Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.lang1 Craig Lang

    thanks to finals week and being awake…first

  • blub_glub

    #10 the future is dark pixelated time line

  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #26 Too Sexy!! Damn I missed Sexy Chivers last week…

    – the one you love to hate

  • etcrr

    #14 Sophia Loren had some incredible legs to go with one hell of a body

    • MattKL

      Truly one of the great, all-time screen beauties.

    • Kenny

      And now she just looks like a piece of leather. Sad, but true….

      • laugher

        lol Kenny..She is 77 now..Look at your grandmother.. People age… duh!!

    • ROK247

      hate to sound like a broken record, but here goes:


    • http://www.facebook.com/ByrdtheStampede Jason Byrd Marshall

      Her legs are a part of her body, right? Italians still do that, right?

      • asdfgh

        not always

  • saucypants

    #10 And while you're doing that please disregard the person stealing your wallet.

  • Jade

    #19 Needs several swift kicks to the testicles.

    • DaddyD

      assuming he has any

    • Bob

      you guys really do need to lighten up over the whole thing. Seriously, all this hatred is not healthy. Don't know if it really says 'Never Forget' on the back and don't really care. It's just a shirt. Most people I've met outside of the USA really couldn't care less.

      Before you start hating on me though take a moment to consider something. I'm from Northern Ireland and have lived with actual ongoing terrorism for most of my life. A staggering amount of money that funded the terrorist organisations came from the USA. That's right, the USA.

      2 concepts to consider, 1) the world is not the USA, 2) what goes around comes around. The USA has committed some of the worst atrocities in the history of the world (Hiroshima for instance). Maybe, just maybe, the USA had it coming.

      Don't for a second think I approve of what happened though, it's just not as black and white as you like to think.

      Let the hate begin.

      • Ima Dick

        Lighten up over one of the darkest days in our countries history? Maybe you should lighten up about that whole ethno-political war thing too, most people I've met outside of Northern Ireland really couldn't care less about "The Troubles". You guys only had about 3500 casualties in a 30 year war, we had 3000 people die in a day so why don't you just lighten up and get over it.

        See how that feels?

        Also, despite some shitty shit that our government has done, no innocent civilians deserve to die a terrifying death for something they had absolutely no part in or control over.

  • hoowontsdunno

    #3 that's…disconcerting…

    • myself


      All it is, is Hello Kitty and pink paint. Paint really has very little to do with a guns functionality, unless of course you're attempting to blend in.

    • etcrr

      I would be worried about the rationaility of this guy, unless he is testing the weapon for a 13 year old, wait WUT?

      • myself

        Fair point, I think the same thing when I see someone with a gold plated Desert Eagle.

        Could also be for a kid as well. Just because it's an AR doesn't mean it isn't a .22 semi auto.

        • Spencer_on_Fire

          Could also be for a girl…..

          then again….whatever floats your boat

          • Unfriendly_Fire

            If it is for a girl then her boyfriend would be well advised to watch the fuck out every 28 days or so

          • rabble

            From what I remember; this was a present for his daughter, she lives in California which has strict "Black Gun" laws banning many features found on legal firearms in almost all other states. He sent the gun to have it modified to meet all regulations in California, and as a way of snubbing his nose at the "Black Gun" laws he had it painted pink, with hello kitty too.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mcmansell Matt Mansell

      Por Que??!

    • hank1231

      Why is his right thumb on the right side of the receiver? Very odd shooting grip…that is disconcerting to me :p

      • Cock and/or balls

        Shooting with middle finger as well?

    • ROK247

      paint your own! http://www.lauerweaponry.com/
      they have a special zombie apocalypse paintjob thats pretty cool.

  • Durrr

    #23 Who's house?

    • etcrr

      either Batman's or the Commissioner

      • Joel

        if it was batman's, that'd be a really bad secret location.

    • MattKL

      Run's house!

    • Rey


    • The Joker
      • jojoleb

        how did you get the link shortened ?
        thx !

    • Holmespump

      He's a grumpy doctor on TV.

      • James699

        how could you be grumpy with a pool like that!?

        • Holmespump

          He asked "Who's house?"
          House is a grumpy TV doctor.

          • TomTheCameraGuy

            "But that's not important right now."

    • PenisBreath


  • ABc

    I like toitles.

    • bob lee swagger

      Hey, you know of an internet joke from 2005. Congratulations!!!

  • Bob

    No, Donny. These men are cowards.

    • Jason

      I had a hearty lol at that

  • blurry00

    #1 please add pedo bear at the end of the slide

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinboutwell Kevin Boutwell

    #9 http://www.calienteresorts.com/ has potential….

    • http://www.facebook.com/kevinboutwell Kevin Boutwell


  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinboutwell Kevin Boutwell

    #17 has potential…. http://www.calienteresorts.com/

  • oldmate

    #17 where is this place and where are the bikin clad flbp women?

    • The_Dood

      I'm going to assume you meant bikini. And if she was bikini clad, she wouldn't be naked.

    • Mike Sullivan

      That's from Caliente near Tampa — http://calienteresorts.com — used to be really nice, but now is overrun with swingers. America's nicest, most beautiful and most livable nudist resort is Cypress Cove in Kissimmee, FL — cypresscoveresort.com — we live there and love it!

  • MattKL

    #17 Which resort is this? I need to plan a vacation.

    • lonin

      It's missing the sign that says, "No fat chicks."

  • Alan Beads

    Who would argue with that?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #4 Stop the train!!!

    • Fat Bastard

      I believe this is in Az and it is a tradition of mooning the train, it is a specific train can't remember the name of it

    • kodakkid

      I would say its a good thing it on rails or it would be in the ditch.

