DAR is not

As you guys know, John, Leo, Bob, and Mac are off in Florida helping Bill Murray raise money for charity by getting drunk and playing golf, so Dougy and I are just about the only ones left here in the office. I tried to get a sneak peak at today’s DAR just now, and saw John hadn’t scheduled it yet, so I called him and said, “Hey, when are you going to put the DAR up? I’m bored over here.”

“What DAR?” he asked. “It’s Saturday.” Oh John. He’s out on the course already, so he won’t be able to get to it today. John’s been doing the DAR every single day for the last five years, and as far as I know he hasn’t missed it once, so I think we can cut him a little slack. There’s not going to be any Sexy Chivers either, so I think these other sexy posts will have to help you get through today.


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