Hot Right Now: Booty Scoops are here to start your weekend off right (34 photos)

Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • The Dude

    #33 So come back next week with a burned bra. Deal?

  • Yoda

    That kid has me crying. Look at how awesome his facial expressions are. Kid is legit.

  • dmplough

    I was about to talk about needing moar #33, but #35 is the man. Chive on little guy!

  • JohnnyChingas

    #35…Chive on little dude, you are one tough little bad a$$. Keep us all posted.

  • james

    #33 Marry me?

  • truthbtold

    some people have no idea… #33 is all face and no body.

  • NHChiver

    #35 – CHIVE ON, dude!

  • Jessica Rosepins Johnson

    #35 Hell Yeah Kid! Have a "Throwed Roll" for me!

  • Bee

    #21 Nope. #30 Already has, lol.

  • Irish-Man

    #33 You forgot hotness.

  • moonie

    #29 rosie Odungoles crack??

  • Fish

    #3 Awesome little Patriot is Awesome!!!

  • maverick

    #35 KCCO and ooh-rah

  • Zap

    Oh Hi there… redhead freckles and green eyes… will you marry me?!

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