17 Optical Illusions Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

Whether it’s the infamous “Dress,” finding pandas in random paintings, or, most recently, figuring out what color these flip-flops are, next to porn it would seem the most abundant natural resource on the Internet is optical illusions. Here are seventeen guaranteed to make you say “Whoa!” when (and if) you finally figure them out.

1. How many people are standing in this photo? Most people say “one,” but they’re wrong. See if you can spot two.


2. This spoon isn’t levitating in mid-air, there’s a person holding it.



3. See if you can find the girl standing next to this football player. (Hint: It’s NOT the woman in the purple shirt. There’s someone MUCH closer to him.)



4. A little kid eating alone at a restaurant seems weird, but see if you can figure out why there’s nothing weird about this photo at all.



5. I hate it when people abandon their carts in the middle of a grocery store, but if you look hard enough, that’s not what’s going on here.



6. Just a beautiful photo of a forest? Nice try! Look again.



7. This woman looks like she’s eating alone, but look closely, to the right. Do you see it now?



8. There are three students in this photo. And no, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory isn’t one of them.



9. It looks like this girl is miming holding onto someone, but follow her line of sight carefully.



10. You’re probably saying “Why did they waste a big table on just that one person? Now if a large party comes in they won’t have anywhere to sit.” Not so fast!



11. Stare at the center at this round table. After a while you should be able to see eight girls sitting at it.



12. No one should have to walk alone. Luckily that’s just an illusion here. See if you can spot why.


13. Whoa, someone just left a pair of skis lying around! Or did they? You tell us.



14. Are these girls going to prom together, or do they have dates? (Hint: the girls like each other, but not “like that.”)



15. Do you see (a) a woman dancing by herself at her own wedding or (b) newlyweds sharing their first dance?



16. Look at the floating red backpack for five seconds. Now immediately look to the left. What do you see?



17. Ready to absolutely lose your shit? There are three people sitting at that table!


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