• Anonymous

    Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!

    • ....

      Natty Ice: The hangover's worth it.

    • domi

      the natty ice girls are like the beer… you need to be really drunk to partake

  • McRibbed

    Honey, grab me a beer. Er, wait, I'll grab it myself.

  • Titty Breaston

    One beer down, five to go (down).

  • richard

    Holiday 5-pack

    • Roscoe

      That was going to be my contribution! Well done, sir.

  • uber

    Proof…Natty Ice blows!

  • Cliff McSwift

    One blond ale short of a six-pack.

  • InkFiend

    Natty Ice… It'll get ya drunk!!!

  • Bob

    College: you don't have to be that smart to get in.

    • Dave

      These girls: you don't have to be that smart to get in.


    I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer to drink it out of hot women.

    • MasonGWebbington

      Oh I see what you did there…you took the other one…with the guy…and his sayings…and just unintelligibly applied it to a completely different product…clever…Natty's doesn't even compare to Dos Equis…have some pride and creativity man…

      • ecrone

        Chill out dude…your comment is even less funny than his.

  • Aaron

    Bottoms Up

  • ssf

    Natural Ice.

    Fake tits.

    • Great White North

      They all look pretty natural to me.

    • Erick

      if you can feel them. then they're real

  • Roscoe

    Natty Ice's new "slim" packaging.

  • parlay

    Natty Ice: Taste is why you'll switch

    (small print warning) Some Natty Ice Cans May Be On Their Period

  • Paul

    Natty Ice the easiest beer to tap

    • Pfft

      Win. Caption Contest over.

      • fishy


  • Cody

    Damn I left the beers in the freezer too long, and they exploded out their cans, NOT AGAIN!!

    • Alexander Samia

      that was terrible…

  • David Laperle

    At least the ice is natural!

  • dan

    As I thought back to the beginning of the evening, something should have told me that she was frigid

  • beer

    Contents under (peer) pressure.

  • Displayed

    Pour slowly as not to ruin the head….

    • Displayed

      Oh dang. Just noticed those are duct tape cans…. what a sticky situation O:

  • Anonymous

    Natural Ice. So strong, when you drink one bottle, the others start to look like hot chicks.

  • heyyall134

    I like my beers cold, but if this all you have HOT!!! is great too

  • cwfromsd1

    Natty Ice's new blond ale….now with easy access bottom.

  • fatlizard

    I am excited to find out where the beer comes out !

  • dtzeiro

    I'm pretty sure Ice is the only thing Natural in this photo

  • Erik Plate

    Even with hot women, it still can change the fact that natty ice tastes like shit.

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