Maybe it's just me…but I think France's Navy could use a new Ad agency (5 Photos)


  • etcrr

    Ok I realize I am not the sharpest tack on the wall, So what does the posters say?

  • RodT

    I think it roughly translates to "what if you were a sailor without knowing it"

    • etcrr

      thank you for the translation

  • JeanRob

    For the non French speakers: “What if you were already a sailor without knowing it?”
    That being said, as a French, I don’t find it ridiculous. Just bad.
    It comes from a good idea, something like “Everybody can do its part” that all countries used at least once in their military propaganda.
    But it is “so serious” that it’s bad.

    • etcrr

      thank you for the translation I appreciate it

  • Grég

    there's the same on TV

    It's sad

    • Rick

      hey Rick here (run the site), are you French and in the military? if so, what do people actually think about the ad?

      • JeanRob

        I did a quick search for you.
        Can't find any reaction yet (I'm not in France at the moment) but here are some informations you might find useful.

        The campaign started on January 22nd with those billboards, but also a Facebook app (starting January 30), a dedicated website and TV ads that you can watch on the official Dailymotion page.
        The website:
        The videos:

        The goal is to enroll 3 000 people (200 officers, 770 marine officers, 1 300 sailors, 180 "mousses" and 550 volunteers) over a year.

  • M600


    I'm french and in the army (not the navy tho).

    People around me (not only my colleague but also my civil life mate) find it quite shitty tbh. It's stupid as the one used for the Army: "Devenez vous mêmes" that can be translated to "Be yourself'.

    I mean, really? That's how they try to attract people to join the army? The heck they want to say by saying "Be yourself"? Do they think people are lost themself? Do they target people that don't know to what to do in their life? I'm not sure it must be that kind of person who should be targeted to join a Professional Army.

    Anyway, to keep it short, there's two main opinion. Firstly, people don't give a damn about it. Secondly they find it quite shitty. The relationship between the french people and their army is not as strong (and good) as the American one.

    A country that almost don't give a damn about their Army going on a war is the shittest thing possible for a Soldier. (Engagement of our Army in Irak and Afghanistan is not well covered in Media).

    That said, i'm still proud to serve my country and I just Keep Calm…

    PS: Sorry for my English level.

    • Final

      – You're doing fine, Thank you for being a great ally. Keep your head on a swivel and stay alive.
      and in horrible half translate french just for your ease…….
      Vous faites, très bien, vous remercier d'être un grand allié. Gardez la tête sur un émerillon et le séjour vivant.
      – semper-fidelis

  • MrDeltasly

    It's kind of like the idea that they used for Halo O.D.S.T., but more recently for COD Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3

  • Seb

    I'm french, and I think thoses posters suck really bad. Not funny at all.

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