• adfaf

    1 mutha fuckaass

  • beans

    tae kwon do

  • jimmy C

    Now on a real person.

  • Elle

    Ugh, it's tae kwon do!!

    • sixdeadelves

      ok, karate nerd

  • Jenk

    Not so effective when the dude you're fighting has a gun.

    • Ray

      …or 4 pads to block all of those kicks.

  • DannoTheManno88

    Be afraid….be very afraid

  • sfb101

    Tae Kwon dodo's!

  • dang

    i did that to my girlfriend and now im single. thanks mac

    • Guest

      That made me laugh out loud! You win the internet for today.

  • matt

    That's got to score extra points for being a combo

    • Greg

      Makes me want to play Killer Instinct. "Killer Combo"

  • MacNCheesePro

    Can't imagine that going so smoothly in real life, but in Super Street Fighter IV it will make you Dee Jay!

  • SD_Scott

    Wow that was badass!

  • joe

    Thanks for all of thechives video posts

  • Zach

    That is a 720.

  • yermon

    gotta beat this guy to date his sister

  • Jonathan


  • AsianGlow

    Its TaeKwonDo

  • Chris

    … Well remind me never to be a paddle!

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