• http://www.giornalettismo.com/archives/1162491/30-persone-che-fanno-un-lavoro-peggiore-del-tuo/ 30 persone che fanno un lavoro peggiore del tuo - Giornalettismo

    […] vi lamentate sempre del vostro lavoro, dopo aver visto questa gallery di theCHIVE vi renderete conto di quanto in realtà siete fortunati. Tra donne che annusano ascelle e ragazzini […]

  • http://stephsrandomfacts.com/?p=4469 Morning Cup of Links: Horror Movies You Haven't Seen | Steph's Random Facts

    […] Capt. Mike address the problem, but made the customer smile as well. * Think you have an awful job? Here’s some hard-at-work folks who will make you happy to put up with your horrible job. * Everything You Always Wanted To Know […]

  • http://pluh.com/the-daily-dumb-10-18-2013/ The Daily Dumb 10-18-2013 | Pluh.com

    […] BITCH! Original SNL. The 8 most hilarious ways gps has screwed people over. Boy dance party. Shitty jobs. No way Jose. Painfully accurate. Meanwhile in Denmark…. Radio trolling. 5 people who […]

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