Paralyzed dog gets a new means of transportation (8 Photos)

  • Chimpchilla

    Faith in humanity: Restored!

    • pats suck

      We have soldiers coming back from war and now living their life in a wheelchair and you people say stupid stuff like 'humanity restored'

      You are a disgrace to the human race

      • Cartwright

        They choose to go to war. Animals (this dog) didnt choose to get shot. Ur a dumbass

      • hessentials

        Faith in your humanity demoted.

      • McBeastie666

        ha! thought you were all high and mighty huh? nope. just a dick.

      • Smh

        The fact that a human being cares enough about he's dogs happiness to go through the trouble of hooking him up to a set of wheels everyday just so the dog can do something he loves is a reason to have faith that some people out there still care. You on the other hand remind everyone that there are still assholes among us.

        • Smh


  • tv_paul

    I'm always amazed at these stories, please keep posting them.

  • erikhart

    BRAVO to the people that helped this little guy!!


    Getting shot in the spine and still doing his thing, that dog knows how to KCCO

    • WalterSobchak_

      Poor little dog, I want to see karma bite the fucker who shot him!

    • Dave Sutch

      Well said!!

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #6 Fall in line bitches I'm back to work.

  • Bamer

    He doesn't want to retire he does it for the love of the game

  • Swan

    Dogs are so badass. One of those cats would make you just carry it around.

    • Ray

      Cats make you carry them around any way…..they are the badasses we are the slaves

    • mike

      didn't you see the two legged cat on one of those earlier posts? they aren't that bad haha

    • pats suck

      spoken like a true dog owning loser. Obviously you need some sort of self assurance everyday…stupid dog owner

      • Cartwright

        Why don't you lay on ur back and swallow your tongue. You would be doing everyone a huge favor!

  • kenny

    That dog is awesome!

  • Kevin


  • Trez

    I hope they hung, drawn and quartered the person who shot him. A–hole.

  • xBigBossx

    If he loves what he does, I say let him decide when to retire. KCCO Abayed!

  • Dennis Swearer

    How does he poop?

    • john

      like a soft serve ice cream machine with no one working it

      • MylesofStyles

        Good day sir. Your mastery of painting the perfect picture with your words is admirable. *Tips hat*

        • big deal

          and i knew you were a real gentleman when you tipped your hat


  • sfb101

    Great story!
    I wonder how he pees with out lifting his leg…

    • Ray

      Lega are already lifted!

    • Alex

      actually, dogs don't NEED to lift a leg to pee.

  • Dave

    not trying to troll here, but is anyone else wondering why the F*&K the dog was shot in the first place?? thats the story i want to know, and kick the persons ass who is responsible.

    • Stay_Classy

      You read my mind. I was reading the story and paused as i read he was shot. I continued reading, waiting for elaboration, but found none. I'd love to track down the gunman and give them the same treatment…minus the wheelchair.

  • ChiverJames

    Great story, and one determined dog!

  • tmzzz

    We have soldiers coming back from war and now living their life in a wheelchair and you people say stupid stuff like 'humanity restored'

    Dog people are a disgrace to the Human race as they care more about dogs then humans.

    • Southern Fireman

      Maybe we care a little more about dogs because they don't post asshole comments on the internet.

      • chiveon

        dogs care about us unconditionally, humans on the other hand….

    • Alex

      And with an attitude like yours you're wondering why?

      You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. – Gandhi

      KCCO! (you should try to)

    • Bman412

      Hey Tmzzz!
      The Chive is used to kill time, raise some money and share cool stories right? Take the negativity somewhere else brah! This dog is awesome!

    • hessentials

      Nope, now we humans just care a little less about you. Faith in your humanity demoted.

    • @CardInAustin

      Im sorry, I didn't realize it was an either/or situation. Either we help wounded soldiers or we help dogs such as these. Does that mean we shouldn't focus on any other person or animal on the planet in need? We shouldn't take any joy in any such story.

      Why does it bother you that people find inspiration and joy in a story such as this?

      For the record, I think this site has done a pretty awesome job in reaching out a helping hand to soldiers in need.

      • Alex

        So much truth in this answer. Very well said.

    • Steve-O

      Dear Negative Nancy,

      you're a douche…that is all…

    • LOS




    • Lisa Ledford

      The Chive is not a hater.
      It has love for many things, boobs and dogs included.
      If you want to spread your close-minded filth somewhere then don't do it here as the wonderful Chivers will let you know just how wrong and disgusting you are.
      Think before you act.

    • undazzled

      because people suck and you will never see a pet screw someone like people do

    • Paws

      You could at least correct the subject-verb disagreement when you cut-and-paste from the (your?) earlier post, especially if you are going to add at least two MORE errors to it.

    • canadiana

      im so glad you brought this up!
      now that you mention it i feel bad for having any sympathy for this dog whatsoever!
      everybody listen to this guy we need to immediatly start hating dogs, cats, unicorns and any other animal and just care about soldiers. but i say why stop there?
      stop caring about your families, stop caring about dates and girlfriends, about the political situation escalating in north korea, everyone stop everything adn we will just all stand in the street for the next five years singing koombaya waiting for soldiers to come home.

      those people are fighting for our way of life, and sometimes that includes a feel good story about a dog. so stop trolling before my sarcasm emitter explodes.

  • dan

    The person who shot that poor little pup should be shot in the face.

  • Jason Andrews

    I call these my Magic Legs…

  • Kidicarus

    What is this salty discharge coming from my eyes?

    • Claire Bellot

      Phew, I'm glad you added 'from my eyes', otherwise that statement would have been all kinds of wrong!

  • Paul Kepler

    A herding dog without a JOB is a very unhappy creature. Well played.

  • Kelsey Knox

    Amazing ! ❤

  • Steve

    They should rename him Dave on Wheels.

  • darkohanzo

    That dog will retire when most humans who are 70 and still working will retire. Its all they know and are used to. Sad but true.
    Glad he is able to enjoy his new ride though.

  • HickoryHeel01

    I have a special-needs dog (not as severely disabled as this one). I love that dog more than I can say. She has made me a better person, though, Lord knows, I still have a ways to go.

    Best of luck to Abayed and his family.

  • joe

    #5 They see me rollin, they hatin; trying to catch me ridin dirty

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