• Mr Vock

    I said 5 Cubans per Pool!! entiendes 5 cubanos!!

    • fibonacci5150

      that was good 72 weeks later

  • Randy

    The Force tells me youre gay .. or maybe its the pink tube?!?

  • AlphaZulu

    Stop where you are……You are not allowed to walk on the water!!!

  • shanaynay

    No Running On The Pool Deck

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Five…Five dollar foot long !

  • Anonymous

    This is your last warning: No more pissing in the pool!

  • Anonymous

    Stop just stop. When I signed up for life gaurd duty I wasn’t planning on seeing YOU topless.

  • floscar

    The fun police are not messing around any more.

  • Matt

    No! This is not creepy… Have you seen my how big my gun is??

  • J Rocketman

    Stop!!!! Just pee right there

  • CunningLinguist

    no, you go on ahead, ill stay here.

  • jamesssssss

    not really a caption, but pedobear could be used quite effectively here.

  • Matt

    I’ll take 5 to go! No thanks, I don’t want large, small is how I roll.

  • Nicnac

    Halt! Remain in the shallow end!

  • Amurika

    High five for fascism!!

  • strangerwithahammer


  • Slayer_731

    Now, Now. What did I tell you guys about having fun?

  • ArmyHooker

    I’m missing my son’s birthday to watch these clowns swim?!?!? What gives?!?

  • sensijoe

    i swear to god…jump in the shallow end one more god damn time you get a bullet in the leg.

  • Randy

    Why are there 5 tubes in the pool?? The water is only up to your ankles!!

  • AJ

    HOLD UP, heee-eeeeeey. To the swimmers who be thinkin’ we soft, lifeguards don’t plaaaaa-aaaaaaaay.

  • KiloTwo

    As it turns out, the “Super Fun Happy Center” the Army shipped us to was exactly what it sounded like.

  • Nicko

    Yeah, I’ve only managed to pull girls in my uniform – too bad I have to wear it everywhere…

  • Anonymous

    Ok, kids, you’ve got 5 minutes, then we’re blowing this thing to kingdom come!

  • stevie

    Life Guard rules: No Running, No Diving, No Fat Chicks,
    Violators will be shot several hundred times.

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