      • kodakkid


    • ROK247

      so many good men died that day, when they jumped from the train…

  • etcrr

    #11 I hope that's his daughter

  • joo

    Sorry but #19 had to lol.

    • Kimmy

      FUCK YOY!!!LOL!!

  • Patrick

    #23 Best Pool Ever

    • Frenzifreddie

      Holy Mutha Fuckin Moly! xD

  • http://thechive dave

    #19 could use a bullet right in the middle of his forehead, evacuating his small brain through a 3 inch hole in the back.

    • elbruces

      So, you're FOR murdering people? I'm confused. Pick a side already.

      • Anon

        A side? So one side likes to murder people now. That's just an ignorant generalization.

        • Osama

          You don't understand what he's implying.
          "Dave is angry at the guy for wearing a shirt depicting death of people but he decides the way to react is by also threatening death."

          I don't know how to break it down further than that. The question is, is Dave against death in general making him a decent human being or is he just against death of his own people making him a typical American (a hypocrite)? You decide

    • il tedesco

      it was the us government itself who planed 9/11. so u better use the bullet for bush, obama etc.

      • Slauterhause

        You fell out of the stupid tree, didn't you?

      • TheChiver

        oh wow… i needed a dose of crazy this morning

    • meezer

      you find him, I'll supply the guns and ammo.

      • HeliVision

        The shirt says "Never Forget" on the back

        • kevguy

          helivision, nobody cares what the shirt says on the back. The picture on the front displays innocent people dieing. It's a dumb shirt.

          • Helivision

            Nobody cares what the sentiment of the message is? So if a christian (which I am not) shows a picture of christ on the cross with the slogan "he died to save us" you would say "I dont care what the poster says the picture shows an innocent person dying so its dumb" Of course the message is important. It completely changes the point that is being made. Or doesnt that suit your current angry state of mind?

            • 2co57

              A picture of a man wearing a shirt of this event is displayed WITHOUT the words, "never forget" shown and you assume everyone should automatically know what the back says? It doesn't matter what the back of the shirt says, only the front is shown. That's all that matters in this instance because it's a picture. If I saw the front of this guy's shirt on the street and then saw the back it's a different situation because I have the ability to see the whole message. Here all we see is the front and it could just as well say, praise Allah!!, on the back. Can't you see how it's different entirely? How do you know it says, "Never forget"? YOU DON"T know what the back says.

              • HeliVision

                You can buy that shirt in NYC, NYPD and others sell them. Profits go to the families.
                Of course you cant see the back of the shirt on the picture. I dont assume everyone should know. I wouldnt need to say it if it was in the picture. Astounding stupidity. I said it so that all you sheep who are jumping to the same conclusion about this guy could know he isn't saying what you think he is saying. You made a mistake about what he is saying because somebody (the poster) led you by the nose down the wrong road. Now that you know you are wrong about him you are embarrassed so you have a go at me for giving you the full picture. Some people are happier being ignorant and ill informed

          • Osama

            @kevguy Ignorant American

        • Terry

          Don't worry about it. The caption says "fuck this guy", so they cant comprehend anything different.

          They are merely sheep that will "bah" on command for even a stupid captioned internet picture.

        • 2co57

          How do you know?

          • HeliVision

            You can buy them in NYC. Profits go to the families

          • HeliVision

            You can buy then in NYC

        • bigdeal

          omg SHUT THE FUCK UP! your checking this frequently to see if someone has commented so you can again say "IT SAYS NEVER FORGET ON HE BACK" shut the fuck up!

          • HeliVision

            sorry bud. did the truth get in the way of you having a good day?
            Did them all at once. Its called cut and paste. Enjoy the rest of your anger manangement class

        • bigdeal

          alright , your seriously a fucking moron.
          you piss me off because i fear that you sat there when this post was new and refreshed multi times to make sure we all knew it says NEVER FORGET ON THE BACK with a straight face. just to, you know, let us all know. make sure we all understand.

          i hate people like you.

          • HeliVision

            I did this on one go with cut and paste but you made a full and different speech on each one. Who is the moron? You have too much time on your hands or no life or both

          • Grunt

            and it is "YOU'RE A MORON" not your a moron you moron

    • Pete

      keep your bullets for the storekeepers who sells those a bloc away from Time Sqare or even the 48 millions tourists that visits New-York and might buy one of those to supports families that were actualy touch by that tragedy. It is moron like you that makes the world hate our great country.

      • Bnon

        Go fuck yourself Pete. It's mamby pansy little wussy girls like you that give motherfuckers like al Queda the balls to attack our great country.

    • succadick

      When did 4th graders start Chiving… these comments are immature and sad, at best. The truth is, if you did see this very man wearing this very shirt, you wouldn't do or say shit. You'd probably talk about it behind his back, "I'm so tough, 'mercia rulez, fuck this guy, let's murder him, blah blah blah".. you Americans live in fear and talk a big game… all bark no bite. So STFU already you morons.

      • bigdeal

        incorrect sir. if i saw that and i was out of my country, i would make international news. there'd be me getting shot because i ran that motheruckers head over with my car tire.

        • bigdeal

          but if he turned around before i was close enough, id probably hit the brakes. after all, it does say never forget on the back.

  • Bubba

    #12 Planes? Where we're going, we don't need planes!

    • robbi

      oh lei wei that guys art is crazy

  • etcrr

    #1 Moooooommm!

  • moar boar

    # 13

    Yeah, try and style that sh*t out. Hahaha


    • big red


  • http://www.facebook.com/danhinerman Dan Hinerman

    With all the fear in his eyes, there can be only one man at the bottom

    …Jerry Sandusky with nothing but a towel on

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