This Guy Bought An Awful Shirt And Twitter Roasted The F**k Out Of Him For It

Remember those cute jeans you looked totally fab in at the store, only to get home and find out they actually make you look like you’re wearing an adult diaper? (No? Just me?) Anyone who’s ever been shopping alone has made a devastating fashion blunder, which is why you should ALWAYS make sure to run my outfits by group chat. If you go too far out on a limb, you might find yourself getting absolutely roasted, just like this guy. At least he took it like a champ.

This is Chris Scott, who recently suffered from buyer’s remorse and decided to tweet about it:

Describing the shirt in a Medium post, Chris wrote:

“The inside is plaid, which shows through the outside, which is insane. The collar is a nightmare. It doesn’t fit right, which this photo doesn’t even accurately reflect — there’s a bunch of excess fabric in the back. If I dare roll up my sleeves, it’s super obvious I’ve done so because again the inside is incredibly, loudly plaid. The shirt is just so bad.”

Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for us, Twitter mostly agreed with him.

Some people had some questions:

Some people had some helpful suggestions for what to do with it:

And one person may have taken things a bit too far:

One thing we can all agree on:

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