of money, but showing it off like him is what makes more 'rich' people look like ass holes.

  • ThomS

    Apparently he is a guy who has never heard of bank accounts, earns his money by robbing apple stores, snorts flour, has an alcohol problem, lives in a house without sinks and glues pubic hair to his head. That's why he is living in an insane asylum (he even posted a photo of it, picture #7).

  • rickacha

    and yet he still very lonely …….

    #30 those shoes are f*cking ugly by the way….

    • ajr

      All that money, but not a single picture with a friend.. Chivers are more rich in the important things!

  • Swiss chiver

    He has money, we have friends and women, so fuck him!

    • Work

      I'll be is friend and help him get women……

    • Fyrdraca

      Money will get him friends and women, I'm afraid.

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