What’s the word I’m thinking of? (28 Photos)

  • boob_cuddler

    I know! The word is douchebag!

    • matt

      did you get that by yourself?

      • Juju Bee

        It's called sarcasm, Sherlock.

    • yoyo

      Your mom called me a douche…but that's only because she smelled better after I fucked her.

      • UhHuh

        Ummm…nope. Which one of the above pictures is you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike0fett Mike McParland

    the ralph lauren tat was kinda funny. and nice pec implants. that's probably the douch-iest of them all.

    • I don't know

      Those aren't implants those are stanzinol injections. It's ok though that dude will get what he deserves when the injections cause an abscess.

      • Gangster G

        its synthol

        • I don't know

          That's what I ment stanzinol is a steriod lol whoops.

      • Kato

        Abscess… eeewwww!!!

  • Me.

    All aboard the douche canoe!

    • You.

      We have this shitty electric cart at work we have to drive sometimes, we call it the douce canoe!

  • Troy

    #5 I want to find him when he's 70 and see this

    • I don't know

      Why? From the looks of it the dude is covered head to toe in tattoos so I highly doubt he's going to regret any of them of he makes it to 70. I thought this site was all about keeping calm and chiving on not judging others. Live and let live.

      • Jimi Hendrix

        There's always a point at which people are just effing dumb. This young fellow is one of those people. Along with all the d-bags. Find the humor breh. Find the humor.

      • I know

        this site isn't about judging people? lol.

        • Frank

          It's about judging people only if their views don't align with the masses, helping to make small minded people feel better about themselves.

      • ThatIrishSOB

        He didn't say anything about regrets, in fact it wasn't even a judgmental remark, he simply stated the he wants to see the tattoo when the guy is 70…So let's stop looking for judgment where there is none and KCCO

    • ilm

      His 70 year old self will probably be pretty pissed at his 30 yr old self

    • candymancoug

      Probably wont make it to 70 with all the Hepatitis coursing through him…

      • Brian

        Over under on that guy is 35.

    • Abe Froman

      He'll probably have actual glasses by then anyway.

    • Jonesy813

      Hopefully they'll turn to bifocals by then.

    • MylesofStyles

      You're going to have to excuse the Chive for even remotely assuming that a guy with FUCKING TATTOOS UP TO HIS EARS – FUCKING LITERALLY UP TO HIS FUCKING EARS, would get a real tattoo of glasses on his face. You should try something new. It's called, "thinking before you comment."

      • anyabluenote

        if its not real why the fuck is the guy applying it wearing gloves?

      • MylesofStyles

        There exists on the internet no greater loser, than he whose comment reads "deleted by user".

    • Troy

      Sure maybe it's staged, maybe it's just a fine point pen leaving a rash where it was used, and no one ever said he wasn't the nicest guy in the world, but if he made the decision to have such a ridiculous tattoo, then I would like to see it when he is 70.

    • Tugboat82

      Should be easy, he'll be working at the only remaining Hot Topic.

  • Justwow

    Yea I'm gonna have to go with DOUCHBAG.

    • Jim

      how can anyone hate on #8 ? he looks normal. someone please explain where what's wrong with this picture? did i miss something?

      • Moragami

        Pants down to pubes, check. Random sports prop, check. Under-18 fan girls smiling dumbly at camera, check. Yup, I'd say he's at least 85% douche at this point.

  • Kurlyy

    #25 that's horrible!

    Duck hunting anyone?

    • mojo77

      Flip phone?

      • https://www.facebook.com/kseniya.whateveryouwantittobe Kseniya Whatevs


        • Dre

          Uhmm… sorry?

        • Brad

          Did you suck his cock?

  • Squidfart

    there is no jar big enough for the fund created by these photos

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #13 Hmm… what is that word?

    • Dude


    • Macro


    • herb


  • C__G

    Hey, some of them have girls…

    • Joe

      Your mom.

      • C__G

        Ya that one was called for, which one of those pictures is you?

        • Your mom


    • Truth

      The word douchebag is not male specific. Women can totally be douchebags too

      • grumpy

        They're Douchebaguettes.

        • JAC

          Actually that's the term for a French douchebag

  • Joe

    #4 looks like Edward Norton has been hanging out on the jersey shore.

    • Mando

      Ninja…not a douche at all

      • Shoofly

        Word to that. Die Antwoord kicks ass.

        • Kelly 11B

          Ninja is the man, definitely doesn't belong in this group.

          • Mr. Eff

            He wouldn't be Ninja if he weren't in Die Antwoord. It's his "persona" specifically for that band. Vice-versa, Die Antwoord wouldn't exist without Ninja. It's a lovely yin-yang.

            • gimmick of a band

              that band is awful and he deserves to be on this list just for making that sorry piece of shit excuse for music

              • G_Had

                If you don't like funerals, don't kick sand in Ninja's face.

    • Jamie

      I'll take "three things this douchebag wishes he had", Alex.

    • EatItDouche

      Major F'n douche….coming on here and posting that you dont belong on the list makes you even more of a douche. Douche.

    • Milo


    • donkey kong

      ninjas not douche bag 😦

  • BigRoy

    #4 is the singer Ninja from the South African group called Die Antwoord. They are awesome! Check out their video- Baby's On Fire. Not a douche, except maybe in a funny ironic way.

    • Dayna

      right! he's the furthest thing from a douche. ZEF NATION!!!!

