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  • James

    I hope #14 is a cruising speed not max speed…

  • slushpuppy69

    My mom's station wagon can do a buck ten. Big friggin deal.

  • equalizermax

    #14 – And you still have the time to hold the camera and take picture at that speed…

  • equalizermax

    #1 is pure Awesome!

  • timmay

    Boring stuff here… The grill was kinda cool, but overall a below average bunch…

  • Its-a me, Mario

    The guy working on making number 4 didnt even try to make it look real, my 3 year old can photoshop that together only better.

  • grief

    PLEASE let #1 be real.

    Is there some kind of story with that pic, because it is the essence of all that is awesome.

  • JaK

    What model Nissan is that in pic #15??

    • funkyf

      I believe a 240sx

      • qu0vad1s

        That's a S13 240SX, looks awesome

  • Rob Halford

    coolest thing #6 Judas Priest album-sin after sin.

  • Dreamy

    Let's get to the point here: who's # 10?!

  • Martin



    I love german highways, recently made 168 mph – and it was legal

  • HardCore Mike

    #13 ! The baddest Kawasaki 500 H1 triple there ever was!!! LOL … Thx Rick!

  • Chokster

    About pic #14…are you serious? All I have is an old 90´s BMW 525i and even that has gone faster than this. 225km/h and all it has is a 2litre engine with no turbo or supercharger. You have a Mustang and you post a pic of that speed? You should be ashamed.

  • kamlesh

    very nice pix !!!

  • mahendra

    Ahmadabad Gujarat India

  • prince


  • Mel

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  • Yamileth

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  • dissappointed

    It is well established that this person is not quite right, but why was it even posted? That is my question. Isn't there some sort of screening process?

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