• Netm

    I rooted for America from Norway, awesome that both England and America are through! Congrats all you Americans!

    • worstperson

      America is First!

    • Gary

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  • zym

    It’s like Jesus riding a dinosaur on top of a tank in the middle of a battle of Megan Fox clones fighting to the death, naked.

    That is the level of awesome we’re talking about.

    • wickedjack

      cpt america with a tommy gun! wat could be more ‘merican?

      • Clickawhat

        Me telling you to STFU and then calling you a homo.

        • Chaim


          • wickedjack

            wat a fag. STFU!

  • Trogdor

    Hey… at least we gave it our best 😀 good match tho from the ‘mericanz

    ps: you need an “AMERICA… FUCK YEAH!” pic

    • The Burninator


      • burninating

        the peasants

  • PrimerGray

    F yyyeeaaahhh. I held all my phone calls for the last few minutes of that game and shouted GOAL at the top of my lungs in my office when we scored. Feels gooood.

  • top dog


  • LiaMMV

    Well deserved! Let’s see you take it all the way!

    • LiaMMV

      I’m going to guess whoever thumbed me down is English and say to them – your team is arrogant and an utter disappointment and the biased media coverage of the BBC makes me want to emigrate to New Zealand.

      • Anonymous

        What a surprise, a Scot spending time pissing and moaning about the English whereas the English don’t give the Scots a thought. There is no hatred of the Scots in England, we just can’t be bothered to give a fuck.

      • Anonymous

        It’s funny to me how some Scots spend their time pissing and moaning about the ‘evil’ English whereas we in England not only have no hatred for the Scots we don’t even give them a thought, it’s just not an issue, it would be like us bitching about the Italians because of what the Romans did.

        • scooter

          Um no it’s not like Italians/Romans. If you want a comparison try Black people and how the USA has treated them. The Scottish Highlands were cleared en masse, by the English, and the persecution continued for centuries, up to the point that even now any Legislation is tried on Scotland first, and then if they can get away with it then the rest of the UK is fed it. eg Poll Tax, etc.

          Anywho’s, well done US of A. Loved that you came top

          • Anonymous

            That kind of proves my point, the African slave trade was disgusting and should never be forgotten, however it is no more or less important than any other slave trade, it happened over a century before anybody alive today was even born so nobody today needs to apologise or make reparations because nobody alive today did anything wrong or had anything done to them. Every group of people in history have been slaves to somebody else at some point, we in Brtain along with all of Europe, some of the middle east and most of north Africa were slaves to the Romans for centuries but I wouldn’t go up to every Italian I met and ask for an apology because they would quite rightly tell me to fuck off.

  • Bill

    USA! USA! USA!

  • ChrisDG74

    Not only did the USA win, they come out of their group on top. I screamed like a little girl when that goal was scored in stoppage time. Granted, the first one, in the first half should have counted as well. Offsides my ass.
    Oh, and “AMERICA – FUCK YEAH!!”

    • Anonymous

      Comin’ again to save the motherfuckin’ day!

    • ChrisDG74

      I’m gonna go ahead and assume the thumbs-down is from an Englishman(or woman). Eating a little crow, perhaps? I remember all of the English newspapers proclaiming a cake-walk for their team. Didn’t exactly happen that way, did it? Wanker.

      • seawolf

        Cut out the crap – just coz you don’t like all the free oil we’re delivering to you.

        • Anonymous

          Eat a dick rot in hell and F yer queen in the doodoo hole. You are just still pissed bout the ass woopin we handed you in NOLA.

      • Your Underpants

        I bet a cake- walk taste delicious.

  • stafferty

    I just saw a white guy in an SUV drive by yelling at all the Brazillian immagrants, waving an American flag and honking his horn. I am awaiting the likely hooliganism. (BTW: Likely Hooliganism=great band name)

  • GG guys

    Congrats, amerikaner scum! You’ve played a far more honest game than most greats so far, and I hope Serbia doesn’t decimate you. England should be ashamed of their embarassing stalling in the end of their game instead of trying to score to win the group, WHICH THEY DIDNA.

  • Kjellupa

    Hells to the YEAH!

  • Tom

    Yes America, you made it……………….just. Good luck for the second round. I doubt you will win, but it’s the furthest you have got for a long time

    • KJ

      Right, Tom. Well, except for the 2002 World Cup, when we got screwed on a non-handball call against Torsten Frings of Germany in the quarterfinals. But that was so long ago–who can remember two world cups at once?

      • @ KJ

        I was planning to release tonnes of teutonic rage at you, but youtubing the game, it was one of the most blatant handballs I’ve ever seen and I remember an Aussie getting a red for half that. But seeing Germany’s form that year, that goal wouldn’t have saved the US anyway (though a red card for Frings… might’ve).

    • Blip

      Wow, did that post hurt coming out?

  • word

    Landon Donovan PWNS….

    • word

      BTW that pic is…….. GROOVY

  • GrannY DanGer

    Haha the shop job on Donovans head cracks me up

  • yhfujh

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  • Mattythegooch

    Shady officiating is going to fuck us (again) in the second round!!! Anywho, U.S.A!

    • Jeff

      Yeah, unfortunately that will likely be the case. I’m just glad the US team didn’t bitch and moan and instead earned the win they deserved.

  • vibreur18

    bravo usa votre equipe national est tres bonne je vous vois en demi finale

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I can’t hear the vuvuela over the sound of how AWESOME Americas win was!

  • Bruno420

    That was a great game!!
    USA is actually a good team nowadays!
    The last America Cup final was another great game. (Brazil Vs Usa)
    I think lots of north-americans just found out the thrill of soccer watching this game. .. Goals are actually a hard thing to accomplish, unlikely those thousand-points-per-game sports. And when they come up it’s a f*ckin blast!

    Congratulações brasileiras aos recém-chegados no esporte. =]

  • OTAPlayer5150

    let me play you the song of my people…. ‘Merica BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ yeah! comin again to BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ the mutha F***in’ day ya

  • Adam

    This needs to be higher res for use as a desktop or wallpaper in a childrens room.

  • Galaktikdragon

    Congratulations… from Mexico… your team gave a really good game…

  • DaddyD


  • Lawg

    Congrats America!!, hopefully now more Americans will realise why this is the most watched sport in the world!

    • thatguyyousaw

      i’ m going catch a lot of shit for this but soccer sucks

  • cz

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