It’s almost the weekend and I just DGAF (45 Photos)

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #15 when you gotta go you gotta go, #20 #45 whatever it is SIGN ME UP

    • nequamZero

      #45 ~

  • alan

    Darkness everybody darkness!

    • Boomit

      Charlie Murphy! Before Wesley snipes, Rick thought we were the darkest brothers in Hollywood.

  • polkuba

    #40 is my kind of woman.

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #38 #42 Spectacular.

  • echogeo

    Charlie Sheen's ancestor?

    • tv_paul

      Or Corey Feldman.



    • wrong

      You aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer are you Jesse…..I don’t think you understand what the message is.

      • JESSE

        The message was aimed at Alec. He is such a prototypical regressive its unbearable.

        • bmoney

          I don't see how this meme is worth calling him a hipocrite. Sure, it's not quite relevant to the rest of this post, but where the line is drawn of not GAF – other circumstances require the line to shift. Maybe I'm missing ur point, but I think ur using the wrong meme to make ur statement. There is nothing wrong with his post or the quote of BF.

    • Felcus

      Obama forever. Peaceful slavery. Yee-fucking-haw.

    • KT_Leigh

      That escalated quickly.

    • Tom?


    • Charlie

      Okay, first off, this was a comment on the british rule, which was both unlawful and dictator-like. He was also a Republican, so, not only do I find your comment gushing with in-law idiocy, it is also politically incorrect. Another thing, if you are american, SHAME ON YOU, YOU UNPATRIOTIC PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!

      • LOUD NOISES!!!

        Actually, he formed the Democratic-Republican party.

        I don't think you know what "politically incorrect" means.

  • Dave

    #45 Lisa Ramos and Melanie Iglesias FTW!!

    • RobTalk


    • arnesh

      thanks for helping me find this video lol, i love melanie iglesias !

  • echogeo

    Now those are diamond cutters!

    • Jen


      • UhHuh

        Is that you in the pic Jen?

  • KeepinCalm

    #7 Well said, #9 is doing it right

    • JMAKK

      #7.. I read the first sentence… Then said, "Fuck it"……Scroll

      • guest

        i guess this guy doesnt give a fuck about spelling

  • boylightning

    Everyone needs a 'bikini babe catapult'!

  • Inigo Montoya

    #44 goes for the gold!

    • echogeo

      The pink! Two in the pink, one in the…

      • No_Filter_HOOK

        Not in that 'Stink'

    • Marco

      Like a boss!

    • Tyrone Rugen

      Hey, how's your dad?

      • Epitomizer


  • LairdS


  • echogeo

    That and a spleef.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #45 teach ME to dougie!

    • C Money


  • baddbuzz

    A perfect pairing !. . #40

    • David


      Didn't even notice the bottle until I read this!

    • boozer

      Youd probably need to finish the bottle to even stand the face.. thats why it's cropped out…

  • tv_paul

    #22 And after this shave Johnny could never get sun glasses to stay properly on his head again.

  • Beev

    #36 Fire + Water + Earth = Beer

    • Darg

      Didn't think of that but you're right.

  • echogeo

    "We have a Ginger Winner!"

    • Boss Martin

      Plenty of soul with no soul….

    • tv_paul

      Is he Hover Humping or Air Grinding

    • aussie aussie aussie

      Only a ginger can call another ginger , ginger.

  • tv_paul

    #44 Worst pickpocket ever.

    • Whammy

      Worst? Or best…

      • tv_paul

        You're suppose to go for the wallet not the coin purse.

        • Boss Martin

          Agree to disagree

  • Truth

    #32 some people just want to watch the world burn

  • Nick

    #30, yea, but fucking tremors man…. #38 #40 #42, any day of the week and 4 times on sunday.

    • Joe Dirte

      Dune, bitch

      • Almoney13

        Don't try and church it up, son, don't you mean Joe DIRT! haha classic

  • FLChiver

    #9. I'd give a fk about her.

  • ThatGuy

    #7 Or i just dont give a FUCK

    • Mitch

      if you have to explain how to not give a fuck… your doing it wrong

  • Guest

    Question of the Day: What does DGAF stand for?
    And another reason to show #35 #38

    • xBigBossx


    • echogeo

      Don't Give A Flower… 😉

    • Garygnu

      Dose Girlz Asses Fine!

    • aussie aussie aussie

      dude go and fornicate

  • xBigBossx

    #20 That's my kind of snow bunny.

    • Oslaf

      I would date a woman so hard that loved the snow like this

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