Someone claimed that weed doesn’t impair you, and Twitter is offering some hilarious examples of “yes it freaking does”

If you tweet out a serious opinion, then you should probably prepare yourself for the inevitability that people will either 1.) troll you or 2.) find a way to disprove your opinion.

That’s what happened when one passionate soul tried to express their opinion about how smoking pot doesn’t impair anyone in the slightest.

Back in January (when we were all much younger and more innocent), Twitter user @TROLLGAWDD tweeted emphatically that smoking weed “DOES NOT IMPAIR YOU.”

While the sentiment probably comes from a good place, it’s important to remember that, um, being high definitely qualifies as being impaired. It doesn’t vilify pot to concede this point — just like it doesn’t vilify alcohol to admit that you shouldn’t drive after you’ve had several drinks because alcohol impairs your reaction time, judgment and motor skills.

In the six months since this tweet was posted, Twitter has succeeded in delivering some truly brilliant and entertaining examples of how weed actually does impair you, just a lil’ bit.

Truly, I’m crying just reading these.

These people have truly experienced some sh*t.

So … yeah. If this sh*t doesn’t sound at least a little impaired, then I don’t know what does. There might be plenty of people who can function in a normal fashion after smoking weed, but … these Twitter users are definitely not those people.

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