      • Guest

        Die Antwoord sucks! They are the epitome of douchebags! They were booed off the stage when they opened for a band I saw. They are for 13 year olds who have never heard the F-word and think it the coolest thing ever.

        • andulamb

          So we'll put you down for "doesn't get it."

          • yoyo

            No they just suck. And yes, he does look like a douche.

            • Ninjadouche

              Never heard of them. Checked out a few videos and wow. Just wow. I think that African dude bangs has more skill than this ninja character

    • Skunkbuddy

      He was also in Max Normal before he started Die Antwoord – one of the best joke bands ever.

    • delleo

      Ninja is the the shit, the rest are db's

    • DaWoozel

      If it looks like a douche and quacks like douche and waddles like a douche, itza douche. And their "music" blows BTW

  • Curt

    Mistake is the word

  • MattKL

    The douchebag is strong with these ones.

  • john m

    I don't know what word you're thinking of…so many came to mind, none very flattering though.

  • BigRoy

    #4 is the singer Ninja from the South African group called Die Antwoord. They are awesome! Check out their video- Baby's On Fire. Not a douche – except maybe in a funny ironic way.

    • ickeymickey

      Looking at this on my iPhone so I went to iTunes to check it out the music this person makes. I keep a pretty open mind on most things, try not to pass quick judgement…..I only made it through 3 seconds of one of their songs b4 I decided to stab both me eardrums with my keys so I never hear anything like that again

      • Buck

        I was able to get through 57 seconds. And now….I may never be able to masturbate again. That crap ruined me.

        • Abe Froman

          I think its meant for people who like Insane Clown Posse type music. I think its interesting but not for everyone.

      • Boomit

        I made the mistake of watching the video.. The girl in the band is one of the ugliest chicks I have ever seen and her voice made me wish for death

    • Zed Zero

      The ZEF joke is on you Dougy.

      • Thnxtips

        I think you're wrong Bigroy. I think that's ninja from the South African group die antwoord

        • miss information

          This is the NInja. Die Antword do rock, but perhaps you have to be in South Africa to understand the irony, For you american's its kinda celebrating the red neck white trashness.. its beautiful and wonderfull in a strange way but he is far from a douche, any one who works hard to combat the Aid's epidemic here and open up the art scene in ZA to the rest of the world and get afrikanners out of the box. just can't be a douche. even if you don't like his music, he isn't a douche.

  • Joe

    #23 the truck is kinda cool though

    • BEAST24

      You Sir, must also have a small dick !

      • B & W TV

        Do people who drive Smart cars or Austin Minis have huge cocks. I agree it`s douchey to park like that, but not that just because someone drives a big truck they have a small dick.

        • Lboogie13

          Yes. If you're a dude and you drive a Smart car you are either well hung or gay or perhaps both.

        • Large penis guy

          I drive a mini cooper and have a 12" penis; It hardly fits in the car.

      • Jimbo

        That joke is old and over used.

        • Timmayy

          so is your mother's snatch

    • Scary movie

      Baby dick is a disability! You wouldn't make fun of a kid in a wheel cheer would you?

      • Penis

        I would hahaha

    • Joe

      Ok, what do all you fuckers drive?

      • Guest

        Normal cars.

      • nik

        A Jeep, that actually goes off road. 😉

        • Paws

          Big f**king deal! I drive several cars/trucks, and they ALL go off-road, and with increasing frequency as my blood alcohol level rises.

      • GuyWithaBugatti

        A Bugatti

    • nik

      Pavement princess… Fools (or douches) and their money are easily parted.

  • Hrdwood

    #12 Ya know, I just said to myself the other day: Dang, It's been a while since I've listened to some BooDang music.

    • That's Hilarious


  • https://www.facebook.com/papabear.haas Papabear Haas

    Largest Collection of Douche Bags on the Internet

    • yoyo

      I wish this were true. Unfortunately facebook still exists.

  • Ed.

    might want to upgrade from douchebag jar to to barrel…

  • olgreybush

    #25 wow nice phone pimp, what is this 2002?

    • Burnsblue

      Is that a young Andy Garcia?

    • ballofhair

      Probably accurate when that pic was taken. Chive recycles OLD pictures often and repeatedly.

  • Heather


  • Hank Hill

    I think the word could also be wigger.

  • gojira

    until GB invited the internets and cable tv expanded to 5,000 channels, i had no idea there was so much tacky, stupid, and lame in america. i truly believed america to be a special place and a cut above the rest. a mighty hole in all that american exceptionalism has been punched by a mighty force of a-hole.

    • db3300

      I think you misspelled 'AG'.

    • Danica SmashYA

      and invented. And congrats on judging a whole country based on TV and the internet cause they are never wrong.

    • Paws

      Naw… We've merely reinvented "Exceptionalism"!

    • ballofhair

      In that case, all english have shitty teeth, rulers that have syphilis, and invade countries, suck them dry, and leave them to die. GB sucked in the world wars as well.. bunch of tarts.

      Was that as accurate as your description of Americans?

      • Marc

        LOL… funny. Great response

      • https://www.facebook.com/barry.parker.39 Barry Parker

        Think GB, was meant to mean George Bush, not Great Britian. Think they were mistaking him for Al Gore. 😉

  • Guest

    Douche Nozzle Festival 2013

    • ballofhair

      So you attended?

  • Gordy..


    • Hip

      Nozzle rozzle d fozzle

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