Paralyzed dog gets a new means of transportation (8 Photos)

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  • one year later

    You are the best….kcco

  • @parthaameer

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  • Meshaela McNeese

    This is so awesome! My family is currently trying to figure out how to make one of these doggy wheel chairs for our beloved family dog. Splotch has so much more life in him, but can't get around due to torn ligaments in his hind legs. No money for the surgery that "might" fix him, but we KCCO and pray we can get him mobile soon!!

  • swarlos

    what kind of sick retarded fuck would shoot a dog? (Michael Vick references not necessary)

  • AYa

    "Abayed" "a bullet pierced his spine and paralyzed him" well Abayed being an arabic name and him getiing a bullet to his spine I can pretty much conclude that he was shot by some muslim fuck who belive Allah made every living thing on the planet so that they would be his slaves…fucking muslims

  • Mitch Champagne

    That's amazing, I've seen a few other dogs with these "wheelchairs" but this dog should retire.. he looks tired and beat.. but at least he can get around

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