Can’t tell if genius or stupid (29 Photos)

  • AM Alycia Dominion

    I need to get #5 on everything!!

    • ktleigh

      Me too… literally, all of my belongings.

      • JT95

        But then how would you find your phone?

    • HUH?

      i dont have room in my pocket for that much stuff, could it be smaller?

      • jared

        it is about the size of a quarter but a little thicker

    • shawn

      can someone explain to me what number 5 is lol I'm obviously slow haha kcco

      • Imaybethatsmart-ass

        Have you ever lost your keys, and then some smart-ass says: "Call them"?
        Well now you can.

  • IrishInNJ

    #1 I see YouPorn in that cat's future.

    • Justin Cider

      Pornhub and Redtube are good too…so i've heard

      • Sean

        Heard XNXX was the best.. Oh wait, it is the best!

    • Kristy

      I don't see a cat..

    • Euroranger

      I dunno but if you're into that kinda thing, it seems like a faptastic idea.

    • Bik

      I see cats in that YouPorner's future

  • Big Joe

    #18 old school bad assery.

  • dave

    who would think this isn't genius? #9

    • LEOWVU

      Agree! Kick ass . I have one that looks like a Craftsman Tool chest 👍

    • lawler

      yeah that girls wardrobe is genius

      • DickFister

        but the beer sux

        • MylesofStyles


        • Mayor McCheese

          Beer snobbery is the fuckin worst. Bunch of rude little rat dick hipsters turning their nose up at 200+ years of brewing tradition and success. Keep sipping wine glasses full of 16% abv double IPA aged in bourbon barrels and released 2 weeks a year. It makes you a better person than someone who drinks fucking normal beer. I hope all of you get wiped out by an ale-borne virus.

          • Craigery

            You've got it backwards. The hipsters are the ones drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and Budweiser. (i.e., shit beer).

            • DDD

              If i think your beer is shit, and you think my beer is shit, then who is right??

              Actually WHO EFFIN CARES!! Drink Whatever Beer you like and SHUTUP!!

          • Pretty Smile

            Are you a rep for Bud, cause it's a fact that their beer taste like shit.

          • Craigery
          • MylesofStyles

            *200+ years of getting sued for watering down their beer. Fuck you and your shitty piss water beer Mayor DickCheese.

  • Edwin Deusner

    Do they make No. 5 for remotes?

    • dmize

      i used to tape one of those keychain locators that when you whistle they make a loud beeping sound to my remotes. worked everytime

      • Professor Squeegee

        All TVs should come with a 'find remote' button.

    • Michl
  • Del

    #10 Thus ensuring your kid never sleeps again

    • Yep

      pedobear… now with lights!

  • chivecitybitch

    #25 awesome

  • DannoTheManno88

    #9 Does it work as a fridge and an amp? Or just a fridge in disguise? The answer will determine if genius or stupid.

    • DannoTheManno88

      No replies as to whether or not it works as both…just downvotes. I fucking hate this place. 9gag here I come.

      • bmoney

        It's pretty easy to figure out w/o much basic knowledge of anything that the thing wouldn't play music.. But hey we've all asked some dumb questions. I for one, asked a classmate one day how to spell "VCR". I had tried several variations of vesiar, vecear…. etc.

    • Michl
  • alyn

    #25 I need this

  • lawler

    i would be putting somthing else in #22 hint (its green)

    • _DoC_

      One of the not-so-genius ideas…someone tries to steal your phone and instead gets all your cash or drugs. Also the first thing Id do if I saw a phone like that would be to pick it up and open it in disbelief that someone still has a flip phone and it still works.

      • Sean

        The point exactly smarta**. No one nowadays is gonna take that phone.

        • Epitomizer

          I hear ya friend. Some people wouldn't recognize subtlety or sarcasm if it crawled in their butt-hole and started stabbing them with a little bitty sewing needle.



      • lucid_eye

        no boogers duh

    • matt

      I've seen a small vaporizer w/ stash that looks like an old flip phone…check your local head shops.

    • thom

      Wow, you are so cool. You do drugs. Awesome.

      • snoop lion

        U drink bro? no different then smokin a little weed, actually probably better for you..

        • Wrong

          Not true …just from your statement I have deduced that smoking weed makes you full of shit

  • Sue

    #17 Yummy.

  • TheBAMFinater

    #23 I really like this one. #25 if there was an actual hidden stair case underneath, then genius.

    • Craigery

      If there were an actual HIDDEN staircase underneath, then it would be RETARDED to hide it with a picture of a hidden staircase, not "genius".

  • BoReD

    Over 100 billion pictures on the internets and we see the same ones repeated on the Chive daily.

    • Guest

      You should ask for your money back…

    • quitcher bitchen

      yet, here you are

    • Craigery

      Over 100 billion comments on The Chive, and we see the same ones repeated daily.

    • dmize

      you do have the option of being an asshat somewhere else….just sayin'

    • Caleb

      Your gay uncle called, he wants his shirt back.

  • LIttleAtlas

    #25 Going down on the carpet…… IF it matches the drapes

    • _DoC_

      So the drapes have stairs going up?

    • Craigery

      I'm not sure I follow.

  • derp

    Where can i get #28 and will you take all my money?

    • HUH?

      you wanna lug that thing around all day? also makes it easy for someone to steal when you get tired of dragging it around and just park it.

      • Craigery

        Who said you have to lug it around all day? You could ride it to work, and then it would sit in your office all day, and then you'd ride it home.

    • Jamforever

      The photo taken on Heroes Square – Budapest, so this means somewhere in Hungary, but i'm really sure that the hungarians will take all of your money! (btw. i'm hungarian) 🙂

      • Craigery

        What a coincidence; I'm hungry!

  • blue_bronco

    40-60 Genius to stupid

    • blue_bronco


  • Macro

    #15 Or just use a sheet of aluminum foil like most people do, and not have to clean that muffin tray.

    • Genaro Lopez

      I believe it's a key finder.

      • Genaro Lopez

        dammit, wrong one.

    • john

      i was thinking why too. but why bagel bites? the bagel sucks and the pizza topping is even worse.

    • dmize

      or you could just make your women do it

    • matt

      What's genius is making your own from scratch in a muffin tin.

  • Craigery

    #5 What is it and what's the point?

    • jared

      bluetooth device to help find your keys

      • Craigery

        Then it's a good idea. I couldn't tell what it was from the pic. I thought maybe it was an app for your phone to control your remote starter, or something like that.

    • MylesofStyles

      It's called Pocket Pacman. You put the black Pacman in your pocket, activate it from your phone, and it chomps down on your balls. Great fun for the whole family.

  • Craigery

    #15 Why? A cookie sheet works fine.

  • Hrdwood

    #19 I'm calling genius on this one… especially if used right during foreplay.

    • truth

      Either they shifted photos or I am doing something wrong during foreplay. I have never thought, "You know what would make this better? A cheese grater.".

      • Hrdwood

        Nothing to be ashamed of. You're just assuming that I'm talking about using it on the woman… those hard grating surfaces work wonders on the scrotum…

  • melanie5000

    #21 is genius.

  • Frank

    Thank you for sharing.
    I love the Spocks.

  • john

    #14 and #29 are genius!

    • Yep

      hey, you people! quit walking during the yellow light! that's how accidents happen!

  • electric boogalo

    #8 is awesome, but I don't think people that use bath salts is the same market at those who watch BB.

    • guest

      unless it is the recreational bath salts in which case there is definite cross over

    • Mike

      I don't have baths or use bath salts (obviously) but sometimes i feel like having one and if i ever do I would use those bath salts.

  • Boobman

    #1 Pornhub here I cum!

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