Cars she loves and I hate (20 Photos)

  • -tj-

    i used to own an MR2, and it's one of best driving cars i've ever had (especially in the wet). so she probably has a good reason to like it… #7

    come to think of it for a FWD, the hyundai coupe is a good drive also… #5

    hmmmm… my wife used to have a mini one, a lot of fun… #12

    Z3 is also fun…

    can't comment on the american cars because i'm a welshman, but i'd probably agree and say i don't like them, nothing personal, they just don't strike me as corner takers… meh!

  • Anon

    #13 So she can do the dishes on the road. HAHAHAH!!!

  • LansingMI

    #18 – Thank you, thank you, thank you for including this piece of crap on this posting. I've forwarded it to my sister. She's had a Sebring convertible for three years now and absolutely LOVES it even though she's spent twice its value on repairs in that time. Just a horrible waste of sheet metal, that thing.

    • mgreen

      For sure!!!! Junk.

  • Forrest

    #14 and #15

    You're telling me you honestly hate the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro? Huh. Well I'll agree to disagree I guess.

    • 3mahoney

      Those both look like the 6cyl versions. I can agree on the 6cyl Chevy, but the 6cyl Mustang is amazing. Gets to 60 in nearly as fast as the SS Camaro and gets 30 mpg.

      • duffman0313

        they are V8s both are 5lug wheels

    • sws4420

      Yeah. What he said.

  • Forrest

    Also #1

    Aside from the pink crap that is going on there, the Porsche Boxter is a great drivers car.

  • Bejesus

    I've got a Prius.. It has a 3.2ltr Twin Turbo Supra engine in it though..

    • 3mahoney

      What a waste of an awesome engine.

  • EdgeFire06

    #2 is actually a lot better than it gets credit for. As long as it has the 5 spd that is.

  • Carlos SLB

    #12 and #15
    how can americans hate this awsome rides??!!
    i don´t get it…..

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